First Day of Summer!

Happy first day of summer everyone!

(picture from

Do not forget to take care of your pets as it heats up outside! Make sure that your pets are able to stay cool and have plenty of water. As always, do not leave pets in hot cars and make sure that outside animals have products to control fleas, ticks, and heartworm.

Does your dog accompany you while you go to the beach, out on the boat, or in other water related situations? is advertising their dog life jackets:

These are great if you have your dog in a situation in which they might end up in the water away from land, or if they are not a strong swimmer. There are a number of different sizes, colors, and prices ranging from $20 – $60 (depending on size).

Incredibed Bed Covers

Today on you can get a deal on the Incredibed Bed Covers:

This offer comes in two designs, Floppy Dog or T-Rex. sells one product a day, so you can only get these covers today at the price of $179.99.

These plush bed covers zip over your child’s bed frame in four sections. This cover is then the top sheet for the bed. When dirty you just unzip it and put it into the washing machine. The company’s website also sells fuzzy blankets that match the design for the bed, or different outfits to put on your animal.

If you miss the special price you can purchase the covers at for $249.00. There are 5 styles to choose from on the company’s website:



Fuzzy Brown Bear

Honey Brown Bear

Pinky Petunia Kitty

Blankets cost $19.99.  The outfits that you can buy for the bed covers are called bedjammies. These come in a variety of styles which fit all of the animal designs. These cost $34.99.

Here is an example of a soccer uniform:

There are also different attachable eyes and hair styles to further personalize your bed. Each 3 pack of either eyes or hair cost $6.99.

Winnie the Pooh Duplos

Did you play with Duplo blocks when you were little? Duplos are the younger child version of Legos, designed for ages 1 and a half to 5 years, and they have teamed up with Disney to offer sets with Pooh and friends.

These would make excellent Easter gifts for younger children. If I had little kids I would probably buy these for them because I love Pooh and building toys.

Winnie the Pooh’s Picnic: $9.99

Winnie the Pooh’s House: $29.99

Features Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet

Tigger’s Expedition: $19.99

And if you like the idea of Duplo, but not Pooh, the brand also offers other cute sets like these:

Baby Zoo

World People Set

Toy Story 3 – Jessie’s Round Up

Lap Giraffes

Have you seen this Direct TV commercial?

The end features a miniature lap giraffe. I think the giraffe is adorable! Did you ever wonder if you could get your very own miniature giraffe?

Well, now a mini giraffe can be yours from!

Here are pictures of their giraffes:

Here is what the website states about Petite Lap Giraffes:

“Petite Lap Giraffes are very funny animal that require special care. They need lots of love. Hugs and kisses every day. Otherwise they make tears. If you have children, petite lap giraffes no problem. If child is loud, the giraffe will be shy, but does not bite. PLG’s are very clean. With training they will go in box like cats. Allergies never a problem.”

Should you want to know more about mini giraffes, or how to get your own, please visit Russia’s finest purveyor of lap giraffes: Sokoblovsky Farms.

Have a great April Fools Day!

Kawaii Corner

I was in San Francisco for a conference when I happened to walk past a little store called Kawaii Corner.  I could not pass up taking a look at their selection of cute merchandise. They have a website ( where you can see some of the amazing items they have for sale.

I made a couple perchases:

1. Hamster Popo –

The tag listed a website, but it seems to no longer be in existance. Should I find out more about this adorable hamster I will let you all know.

2. A set of the iwako animal erasers which I previosly posted about:

The little sun next to the erasers was my free gift from a capsule machine. It was a little Pooh Bear peek-a-pooh which has a string on it so you can hang it from bags or cellphones (etc.).  To my surprise as I read the paper about it the little pooh bear actually comes out of its costume!

So cute!

Bye for now!

Cute Erasers

When I was younger I collected erasers, some cute and others just because they were erasers. The Japanese make some incredibly cute things and here are some adorable erasers!

From Iwako:

1. Animals

2. Sea Animals

3.  Japanese Snacks

4. 4 piece animal set:

The above erasers have links where you can purchase them, but here are some more pictures of the various erasers the company has and currently does have:

Other Erasers:
Cute Baby Animal Set

To learn more more about these erasers, and see many more pictures visit

Tare Panda

Tare Panda is a panda book and game character from Japan. The name means lazy or droopy panda, and the character is a very lazy panda who has to get around by rolling over. It loves to eat mochi and relax in teacups.




I think this guy is sooo cute! I have seen stuffed animals of it before, and did not know what it was until I decided to research it today.

Do you love tarepanda too? You can find a lot of merchandise like the below stuffed panda at

Here is a cake of the little guys:

Cake from Krallecakes

It looks just like this stack of stuffed pandas:


While perusing Facebook today I happened upon an add for, which sells these large spherical stuffed animals. There are a ton of different adorable stuffed animals to choose from!

Here are a couple examples:

1. Squishable Narwhal $38

2. Squishable Octopus $44

3. Squishable Hedgehog — currently sold out but returning soon

4. Squishable Bat — also currently unavailable but returning soon

5. Squishable Racoon — $38

6. Squishable Lion — $38

7. Squishable T-Rex — $39

8. Squishable Elephant — $38

9. Squishable Whale — $38

10. Squishable Bunny — $38

People seem to really love them, there are galleries of customer submitted pictures of the stuffed creatures and their owners! Apparently the craze started when the company founds went to Asia and bought a couple large round stuffed animals, brought them home, and then their friends wanted some too. So now they design their own!

There is a whole page about their fandom and links to their Facebook page here: Squishable Fandom

To buy these guys, check out more styles, and to see pictures please visit