SDCC 2014 My Little Pony Funko Exclusives

Good news to everyone who couldn’t get a ticket to SDCC and is interested in getting the Funko My Little Pony exclusives, there is a chance you can buy them online!

DJ Pon-3


Gemini Collectibles, a large Funko seller, has the two listed on their website for $25.99 each: DJ here and Spitfire here.

Last year Amazon had the two SDCC exclusive ponies for sale, but I don’t know if that will happen this year as they are not available there yet. If you are really interested in these two check out Gemini!

– Cola and Fizz

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Toys

There is a lot more cute and interesting merchandise available for this movie. We lamented the failings from the toys for the first movie four years ago. Some of that was fixed as show merchandise came out, but it wasn’t until this movie that things really improved.

Plush toys:
The first movie’s toy line failed here, the plush toys didn’t look anything like the actual movie characters. Come on, stuffed dragons basically sell themselves unless they look ridiculous. And they looked really bad.

The official plush available everywhere are still really bad. Super low quality and mass produced, but at least they look more like the actual characters for this movie.

Small (8 in) and Large (14 in)


This Toothless is from the show line, better but not great:

There is now a plush pillow available, which has the best wings out there but the oddest face:


The best by far for this movie is the Build a Bear Toothless:
The wings are not permanently attached, Toothless wears them like a backpack and you can take them off to dress him up. Why they made this choice I will never know, they have other plush toys with permanently attached wings so it is disappointing but the toy still looks way better than other yet produced.

Unfortunately he is sold out on their website and in most stores, but you can sign up here to be notified when they get a new shipment.

The basic figures are about the same, with new ones for the new dragons. I won’t show those because you can find them in all stores with merchandise for the film.

However, they do have some really cute mini figures for around $6 depending on what store you get them at:

Cloud Jumper


Funko Pop also has cute collectible figures, which are for sale at Hot Topic and should be available where other Funko figures are sold.



There is also a set of Mystery Mini figures from Funko which are smaller than their regular figure line and come in a closed box so you do not know which one you will get.

Two different versions of Toothless (of four different designs):
funko-how-to-train-your-dragon-2-mystery-mini-figure-toothless-gums-showing-new-3  funko-how-to-train-your-dragon-2-mystery-mini-figure-toothless-new-3

Keep an eye out if you want to add to your How To Train Your Dragon collection, there is a lot of new merchandise worth looking into!

-Cola and Fizz

Cute Erasers

When I was younger I collected erasers, some cute and others just because they were erasers. The Japanese make some incredibly cute things and here are some adorable erasers!

From Iwako:

1. Animals

2. Sea Animals

3.  Japanese Snacks

4. 4 piece animal set:

The above erasers have links where you can purchase them, but here are some more pictures of the various erasers the company has and currently does have:

Other Erasers:
Cute Baby Animal Set

To learn more more about these erasers, and see many more pictures visit

Toy Fair 2010

The toy fair is an event in which different toy makers get the chance to exhibit their products. The event takes place in New York, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and showroom locations from February 14 -17, and is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere. The show is put on by the TIA, Toy Industry Association, a non-profit which “association for producers and importers of toys and youth entertainment products sold in North America, representing over 500 companies who account for approximately 85% of domestic toy sales”. The show is not open to the public and no one under the age of 18 is allowed to go to the fair, but it is a place for buyers and sellers to come together to show off the hot new toys this year.

Here are pictures of some cute toys and costumes taken by those covering the event from


Here are some adorable erasers:

A limited number of these erasers can be purchased at Hallmark stores, but there are a few different ones here that I have never seen in person and would love to buy!

Here is a My inflatable Buddy:

This company makes these plush stuffed animal covers which go over a plastic, air filled bladder. This way parents can afford to buy large toys for their kids, but they are easy to store by deflating and easy to play with by quickly inflating. the coverings are also very easy to wash should something happen to them. Another plus is that the animals are light weight for kids to carry around.

An adorable little backpack:

Giant stuffed animals on display:

Here is a creative setup of perfect petzzz:

These are super realistic sleeping animals that offer all the cuteness of a sleeping animal without any of the problems associated with a real pet. These little guys “breath” as well while they sleep. They offer many different dog and cat breeds, as well as pandas and accessories.

Here are some cute examples of products from peace toys:

The bunny and other stuffed animals are made from organic cotton, and the globe the bunny is on is one of the company’s hugg-a-planet line. The globe is the hugg-a-planet earth, while they also offer hugg-a-planet with moon, hugg-a-planet mars, and hugg america soft map.

MerryMakers had this stuffed toy of their character Skippyjon Jones:

Skippyjon is is a children’s book character – a Siamese kitten which pretends to be a Chihuahua superhero. Sounds cute to me!

Here are Totem Tribes:

These little guys are designed like animal spirits and can be stacked. They have a website, but it simply has a video of them and it says that the full sight will be coming in March.

Here are Pancake Puppies:

These little guys remind me of pound puppies, but mixed with pancakes. They should have their own cartoon…