Chusky – Chow Chow Husky Mix

What in the world is a Chusky you ask? Well, it is what some are calling the mixed breed cross between the Siberian Husky and Chow Chow.

Siberian Husky

Chow Chow
Chow Chow 9B008D-06


Always remember that the best indication of what a mixed breed’s temperament and appearance will be are based on that dog’s parents. This is not a pure bred and as such will have a wider variety of differences in major characteristics. That does not mean that a Chusky is not a great dog, just that puppies can be an unknown quantity for size, color, build, etc.

Never base your desire for a certain dog on one picture you see online, especially if there is only one or two. Said pictures may be created in photoshop, altered in some way, is a puppy (that is cute and fluffy) but results in a much different adult dog, or is of a dog which has a particular hair cut.

This is the picture that I have seen spreading around. An animal built more like a Chow, with that fluffy coat, but the coloring of a Husky. This is however, the only picture of its kind when searching for these dogs. So either these dogs come from a well organized foreign Chusky breeder who has worked out how to achieve these looks, these dogs have colored fur, or they are very unique pups.

The reality of the cross is that looks will vary like this:

(Sushi a female Chusky from


Chuskies are very intelligent dogs that are playful and can be protective of their families. Given the coat of both breeds involved this dog sheds heavily and the coat requires grooming. These dogs need to be socialized so they can become used to other dogs and people, and not be too aggressive or timid. If your dog has a thick coat they will not tolerate intense heat well, but would do well in cold climates. They will need exercise and a purpose, with the working dog mixed in there combined with their intelligence.

I do not know of any breeders working towards this particular mixed breed. You might be able to find one (accidental or intentional crosses) in your local animal shelter – resembling the more realistic pictures above. I just wanted to write this post because of that single picture that keeps spreading so people are aware of what such a cross most likely means to prevent unnecessary breeding and bring awareness to the wonderful mixed dogs that take up residence in our local shelters in need of homes.


7 thoughts on “Chusky – Chow Chow Husky Mix

  1. Anne

    I just saw the photo you were referring to with the huge fluffy puppies claiming to be a chow/husky mix.
    I believe what these actually are is a mix between a Chow and a Tibetan Mastiff. These mixes were seen a lot in China.

  2. charisse lopez

    Hi is there a difference in the physical appearance of the chusky if the mother is chow chow and the father is husky or vice versa. I really want to have a chusky that has the same physical appearance on the first picture which is spreading in the web.

    • shawndog

      you can never know.mine was blk chow dad and husky mom. see jasmine in aspen
      just saw the date. hope you found one .I

  3. Rontia Manuel

    Me and my family own a 5month old white chusky puppy. A family friend gave him to us. He has a lot of fur like a chow but a husky nose and eye color! He is so smart easy to potty train and learns tricks Farley easy great with my kids! One of the best dogs I’ve had!

  4. Linda

    I have a 4 yr. old Chusky. She’s red with a black face and tongue. This is an incredible family dog with a great disposition, lots of fun and high energy. She loves people but doesn’t care much for other dogs. She is without a doubt, the best family dog we’ve ever had. And she has us well trained!

  5. Janelle Clemens

    My Chusky was an “accident’ that I got from APL. He’s all black, most of his tongue is black, and he looks like a wolf. He’s 120 lbs at 4 years old and is definitely one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He doesn’t tear up anything, even when left alone (like my pit mixes) and guards the house. He avoids kids, but probably because there are none living with me. When my son’s ex-girlfriend and her friends attacked my son in our front yard, he shot out of the door and started herding them. He did not attack, but his size and actions were enough to stop the attack on my son. He’s very intelligent, but will only do commands when he wants to. Or if he’s feeling like a treat he’ll do them without being prompted. Very loveable and well-behaved. PS He has held his own with my current pit and holds his spot as the higher ranking dog. No, they don’t fight for real – I wouldn’t allow that. He just sits on the pit’s head when he’s tired of him.

  6. Erika Marquez

    My trusty Chusky is my first dog after 60 years with cats. She was a 14-year-old Covid orphan. I was praying for a dog and I am so lucky to have her! Her job is to walk me; I am recovering from knee surgery. She’s having a ball in the cold weather. I can’t imagine a finer dog! Question: When I got her at Halloween, I took her to the groomers. She smelled great but it didn’t seem appropriate for a dog. I’m a cat person and cats lick themselves. Pucci doesn’t seem to do much licking but still, she’s somewhat blind and as deaf as a Haddock, but her nose works great. I am the only person who thinks the dog should smell like a dog? I like the smell of my dog.

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