Looking for a Pet First Aid Course?

The human found an online pet first aid course!

We guinea pigs tend to be awkward creatures, with strange injuries. The human has navigated broken toe nails, hay in eye attacks, sore paws, pulled stitches, allergies, and more. Now, while the scope of this course focuses on dogs and cats, first aid information is invaluable. You never know what trouble a pet might get into!

The human tried to get me to learn too…
No human, it is your job to learn to take care of me!

Have you ever wondered when you absolutely need to take your pet to the vet? Are there situations you can handle at home? Or are there things you can have on hand to help in emergency situations so you can get your pet to the vet? Or wanted to learn this kind of stuff but don’t have time to actually go to an in person class?

If so then check out Pro Pet Hero!


The human really liked that the course is taught by a certified veterinarian named Dr. Bobbi Conner. She presents the information clearly and consciously, and demonstrates key skills. First you watch training videos, after which you take a test to demonstrate what you learned, and when you pass you get a certificate you can print. Very useful if you are a pet sitter, dog walker, or other such profession so you can prove your training to clients. The course is well priced for information that could save your pets life, or your sanity, depending on the situation. Some of the big topics covered include dog cpr, creating a first aid kit, poisoning, itching, vomiting, how to measure vital signs, and many other health topics.

You can take the course from wherever online, what ever time of day you are free, and at your own pace. The human was able to start the course and complete it later on over the course of a couple days as she had time! The site also offers a weekly refresher email so that you can keep up on your skills over time.

The website explains the process like this:


The human is interested in getting a puppy soon, and now she feels much better equipped to deal with dog care and health. If you have a pet, work with them, or are considering one this course is a great opportunity to learn valuable skills! prophlogo

My human is certified, are you?

Check out Pro Pet Hero!

Famous Pomsky

Meet Mya, a 2 year old Pomsky that resembles a fox:

Pomskies are a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky, creating a dog with a variety in appearance and size. Most do not look like this, which simply proves that the outcome in certain crossings can be a mixed bag. The internet has made these dogs popular, but you don’t know what you are going to get and it is still difficult to find breeders.


Mya has her own Instagram account because her owner knew that he had a special dog. He had no idea how special until the internet found her on buzzfeed and reddit, and spread her images.


Please pick your pets responsibly! Do not buy simply because you see an animal as beautiful. Understand how a dog like this comes to be (avoid irresponsible breeding), know the commitment necessary, and maybe decide to shelter shop for a mutt instead. Mya is a beautiful, but rare, outcome. You never know what beautiful crosses you can find in a shelter needing a home right now. And at a much lower price!


– Tauntaun

101 Dalmatians Themed Engagement Photos

Are you a big Disney fan? Love 101 Dalmatians? Corinne Jones and her fiance Tony Collier love both and wanted to recreate the scene from the animated movie in which Pongo takes the initiative to unite Roger and Anita in the park.


Here is the animation of the entire scene:

The couple dressed in period fashion and used their own dogs Izzy, a mastiff mix, and Mookie, a black lab mix. While not dalmatians the two dogs are such a part of their owner’s lives that they deserved a part in the photos and memories for the couple. The dogs were incredibly well behaved and helped the shoot become what it needed to be. The hardest part was making sure that the couple’s facial expressions matched those from the animation scenes. The photographer is the couple’s cousin Melissa Biggerstaff.

Not yet together:
(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

The reason the couple likes the love story in the movie so much Corinne explains:

“I’ve always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale — they were believable characters who didn’t just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell, Pongo had to take the first step.”

Taking the initiative:
(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

The couple started their relationship at a marching band formal in 2009. Disney has been a part of their relationship ever since. Their first vacation together was to Disney World and both worked at the Magic Kingdom after graduation. When Tony proposed he set up a scavenger hunt that ended with a picture of Corinne as Cruella da Vil, her favorite villain, and he used the lines of the villain’s henchman Horace who stated that he didn’t want a princess but a villain. So it was only natural to incorporate 101 Dalmatians into their engagement photos.

They even took photos of the pond scene:
(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

In which they got wet but did not actually take a dip in the pond.

And Roger offering his sodden handkerchief:
(Rusty Lion – Melissa Biggerstaff)

Very cute and a unique idea! Did you incorporate your pets into special photo sessions like your engagement or wedding?


You can see more of the photos from the shoot here, and read more about the couple here.

Last Living 9/11 Search Dog Honored

The last known surviving search and rescue dog that responded to the 9/11 tragedy is 16 years old, and celebrated a very special dog birthday!

Bretagne, a golden retriever, is a part of Texas Task Force 1 – a FEMA urban search and rescue group. Her first assignment was to help at Ground Zero when she was only two years old.

Here she is at Ground Zero:
(Denise Corliss)

And here she is now:

Barkbox honored the dog and her handler Denise Corliss for their service through a program the company offers to treat worthy dogs to a special day. People can nominate dogs online, and once chosen the dog spends a day tailored to their personal preferences. You can learn more about this program here. For this special dog, the company brought Denise and Bretagne back to New York for a weekend of pampering, treats, and playing in the dog park.


This video of the celebration is heartwarming and highlights the important role of search and rescue dogs:

Thank you for your service Bretagne!


If you like dog movies, go see the movie Max!

Max is not your average little kid dog movie, lots of action and suspense. The plot focuses on a military dog named Max who’s handler is killed in the line of duty and what becomes of him and his family. It is a fictional story, but it makes you think about and appreciate the dogs and their handlers serving in war. It is a story of sadness, family growth, and triumph.

(Warner Bros.)

Here is the preview:

Being that it is a movie for families with older kids there are a couple moments that did not seem very realistic, but overall the movie is great! The movie may be too dramatic for younger children. This is well worth seeing!

More about the dogs that played Max in the movie:
Five different Belgian Malinois played the star dog Max. The main dog who acts in most of the movie is named Carlos, who stood out from other Malinois because he has light markings around his eyes which makes it easier for the camera to pick up the dog’s expression. The four other dogs are: Jagger, who was the main understudy, Dude, who was used for jumping scenes, Pilot, who was trained to knock people down and play fight, and Pax, who was good at running and bearing his teeth. All of these dogs had their faces dyed to resemble Carlos.

To read more about the dogs and their training see USA Today.

Here is Jagger on the red carpet:
(Inside Edition)

Max is in theaters now!

Marvel Phase 9

Take a peak at Marvel Phase 9, or in other words, the April Fool’s joke that I missed but still wanted to share in case you had not seen it yet either.

Take a peak at what Marvel has “planned” for phase 9 – dogs and the evil villain LoKitty!

Take a look at that team:

With Archie as Captain America:

Rutabaga as the Hulk:

Zelda as Black Widow:

Robot as Iron Man:

Appa as Hawkeye:

Mr. Miles as Thor:

The Avengers movies are simply awesome, so I cannot assume a dog team could do it better. It would however be very adorable should this ever actually become a thing.

– Staff

Slow Motion Dog in Snow

As spring starts to set in there is hope for all those still covered in snow! But, why not watch a Golden Retriever named Buddy enjoying the snow in slow motion:

You can see the individual snowflakes settling on his fur!
Screenshot 2015-03-09 at 12.02.59 PM

Just look at the floppy face and ears, and the way he seems so content!
Screenshot 2015-03-09 at 12.03.51 PM

The gorgeous flowing fur!
Screenshot 2015-03-09 at 12.06.08 PM


If only I could enjoy winter like that. The video is equal parts soothing and causing me to want to run and romp in freshly falling snow.