Salsa Dancing Dog

Are you a good dancer? This dog may have you beat!

This is an impressive display of training! The dog has to stay on its hind legs for a long time, and is always paying attention to their owner’s cues for the next move. Even so, just look at that wagging tail! The dog really seems to enjoy the attention. The end is even impressive!

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 10.52.33 AM - Edited

I hope that you find this video inspiring, you never know what your dog may enjoy learning!


Weirdest Mix Breed Ever?

Have you ever seen a mix between a pit bull and a dachshund?

This is Rami:
(Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society)

You can clearly see the influence of both of his parents, with the distinctly pit bull face and long short dachshund body. Such a large head for such a small frame! It is hard to decide whether he is cute or ugly, or so ugly he is cute. Yet, Rami is up for adoption in Georgia.

(Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society)

Rami is now famous online, as a dog of his unusual appearance is apt to be. Many did not even think he was real! After the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society posted him for adoption on Facebook they received so much interest they are setting up a special adoption and interview process to place him in the best home possible.

You can watch a news story about Rami due to all the attention over this odd appearance:

Never forget that you can find a gem at your local animal shelter too! So many dogs need forever homes, just make sure that you are ready for the task by spending a little time assessing any dog’s needs and whether you can fulfill them.


Puppy Bowl 2015 is this Sunday

It is once again time for Puppy Bowl! YES!!!! This Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!!!


Puppy Bowl is a show on Animal Planet which always airs on the Sunday of the Super Bowl. It is to show off cute puppies playing a fake game of football for your enjoyment. You can watch puppies both before, during, and after the big game. Puppy Bowl XI will air on February 1 2015 at 3 pm. It will start and end before the big game begins. However, PBXI will also replay a few more times so you can watch it instead of football or you can catch it after the game if you do not have time before.

As usual, the show features puppies from animal shelters playing with football (and other) dog toys on a miniature field inside a mini fake stadium. Puppies are switched out throughout the game and a touchdown is made any time a puppy makes it over the goal line with a toy. A ref calls penalties and makes sure that the puppies play nice. The halftime show features kittens playing. One puppy usually wins an MVP (most valuable puppy) award for playing the best. But I am not sure if that is true this year with the addition of an online fantasy draft. The point of the whole thing is to show off cute puppies to encourage people to go to their local shelters and adopt dogs in need of homes. All of the puppies featured have been adopted into new homes.

This year they are also featuring a fantasy draft, which might take the place of the mvp award.
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.30.00 PM - Edited
You go online here to sign into the site and pick three puppies for your dream team from the starting line up. The puppies are split into two teams: Team Ruff and Team Fluff. You can pick three puppies in any variation and across both teams.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.35.46 PM

You also get to pick which team you think will win. Team Ruff is in the lead!

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.34.17 PM

Here are a couple of the puppies from the starting line up:

Aria the Labrador Retriever mix, on Team Ruff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.28.34 PM
Keith Barraclough/DCL

Blue the Schnauzer Poodle mix, on Team Fluff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.49.29 PM
Keith Barraclough

Boomer the German Shepherd mix, on Team Ruff:

Chicklet the Australian Shepherd Mix, on Team Fluff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.53.05 PM
Keith Barraclough

Falcor the Clumber Spanial, on Team Ruff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.54.13 PM
Keith Barraclough/DCL

Fritz the Mini Schnauzer, on Team Fluff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 4.59.14 PM
Keith Barraclough/DCL

Lee the Boxer mix,on Team Ruff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 5.01.23 PM
Keith Barraclough/DCL

Panda the Pomeranian, on Team Fluff:
Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 5.02.43 PM
Keith Barraclough/DCL

You can see the entire starting line up here. There is a great mix of beautiful and adorable puppies this year, you won’t want to miss out!

Make sure you tune in and watch all the adorable puppies this Sunday at 3 pm on Animal Planet!

– Fizz

Smart Collar for Dogs

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, presents all sorts of new technology gadgets to the world like new tvs,  self driving cars, and devices that can turn the camera on your phone into an instant camera. This year your dog is not left out of the fun! Motorola showed off a new smart collar, a dog wearable device that allows you to track your dog’s location, exercise, and even talk to them.


The collar comes in two sizes, the larger version is called the Scout 5000 and will retail for $199. The device features a GPS to see where your dog is, a 720p video camera which sends the video of what your pet is seeing to your smart phone, and WiFi connectivity to enable all this and more. There is a built in speaker which allows you to speak to your dog, essentially to issue verbal commands like stop or come or maybe to just sooth your pet. The collar can tell if your dog is barking too much/frequently. It can also be used like an invisible fence, setting up a boundary so the collar emits a high pitch noise when the dog attempts to leave the area.  Finally, the device tracks your dog’s movement and weight for you to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise.

Rose Gold Scout 5000

The device seems well built, but looks a little too large on your dog’s neck. It can withstand water, chewing, and your dog’s attempts to use his paws to get if off. It comes in multiple color choices.

You will need to get the Hubble app to interface with the collar’s video features, which also requires a service plan. A one year 3G plan is included with the collar when first purchased, but that cost needs to be considered when using the collar for more than one year.

Orange Scout 5000

The 5000 is too large and cumbersome for smaller dogs, so Motorola also has the Scout 2500 which is made to fit smaller necks. The 2500’s size does not allow for a camera but it will still do everything else. This version only costs $99.

Orange Scout 2500

So, does your dog need a wearable device too? I can see the appeal for dogs who are escape artists, or who are left alone for long periods of time. However, at this price point (especially with a service plan) and with such a bulky design there might be other video or monitoring devices that better suit your needs. It would be mildly interesting to see the world as your dog sees it, to see what your dog is up to while you are away, or to know if your dog is barking too much while you are at work. Or if your dog is super active to see exactly how that affects them, or what activities they get the most exercise out of. I guess that is also useful if you have a dog you are trying to make lose weight. I was also unable to find out how the device is charged or how long the batteries last, both important points to consider if you really do want this device to help find a pet that has wandered from home.


A dog’s life: “Smart collar” helps you keep tabs on Fido via video
Scout 5000 is a Cutting-Edge Wearable — for Your Dog

Photo Doggies for Anthony

Sometimes people on the internet can come together to make wonderful things happen. Photo Doggies for Anthony is a Facebook event on which people around the world can post pictures of their dogs to cheer up a teen named Anthony who has cancer and cannot be with his own pets while undergoing chemotherapy. The instagram link is here: photo.doggies.for.Anthony.  Pet pictures have been posted from all over the world, of all kinds of pets, along with words of encouragement. More than 500,000 photos have been shared!

If you have a photo of your dog, or can take one, please consider sharing it on the event or instagram to help Anthony smile!

Here are a couple photos shared:



But as wonderful as the internet can be, it is also a terrible place. The above links are to a new event because the original event had to be taken down. Someone was overly negative, I do not know if that means the boy’s mom took it down for the sake of sparing her child or if that person reported the event to facebook so the bots behind the scenes automatically took it down. People can be sick, and I hope that this event continues to help this boy or anyone else who needs a pick me up.


Anthony is 16 and has lymphoblastic leukemia, he has to undergo chemotherapy once a month. He was first diagnosed in July, and the leukemia is treatable, but he will have to go through chemo for the next three years. During this time he cannot be around his three dogs. He deals with depression during his treatments, and his mom said the only time he really seems happy at the hospital is when he is visited by a therapy dog. Since the therapy dogs cannot be there everyday, Anthony’s mom created the Facebook event so he can look at dog pictures whenever he likes to bring him joy.


Anthony and his family are truly surprised and amazed by the outpouring of pictures and well wishes. His mom has been trying to go through all the pictures and comment on them or like them, she is quoted: “I just want to thank everyone I haven’t gotten to yet, I hope I’m able to get to all of them,” she said. “Every single one has made us smile.”

Take a moment to post those photos! You can do so here or here.

– Fizz

Original story with more quotes and information found here.

3D Printed Prosthetic Dog Paws

3D printing is an amazing technology which is now helping one dog to run.

Meet Derby, a husky mix born with deformation in both his front legs making it impossible for him to walk or run normally:
Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.15.05 PM

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.16.04 PM

Here he is wearing his new prosthetic paws:

Derby could get around by himself on soft surfaces inside, but not on super hard surfaces or outside very easily. A dog wheelchair of sorts works but is not the best solution. The set of 3D printed prosthetic paws were designed especially for Derby to fit his legs. The curved design came out of the worry that something more pointed might get stuck in soft ground. Working with 3D design software allows easier building of multiple prosthetic designs and iterations to find what works without having to hand make a new set each time. These were printed by 3D Systems, a 3D printing company.

Derby is doing wonderfully! Here is a video all about the process and it even shows him running!

This is a unique solution for this dog. One which proves the vast possibilities new technology can provide animals and humans. 3D printing will be able to help other animals in need of more personal solutions like Derby.

– Fizz

You can read more at Engadget.

Most Popular Dog Names List 2014

While there is no database of most popular guinea pig names the human made me look into the most popular puppy names of 2014, because someone keeps track of that. I guess it is interesting. Maybe there are some correlations between popular puppy and guinea pig names? analyzed its database of puppy names for dogs born January 1st 2014 and beyond that were entered into their website to come up with a list of the most popular names. This could be surprisingly comprehensive, especially if you have run into lots of young dogs with these names this year, and is based on 969,517 dogs. That is a large cross section of puppies!


Most popular female dog names:
1. Bella
2. Daisy
3. Lucy
4. Sadie
5. Molly
6. Lola
7. Sophie
8. Zoey
9. Luna
10. Chloe

Interestingly, since the site started to share this analysis publicly in 2011 Daisy and Lucy have retained the same spots as #2 and #3. Coincidence? Maybe. My human says other humans can be easily influenced. I also just think these names are very pretty. They are also short and easy to yell. Bella, the most popular name on the other hand, has held this spot since 2006 probably due to the 2005 release of the first Twilight book with its main character Bella Swan.


Most popular male dog names:
1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Rocky
4. Buddy
5. Cooper
6. Duke
7. Bear
8. Zeus
9. Bentley
10. Toby

Max has been the most popular male name for 9 years. Buddy has changed spots a few times, being number one from 2004 – 2005, then #2 for 8 years, and is now #4. I enjoy how the male names tend to vary a bit more than the female names which seem to correlate with popular human baby names.


Just for fun, the human wanted me to also look at the top human baby names of 2014 (from


Top baby girl names:
1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Olivia
4. Ava
5. Isabella
6. Mia
7. Zoe
8. Lily
9. Emily
10. Madelyn

Focusing on the puppy list – but comparing between humans and dogs – both share Bella, Sophia, and Zoe (with differences in spelling and long vs. short form) somewhere in the top 10. Lucy (while #3 for puppies) is #54 on the list of baby girl names, Sadie (#4) is #62, and Chloe (#10) just missed the top 10 being #12. Molly (#5), Lola (#6), and Luna (#9) did not make it into the top 100 girl names for 2014 so there are only rankings on each for 2013. Molly was #102, Lola #214, and Luna #185. But Molly and Luna rank higher in the babycenter specific population of babies than they do overall so there is a chance those names are increasing in popularity.

My human knows a Luna born this year. I guess the most popular female names work well for both dogs and people. The human prefers to make pet names unique, something she would never name her own human offspring. She says this is to make a clear distinction when calling out for an animal in a public place, and because she couldn’t a kid something she had already named one of her animals. Fair enough…

Male names on the other hand are vastly different between dogs and people.


Top male baby names in 2014:
1. Jackson
2. Aiden
3. Liam
4. Lucas
5. Noah
6. Mason
7. Ethan
8. Caden
9. Jacob
10. Logan

Comparing the two lists, none of the top puppy names are on the human list. Are there simply greater choices in boy names?

Max (#1 for male puppies) is #54 on the top 100 baby boy names. Charlie (#2) is #62 and Cooper (#5) is #73. Toby (#10) is #550 for 2013, with no information yet being avaialbe for 2014 because it didn’t make the top 100 names. Rocky (#3), Buddy (#4), and Bentley (#9) barely made the top 1000 names in 2013. If you search Buddy in the social security online (SSO) tool for baby name popularity it states that it has not broken into the top 1000 names in the 14 years of data they go through for social security cards issued. Searching Bentley on SSO on the other hand suggests the name was #81 in popularity from their data. Duke (#6) was somewhere in the 700s in 2013. Bear (#7) is not ranked at all. It would be an odd human name, a popular nick name but not an actual name. Zeus (#8) seems to be in use as a baby name but is not in the top 1000 names on babycenter or SSO.

Of course, there are plenty of unique and awesome names apart from the top 10 lists. Do any of your dogs share these names? Any of your other pets?

– Fizz

Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014 –
Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 –
Baby name search on
Popular Baby Names – Social Security Online

Dog on a Treadmill

Have you seen the video of Munchkin, the Shih Tzu, dressed like a teddy bear and walking on a treadmill?


Munchkin is kind of a big deal on YouTube, dressed of course in that cute bear costume:


The costume itself is actually a teddy bear which is the right size and fur color for Munchkin with its stuffing removed (except for the arms), face cut off, and the feet removed so the dog wears it on the front half of her body. There is also a little bit of velcro on the bears neck to keep it on and closed up in the back. You could easily do this for your own dog if you so desired, and can find a teddy bear to fit.

The only other things we know about Munchkin are that she is 8 pounds and lives in California. You can follow her on Facebook here or Instagram at munchkintheshihtzu.


Enjoy, hope it helps bring you a little cheer the evening before Thanksgiving!
– Fizz

Dog Rides on Ambulance to Stay With Owner

In San Angelo Texas a dog, named Buddy, rode on the small side step of an ambulance for 20 miles just to stay with his owner. The beagle mix jumped onto the outside of the ambulance as it picked up his owner to take him to the emergency room. The paramedics did not know the dog was there until another driver flagged him down.

Screenshot 2014-11-17 at 3.03.57 PM - Edited

By the time Buddy was discovered by the ambulance driver the paramedics had no choice but to load the dog into the back and take him on the remainder of the almost hour long trip. Buddy’s owner, 85 year old JR Nicholson, had adopted the dog four months ago. He called for an ambulance because he felt dizzy and was soon released from the hospital.

It was a good thing that someone saw the little guy so he didn’t ride outside the ambulance for an hour. Such a loyal dog!

– Fizz