Guinea Pig Cosplay

Cosplay, or costume play, is a performance art where people dress up as a specific character or idea. This is very popular at conventions and other events to represent characters from genres like anime, comic books, video games, movies, and tv shows. It can be considered a nerdy interest, but it has its own subculture and is very popular.

These guinea pigs are busy being cosplayers too because humans cannot have all the fun!

Here is Chun-Li from the video game Street Fighter:

Street Fighter is a massively popular game, still enjoyed by enthusiasts. Love the simple accents that make this guinea pig look just right, and the background with health meter and another fighter just makes the photo.

Sailor Moon from the anime Sailor Moon:
download (1)

Sailor moon was popular when The Human was younger, and probably enjoys an ever larger cult following today even without being on TV anymore. There is a new series coming out in the near future, and the original series is being released on DVD/Blu-ray for the avid fan. This is a great choice as lots of humans try to pull off this look at conventions. Just look at the cute dress, prop, and hair accessories!

Nintendo’s Mario video games are still top sellers on all of the companies game systems. The characters are iconic and will continue to be at the forefront of gaming culture.

download (2)

Princess Peach:

download (1)

While these three are more simplistic, a single hat can show what character you represent whether you are a human just getting into the whole cosplay thing or a guinea pig that just doesn’t want to wear a more involved costume.

Of course, there is also a photo of Mario in his gaming environment:

All of the above pictures are from the same Twitter feed of a user who loves guinea pigs, check out chikuwa_kintoki for lots of other adorable guinea pig pictures!

The anime Pokemon has been popular for over ten years, along with the video and card games, and if you don’t have the crafting skills to make your own costume you can purchase the two pictured below online from CuddlyCavies.

Pikachu – only $13:

Charmander – slightly more expensive but still worth it at $14:

I don’t think Star Wars will ever be less popular than it is now, especially with more movies on the way and Disney owing the franchise. Below is Chewbacca the guinea pig, dressed appropriately as Chewbacca:

Check out Chewbacca’s tumbler or twitter for more cute guinea pig photos.

Thor is super popular right now with Marvel’s live action movies and The Avengers:
(DeSSyng on Deviantart)

Captain America – another Marvel superhero with his own movies and a part of The Avengers:
(DeSSyng on Deviantart)

Harry Potter from the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling:
(Guinea Pigs in Hats)

The buzz for the movies might be over but the Harry Potter books will continue to be popular literature. Just look at the tiny lightning bolt on the guinea pig’s forehead, so cute!

Doctor Who from the TV series Doctor Who:

Doctor Who is enjoying increasing popularity here in the states! Love the tiny fez and bow tie.

Such tiny costumes require creativity, minimalism, and willing guinea pigs to model them. With so many different genres to choose from there are many wonderful costume ideas out there, both that have been done before and those that have not for anyone who enjoys a challenge. Does your guinea pig or pet cosplay?


Post initial inspired by: “These Guinea Pigs Cosplay Better Than You

Dog on a Treadmill

Have you seen the video of Munchkin, the Shih Tzu, dressed like a teddy bear and walking on a treadmill?


Munchkin is kind of a big deal on YouTube, dressed of course in that cute bear costume:


The costume itself is actually a teddy bear which is the right size and fur color for Munchkin with its stuffing removed (except for the arms), face cut off, and the feet removed so the dog wears it on the front half of her body. There is also a little bit of velcro on the bears neck to keep it on and closed up in the back. You could easily do this for your own dog if you so desired, and can find a teddy bear to fit.

The only other things we know about Munchkin are that she is 8 pounds and lives in California. You can follow her on Facebook here or Instagram at munchkintheshihtzu.


Enjoy, hope it helps bring you a little cheer the evening before Thanksgiving!
– Fizz

Tiny Crochet Animals

Every so often I wonder over to Etsy and spend some time looking around at the beautiful crafts people make. Today I found something I wanted to share. User Su Ami makes tiny crochet animals some of which are very lifelike and some which are very whimsical.

Kiwi with egg – $48


Red Panda – $118


Totoro and friends – $78


Su Ami also makes individual Totoros in many different colors for around $32.

Grey Sloth – $155


Blue whale – $28


Two tiny squirrels – $52


Tiny Sheep – $22


Little Penguin Family (6 penguins included) – $200


Check out Su Ami’s Etsy shop to see all currently available creatures.

I never did learn to crochet but these pieces are a testament to the art and very inspiring. I am sure I will never have enough talent to make something like this, but they sure are cute to admire.


Valentine’s Day has passed so that means stores are now stocking Easter Peeps! It might be a bit too early, but if you love this classic marshmallow treat they are now out in stores.

Are you looking for Peep related gifts for Easter? I found a few great items available online from Peeps and Company.

1. Giant Peeps Plush Bunny


Available in 4 colors (pink, lavender, blue, and yellow) these bunnies are 2 ft 7 in tall, and cost $150.

2. Giant Peeps Plush Chick


The plush chick is only available in yellow, is 2 ft in size, and costs $150.

3. 18 Count Super sized box of Peeps


Do you want to give someone a lot of peeps, all in one box? This box contains 18 boxes of 5 peeps each, this also is only available in yellow and costs $24.90. Of course, you can simply buy cases of them on this site as well if that is more your style.

4. Plush gift sets – $7.90 each



This adorable set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep bunnies, packaged like their real bunny marshmallow counterparts. They do come apart.



Again, this set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep chicks and is packaged like the real candy.

5. Peeps Candy Coated Adventure Book


This book is a mystery story about a family of peeps who have disappeared, and it is very funny! The book can be purchased for $12.95.

6. Peeps Recipe and Craft Book


Do you have a lot of peeps but no idea what to do with them? This book will show you multiple ways to enjoy these sugary treats in recipes and crafts. This book retails for $12.95. This would make a great gift idea paired with a few packages of peeps so the person you are gifting has some to work with.

You can find all of these items and a lot more Peep gifts at