Tiny Crochet Animals

Every so often I wonder over to Etsy and spend some time looking around at the beautiful crafts people make. Today I found something I wanted to share. User Su Ami makes tiny crochet animals some of which are very lifelike and some which are very whimsical.

Kiwi with egg – $48


Red Panda – $118


Totoro and friends – $78


Su Ami also makes individual Totoros in many different colors for around $32.

Grey Sloth – $155


Blue whale – $28


Two tiny squirrels – $52


Tiny Sheep – $22


Little Penguin Family (6 penguins included) – $200


Check out Su Ami’s Etsy shop to see all currently available creatures.

I never did learn to crochet but these pieces are a testament to the art and very inspiring. I am sure I will never have enough talent to make something like this, but they sure are cute to admire.

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