New Zootopia Concept Art

Disney is working on a new animated movie called Zootopia which features a city of all different kinds of animals living together. Each part of the city is specific to the varying needs of the different types of animals who call it home. The story will follow a rabbit, Officer Judy Hopps, who joins a police force of larger, stronger animals. To prove herself she teams up with a scam-artist fox to solve a mystery. Zootopia will open in theaters March 4, 2016.

Here is concept art featuring the fox Nick Wilde:
ZOOTOPIA (Working Title)

And here is art of the city:

I am excited to see more actual art as the movies gets closer to release!


Tiger Cake

Avalon Cakes posted a blog about this amazing tiger cake a while ago and I wanted to share it with you.


Such amazing details! It manages to be cute, furry, and fierce all at the same time. The cake is edible, and it contained around 30 servings.

Avalon Cakes posted pictures of the cake through the process of making it.

Here it is after the details have been sculpted into and out of the fondant, which provide the 3D fur effect and lifelike eyes:

Then the stripes were added with a dry dusting technique:

After that the orange fur color was added along with all the rest of the details in the face and eyes:

Truly a work of art, this cake is simply fantastic! If you ever need a realistic, beautiful, or whimsical cake in the areas around Denver Colorado, contact Avalon Cakes!

– Fizz

*All photos from Avalon Cakes*

2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

The competition honors nature photographers from around the world and is hosted by the British Natural History Museum and the BBC. Professional, amateur, and young photographers can enter their photographs.

The overall winner (and winner of the black and white category) is a shot of lions and their cubs, “The Last Great Photograph,” by American Michael Nichols:

Michael Nichols is an award winning photographer who works as an editor for National Geographic, you can read more about him here.

The winner in the mammal category is “The Mouse, The Moon, and The Mosquito” by Alex Badyaev:
A beautiful shot with the play of light and shadow on such small subjects.

The winner of the birds category is “Herons in Time and Space” by Bence Mate:
Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 2.19.21 PM
The photographer went to great lengths to get an amazing shot of these grey herons in Hungary. He used two timing devices for his camera, one to move the focus and one to adjust aperture. It took 74 nights before the conditions were right to get a photograph of both the herons and the stars in the sky.

The winner of the world in our hands category is “The Price They Pay” by Bruno D’Amicis:
Selling fennec foxes is illegal in Tunisa but it is still widespread. In the above photograph a teenager offers this young fenec fox for sale after it was recently dug out of its den in the desert. Issues like this are important to understand when considering the obstacles many endangered species face from humans.

You can see more winners here, and all of the entries at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year website. Below are some more images that I wanted to share from the competition.

A finalist in the mammals category, “Intimacy,” by Michael Nichols.
Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 2.15.09 PM

A finalist in the birds category is “touche” by Jan van der Greef:
The hummingbird with the long beak is called a sword-billed hummingbird. It is the only bird with a bill longer than its body.

A finalist in the 11 – 14 year old competition title “Owlets United” by Sitara Karthikeyan:
Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 2.36.10 PM

A finalist in the 15 – 17 year old competition titled “Snowbird” by Edwin Sahlin:

Here are a couple of the People’s Choice Award finalists which is a new special award:
“Feel Safe” by Juan Carlos Mimo Perez
Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 2.29.11 PM

“Red Deer and Cranes” by Marek Kosinski
Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 2.30.02 PM


If you like these photos I highly suggest you check out the rest of the finalists and winners at the Natural History Museum’s website.


Winnie the Pooh Exhibition

Walt Disney Archives has an international traveling exhibit that is touring around Japan featuring Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is incredibly popular in American and Japan. The original books were translated in Japanese and the Disney movies released in theaters to much popularity.

The human loves Pooh bear and has high hopes that this exhibit, or one similar, will come to the US some day. If you live in or can visit Japan you might be lucky enough to see this one as is, and if not D23 did a nice write up where you can see more pictures here.


The exhibit features items from the Disney archives like animation cells, movie posters, maquettes, books, and toys. The goal is simply to celebrate the art, history, and legacy of Winnie the Pooh.

Here is the entry way:

Some of the items on display:

Books in Japanese:



The Winnie the Pooh Exhibition opened in August in Tokyo, and has moved to Mitsukoshi department store in Fukuoka. The exhibit will continue traveling to different parts of Japan for the rest of the year and on into 2015.

Pooh bear is clearly a very popular and well loved bear. Don’t miss this chance to learn more and see items not usually available to the public if you are near the exhibit as it moves around Japan!

-Cola and Fizz

Don’t forget to see these photos and more on

New Disney Short: Feast


The short Feast will play before Disney’s next animated feature Big Hero 6, which comes to theaters November 7.

feast-bowlFeast is another example of Disney pushing the boundaries between 2D and 3D animation. It will focus on the importance of food, but from a dog’s point of view. That dog is Winston and he has a great life with his owner James. Winston gets lots of yummy food until a girlfriend comes between them and thus conflict. How will it all turn out for Winston?


The human is looking forward to seeing Feast before Big Hero 6 soon!

– Fizz



Easter Nail Art

Nail art is all the rage these days! Well, at least if you have been following that trend on the internet. Some of the designs that people come up with are very intricate and require advanced skills. Don’t know anyone that skilled at painting both hands, (maybe most don’t or have someone to help paint the other hand?) so here are some cute beginner designs for Easter/Spring. Good luck!

A couple tips:
1. Make sure your base layer(s) are dry before adding details.
2. Use dotting tools, nail art pens, or thin detail brushes to add details. Some people create designs with brushes and acrylic paint instead of nail polish.
3. Depending on design you may have to let some portions dry before moving on to make sure you don’t smear or rub off tiny details.
4. Always apply a top coat to protect your design!

Bunny Designs

Chocolate Bunny or a bunny from the back:
Chocolate Bunny Nail Art sideview for blog

The Ten Colorful Nails blog even added a tutorial image on how to paint this bunny:
Chocolate Easter Bunny Nail Art tutorial
(Ten Colorful Nails)

Bunny Faces:
These are cute and easy, look great in multiple colors, and have very simple eyes and ears.

Here is a tutorial on this kind of face:

Another similar bunny face with larger ears:

Chick Designs

How to paint your entire nail as a chick:
This is pretty simple! Nail all one color, then you just have to paint on the eyes, beak, and feet.

Here is a video from MissJJan showing this process and how to make Easter eggs:

Chick with egg shell:
This adds another layer to the design, a bit more intricate and interesting. It would be cute to have a mix of chicks – two shells, one shell half, no shell at all.

I think this is a great example of how to paint a sheep on your nail, something a little different but still very related to Easter!

Of course, for those who can have more advanced bunny painting skills:
bunny hand holographic nail art 2

Just look at that bunny!
bunny thumb nail art
(Kawaii Nail Art)

Hope you guys give it a try, I know my human is going to. Silly though, because everyone knows that guinea pigs are far superior to rabbits!
– Fizz

The Butter End Cakery

I recently saw a few of the The Butter End Cakery’s creations and wanted to feature the business in a post!

The Butter End creates amazing unique cakes and chocolate sculptures (plus a lot more)! You may have heard of this bakery before, they have done a couple high profile cakes for celebrities. The company specializes in high end cakes and desserts, using only the finest ingredients like cage free eggs and real vanilla bean extract. Cake flavors range from Vanilla to Blueberry Walnut, and some can even come gluten free or vegan. Custom cake prices start at $250 and sculpted cakes start at $500. They are located in Santa Monica CA, if you are in the area and are in need of cake or dessert for a special occasion check them out.

Little dragon birthday cake:

A pug gets a chance to help celebrate:
Such a neat way to include your dog! This is funny and minimal. You can have an elegant cake that does not only feature your dog, but still includes them for your special day!

Chocolate Mammoth sculpture:

Here is the full sculpture, not necessarily cute but definitely amazing:

Another chocolate sculpture of dinosaurs:
(all above pictures from thebutterend on Instagram)

Kermit the Frog:
(The Butter End)
This is a groom’s cake and the body is all edible cake.

Baby elephant shower cake:
(The Butter End)
The little elephant looks like a real stuffed animal!

White dragon wedding cake:
(The Butter End)
This beautiful white dragon is made of 9 and a half pounds of white modeling chocolate! Even the lace wings are edible. This cake is so elegant and charming even with it being a dragon on a wedding cake! You can see a video of the cakes creation here.

A little different angle, with different lighting:
You can see all the little details in the scales and face.

To learn ever more The Butter End Cakery, or to inquire about getting a cake, please see their website here.

Animals Made Of Fruits and Vegetables

Have you ever tried to get crafty with your food? Cake and chocolate are one popular medium, but there is another level of difficulty with fruits and veggies that are soft or difficult to carve, change color when exposed to air for too long, or vary widely in color throughout. I would love to try making animals for parties or to get kids interested in eating more fruit and veggies.

Some of the images I found are more simple, while others are true works of art.

Cucumber Orca Whale

I like the use of the shape of the veggie and how it looks as if it is coming out of water. The fins as pieces of skin carved off but still attached to the main cucumber. Wonderful and impressive!

Eggplant Penguins
I like that with just a little bit of cutting and slicing (and some eyes) these eggplants are made to look like penguins. Again, the fins made from the skin itself is genius.

Poodle made of broccoli
An innovative use of broccoli! I like this dog for the nature of the piece – its simplicity and look. I think it is just one head for the body and legs, with a piece which was cut off placed as the dog’s head.

Watermelon Pig
(watermelon carving)
I like this one for its simplicity, you can easily recreate this for your next party. If you would like the list of basic supplies and directions see Watermelon Carvings.

Watermelon Dragon – admittedly not the cutest animal, but this piece is incredible art! I would not imagine how you make something like this.

Birds of Fruit:

I found quite a few birds made out of various fruit, they seem to be a very popular subject.

An owl made of pineapple, melon, orange peel feet, and a few other veggies. It was created to be a display for a cruise ship.
(Ruby Princess Cruise ship)

Apple Duck
(apple duck)

This duck is amazing for its simplicity in lines and the few elements that it needs to convey what it is. I think with enough effort I might be able to make one of these. I would simply eat all my failures!

Apple Swan

Okay, these swans add a new layer of complexity to the idea of an apple bird. With many more layers in their wings and tails I do not think that I could make one.

Kiwi Duck

Yep, I would not be able to make something this beautiful out of a kiwi! I would end up with kiwi goo because they are too soft and small.

Bird in Egg

This cantaloupe, orange, and carrot (?) hatching bird is very cute! I love the feet sticking out, a very nice touch. I just wonder why they did not scoop the seeds out of the melon first? Maybe it acted as “glue” to hold the egg top on the orange head?

Orange birds sitting on pineapple trees

These are fun display pieces. I like them, and I think kids would too.

(AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)
This masterwork was created at a German event in 2011 at the European Vegetable Carving Championships by Vadim Nefedov. This takes the idea of carved birds to a whole different level! So much detail with all the feathers, out stretched wings, and thin legs.

(Xinhua/Wu Ching-teng)

I have no idea what these bunnies are made out of, but the simplicity makes them so cute! They were created for a fruit carving contest in Taiwan. I really like that they have little white puff tails.

Panda Family
(Xinhua/Wu Ching-teng)

This is another piece from the fruit carving contest in Taiwan. The pandas are very impressive. I have no idea what kind of food was used in their construction.


I love this lion! It looks like a whole squash for its body, banana peel legs/tail, melon head, and maybe a bean sprout mane. A very good use of multiple types of veggies and fruit to get different textures.

Frogs –
(AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)

These two are made from cucumbers and carrots, whimsical and creative!

(A. Shaikmohideen)
Made out of bitter gourds at vegetable and fruit expo in Courtallam. I do not think I have ever seen this kind of gourd before, but it makes the perfect skin texture.

Two dogs and a crocodile

I do not know where this picture originated, I found it linked from a number of places without any identifying information. The veggie dogs are adorable! I think the crocodile might have been made out of the same gourds as the above one?

Have you ever made animal art out of veggies or fruit?

–Fizz Pig

Guinea Pig Portrait

What is believed to be the oldest portrait of a guinea pig in English art has been discovered! Previously in a private collection, it will soon be on display to the public for a short time.

Portrait of three Elizabethan children, including possibly the first portrait of a guinea pig
(photo credit:  Jonathan Farmer/National Portrait Gallery)

The painting is simply titled Three Unknown Elizabethan Children and is from 1580 by an unknown Anglo-Netherlands (probably Flemish or Dutch) artist. The painting features three children, all very well dressed. The boy in front is thought to be 6, the girl 7, and the boy in the back 5 years old. The girl holds the guinea pig while the boy behind her holds what appears to be a finch. Guinea pigs were introduced to Europe by Spanish traders. Once prized meat in their native home, they became popular exotic pets among wealthy Europeans.

I do not know how much more their is the painting as all photos of it show only this much. It is very exciting to think that guinea pigs have been such beloved pets that they would make it into a portrait!

The painting will be on display in London at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the exhibition Elizabeth I and Her People running from October 10 to January 5, 2014.  The exhibit will include other portraits, paintings, and over 100 objects (like costumes and coins).

I would encourage anyone in the area to check out the Gallery and this exhibit. I love history and this would be amazing if I could get to it!

Story originally from the BBC.

Unicorn Cake

I have seen some beautiful cakes, but the level of detail on this rainbow unicorn cake is almost unbelievable!




I wish I knew who the baker was, and what they used to make the main, tail, feathers. If someone make this cake for me I would not want to eat it because it looks so awesome.