People can create amazing pictures on Photoshop by combining different animal pictures together. The article I found on Petapixel describes these creations as Chimeras. A Chimera originally referred to the mythological Greek animal combination of a lion, goat and snake (usually portrayed as a lion with goat head on its back and a snake tail). Now the term Chimera can be used to refer to any imaginary creature created using two or more animal pictures.

Here is an example of the original Chimera:

Bronze Chimera of Arezzo, in Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Florence.


Here are some examples of modern Photoshopped Chimeras:

Guinea Pig + Horse


Whale + Penguin


Duck + Horse


Guinea Pig + Lion


All of these photos are examples are from Petapixel. Click the link to see more photos and read a short tutorial about the process if you want to create your own Chimeras.

I really want to start looking for appropriately colored and posed animal photos to try and create my own examples!

Plastic Art

I wanted to showcase artist Sayaka Ganz who creates beautiful works of art out of old plastic items. She has a beautiful philosophy behind her work which can be found in full (and far better than I can articulate) on her website: Artist Statement.

I find it inspiring and fascinating that these once discarded and unwanted plastic objects take on a second and more organic life through her art. The little bits give the final pieces unique details that make observing the art even more captivating.

Below are some pieces which I love, clicking on the title of each will take you to the artist’s website with more pictures that display their true beauty.

Uta – whale




Wayne – eagle


Light – horse



Fortune – dragon



Walker – dog



Ambush – tiger



Ganz also has many wonderful pieces made out of scarp metal, here is my favorite Homer.



All of these photos are from the artist’s website where you can examine more of her work.


Tiny Crochet Animals

Every so often I wonder over to Etsy and spend some time looking around at the beautiful crafts people make. Today I found something I wanted to share. User Su Ami makes tiny crochet animals some of which are very lifelike and some which are very whimsical.

Kiwi with egg – $48


Red Panda – $118


Totoro and friends – $78


Su Ami also makes individual Totoros in many different colors for around $32.

Grey Sloth – $155


Blue whale – $28


Two tiny squirrels – $52


Tiny Sheep – $22


Little Penguin Family (6 penguins included) – $200


Check out Su Ami’s Etsy shop to see all currently available creatures.

I never did learn to crochet but these pieces are a testament to the art and very inspiring. I am sure I will never have enough talent to make something like this, but they sure are cute to admire.

Olympics 2012

Today the Olympics begins in full with the opening ceremonies! It will air here in just a few minutes, and I am super excited!

Here is a recent photo of the countdown clock:

(image from

This year’s games have inspired another set of Guinea Pig Olympics pictures! There are 12, which are featured in a 2013 calander that is available for purchase from Maverick Arts Club. The art is so realistic because real guineas were used as models for the art.

Here are pictures, not in calendar order:

1. Hurdle Jumping

(Maverick Arts Club – found at

2. Swimming

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

3. Javelin

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

4. Cycling

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

5. Rhythmic Gymnastics

(Maverick Arts Club – found at

6. Relay Race

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

7. Diving

(Maverick Arts Club – found at

8. Marathon

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

9. Show Jumping

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

10. Rowing

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

11. Sailing

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

12. Basketball

(Maverick Arts Club/Rex Features – found at

Here is a video compilation put together by Guinea Pigs Today:

I love these images, they make me laugh because I know that my guinea pigs would have nothing to do with these games!

I feel it would be much more like this:

This wonderful drawing is called Guinea Pig Race, by Risachantag on Deviantart. You can buy prints of this cute (and more realistic) picture here.

Cake Toppers

It seems that custom cake toppers are all the rage these days, and there are no shortage of incredibly cute ideas/options out there if that is what you are interested in!

Here are some of the favorites that I found for wedding cakes:

Penguin couple

Picture from Latin Weddings

Owl Couple

Picture from Thoroughly Modern Meg

Cute Birds

Picture from Two Fools in Love

Llama Couple from Garden4arts on Etsy for $85

I found an amazing seller on Etsy that makes the most adorable animal shapped cake toppers. They are avialbe in a range of prices from  seller kikuike:

shiba Inu Couple –  $120

Puppy Couple –  $80

Rabbit Couple –  $130

Orca Whale Couple –  $80

Miscellaneous Occassions:

Set of 5 safari animals from Etsy seller LCcakes

Baby Girraffe  – $16 from eyecandysugar on Etsy

Monkey Figure – $20 from jc2177 on Etsy


Animal Puppets

I posted an entry a long time ago about the play War Horse, which features amazing, life sized and life-like horse puppets. This makers of the puppets, Handspring Puppet Company, featured their abilities to make life like puppets at the TED conference this year. I have included an explanation of TED below the content of this story.

War Horse horse puppets

Here is the video from TED featuring and explaining their awesome animal puppets, it is however 18 minutes long:

I would suggest that you watch the whole thing because how they make and move the puppets is truly amazing, but if you do not have that kind of time below are two shorter videos showing what the company can do.

A quicker demonstration of the horse puppet (only 2:48):

Demonstration of working a giraffe puppet:

Here is the full puppet:


What is TED? It is a nonprofit organization which conducts an annual conference where the ideas currently at work and those of the future can be presented to investors and the public. These ideas cover all areas, from art to technology and beyond, and are meant to try and make the world a better place. The presentations are all available on their website My husband introduced me to the TED conference this year after going to watch some of the presentations from the live webstream of the conference. I decided to post this because something that I was interested in the past actually came up at TED, and I encourage you to check out their website for ideas

Pictures from Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Here are some official pictures from the new Pooh Bear Movie!

Christopher Robin

Cast of Characters Walking Together

Christopher Robin Talking to Owl, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Piglet, and Pooh

Eeyore Trying Out a New Tail

Owl Talking to Pooh and Eeyore

My previous post today contains the movie trailer if you have not yet gotten to see it.