Smart Collar for Dogs

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, presents all sorts of new technology gadgets to the world like new tvs,  self driving cars, and devices that can turn the camera on your phone into an instant camera. This year your dog is not left out of the fun! Motorola showed off a new smart collar, a dog wearable device that allows you to track your dog’s location, exercise, and even talk to them.


The collar comes in two sizes, the larger version is called the Scout 5000 and will retail for $199. The device features a GPS to see where your dog is, a 720p video camera which sends the video of what your pet is seeing to your smart phone, and WiFi connectivity to enable all this and more. There is a built in speaker which allows you to speak to your dog, essentially to issue verbal commands like stop or come or maybe to just sooth your pet. The collar can tell if your dog is barking too much/frequently. It can also be used like an invisible fence, setting up a boundary so the collar emits a high pitch noise when the dog attempts to leave the area.  Finally, the device tracks your dog’s movement and weight for you to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise.

Rose Gold Scout 5000

The device seems well built, but looks a little too large on your dog’s neck. It can withstand water, chewing, and your dog’s attempts to use his paws to get if off. It comes in multiple color choices.

You will need to get the Hubble app to interface with the collar’s video features, which also requires a service plan. A one year 3G plan is included with the collar when first purchased, but that cost needs to be considered when using the collar for more than one year.

Orange Scout 5000

The 5000 is too large and cumbersome for smaller dogs, so Motorola also has the Scout 2500 which is made to fit smaller necks. The 2500’s size does not allow for a camera but it will still do everything else. This version only costs $99.

Orange Scout 2500

So, does your dog need a wearable device too? I can see the appeal for dogs who are escape artists, or who are left alone for long periods of time. However, at this price point (especially with a service plan) and with such a bulky design there might be other video or monitoring devices that better suit your needs. It would be mildly interesting to see the world as your dog sees it, to see what your dog is up to while you are away, or to know if your dog is barking too much while you are at work. Or if your dog is super active to see exactly how that affects them, or what activities they get the most exercise out of. I guess that is also useful if you have a dog you are trying to make lose weight. I was also unable to find out how the device is charged or how long the batteries last, both important points to consider if you really do want this device to help find a pet that has wandered from home.


A dog’s life: “Smart collar” helps you keep tabs on Fido via video
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11 Animals to Follow on Instagram

Does anyone use Instagram?

If you have yet to experience Instagram, is it is an app (which also has a website) dedicated to photo and short video sharing designed with its own social network. You create an account and upload photos you have taken, or take using the app, which you can add filters and effects to then post on your wall on Instagram.  Video was newly added this year and can only last for 15 seconds. You can also share your photos and videos with the other various social networks out there.

I started using the app once it came to Android and while I enjoy following my friends, there is a limit to the pictures of food and such that I can stand. But thankfully, there are also users who dedicate their feed to posting cute animal photos!

I thought I would share some of the accounts I follow, all of which are dedicated to sharing animal photography.

1. @Puppypalace

Puppypalace shares only dog and puppy photos. They share photos they find, those users suggest, and those which users tag to submit. I love this one because you never know what type of dog will be featured.

Todays picture:

2. @darcytheflyinghedgehog

Do you love hedgehogs? Or at least a tiny cute animal doing cute things? Hedgehogs might not be truly fuzzy, but they do have a way of making me smile. If you want to check out photos of this little guy just being a hedgehog and posting with tiny items you should follow this user!


Other hedgehogs to follow: @biddythehedgehog and @buckley_thehedgehog

3. @guineapigs_ruffles_malone

We might be a bit biased here at Fuzzy Today (we are guinea pigs after all!), but you should check out these two guinea pigs if you find them cute! Ruffles and Malone are both male Abyssinian guinea pigs who take adorable pictures. We highly suggest you check them out!

Another guinea pig to follow: @chloecavy

4. @corgnelius

Corgis are fun to begin with, with their long bodies and short legs! If you follow @cornelius you will get photo updates of two pembroke welsh corgis Corgnelius and Stumphrey. They have a fabulous life and I think their exploits will make you smile!

5. @jermzlee

Pugs are another breed of dog which people find irresitably cute. Check out this user to see photos of Norm the pug, who is willing to put up with a lot for the sake of a cute photo. Maybe he enjoys his stardom? Norm’s owner is great with photo composition and color, so be sure to check out all his old photos as well. I love the pictures that feature his paws with something else!


Example of a paw photo:

6. @its_a_silkie_world

Are dogs not quite your thing? What about fluffy feathered chickens and their barn yard freinds? This user is right for you if want a change of pace from dogs in costumes and the like. You can follow PomPom, Charcoal, Flurry, Yeti, Smudge, and Swiffer who are all silkie chickens. I cannot be the only one who loves fluffy chickens can I?

7. @bunnymama

Bunnies are small, fuzzy, and cute! Check out this user to follow Eddy and Rambo. The pair demonstrates proper bunny ownership along with a call to adopt bunnies who need a home rather than buying them from pet stores.

8. @marutaro

Maru is a Shiba Inu with a flare for looking adorable on camera! I love Shiba Inus to begin with, so these pictures are something I really enjoy. Check out Maru’s exploits for yourself!


Another shiba inu to follow (who wears human clothes) is @mensweardog.

9. @chintubehd

Chinchillas are so cute and fluffy! What is even more cute? A baby chinchilla of course! Look through all of these pictures to see adult and baby chinchillas for your daily dose of cute.

10. @trufflesthehamster

Truffles the hamster is an adorable tiny ball of fluff, who has a perpetually bad hair day. I love that hamsters can run around in their little plastic exercise balls.


11. @dog_dada

This page is dedicated to photos of this adorable little dog. I think he might be a chihuahua. He has adorable eyes that just suck you in.


Some of these are animals I was following, some I found on a  list Mashable created of 75 different animals that you can follow on Instagram. If you are looking for any animal in particular check out their list to see if there are any animals you want to follow!

I encourage you to check out Instagram. Do you think we should start an Instagram for our guinea pig staff members?

– Fizz Pig

Giant Panda Cams are Back!

The giant panda cams at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo went down for maintenance but are now back in full HD, with uninterrupted video! You can currently watch on their website at AnimalCams on your computer, tablet, or phone.

The female panda Mei Xiang might be pregnant, but since cubs are born so small it is impossible to tell on ultrasound until the final weeks of gestation – you can follow cub updates on twitter at #CubWatch.

(source: Panda Updates)

You can see the video of Mei’s latest ultrasound, which she voluntarily participates in when she wants (she gets treats for it of course). Even though it is too early to see if she is having a cub the training involved in making such a medical procedure happen is quite interesting:

Again, you can watch all the adorable panda action on the Smithsonian’s website at AnimalCams.

Finding Rover

Finding Rover is a free app available to help you out should you ever lose your dog. The goal is to unite more pets with their owners – millions of pets are lost and only a small percent are ever found.

Finding Rover offers facial recognition features for pictures of dogs – similar to those for human faces on platforms like Facebook – in order to match up a dog with their owner.  It depends on a lot of people having the app so that owners enter their pet’s photo and that people who find lost dogs take photos of those dogs so the app has information to check. The app even helps you to take a photo of the dog by making a barking noise to make the dog look at your phone while you take a photo.


If you find a lost dog? Take a photograph and the app will search its database of owners. If a match is found you will be notified of a match and can contact the dog’s owner through the app or by phone. Dog and owner can be reunited!

If you lost your dog? First, you can be proactive by downloading this app before your pet is gone, take a picture of your pet, and enter your information to create a profile so the information is in the database if ever needed. Second,what if you lost your pet but did not have the app before? You can upload a picture you took of your dog and your information even now, the app will be able to help. Either way, once you alert the app your pet is gone the app searches all uploaded photographs of dogs found to see if any match your pet. If a match is made you will be able to contact the person who found your pet through the app.


How can we all help? If you ever see a dog you think is lost, take a picture to at least do a search and see if a match is found. Even if no match is found the photo could be useful and will be there in case the owner does not yet know about their missing pet or the app. You can also spread the word about this app to all of your friends who have dogs. The more people using the app the more useful it will be!

The official website for the application is at The app is now available on iPhone on their app store. An Android version is coming soon. You can sign up on the official website for an email notification so you can know when the Android version is up.

Of course, you should always have dog tags and a microchip for your pet, but this app can offer even more help to locate your animal.

Here is another news story about the app: lazytechguys