Kawaii Corner

I was in San Francisco for a conference when I happened to walk past a little store called Kawaii Corner.  I could not pass up taking a look at their selection of cute merchandise. They have a website ( kawaiicorner.com) where you can see some of the amazing items they have for sale.

I made a couple perchases:

1. Hamster Popo –

The tag listed a website, but it seems to no longer be in existance. Should I find out more about this adorable hamster I will let you all know.

2. A set of the iwako animal erasers which I previosly posted about:

The little sun next to the erasers was my free gift from a capsule machine. It was a little Pooh Bear peek-a-pooh which has a string on it so you can hang it from bags or cellphones (etc.).  To my surprise as I read the paper about it the little pooh bear actually comes out of its costume!

So cute!

Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Corner

  1. Will

    You are so lucky to get one of those hamster popos! I cant find them anywhere. I really want to buy one for a girl I like. We saw them one day and she really wanted it, but we didnt end up buying it. If you can tell me where to find one I would greatly appreciate it. The website you provided doesnt sell them anymore 🙁

    • puppybunnyguineapretty

      I think your best bet will be checking ebay to see if someone puts one up for sale, if you are unable to get back to the store you saw it at. I do not think they are not still producing them.

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