Kawaii Corner

I was in San Francisco for a conference when I happened to walk past a little store called Kawaii Corner.  I could not pass up taking a look at their selection of cute merchandise. They have a website ( kawaiicorner.com) where you can see some of the amazing items they have for sale.

I made a couple perchases:

1. Hamster Popo –

The tag listed a website, but it seems to no longer be in existance. Should I find out more about this adorable hamster I will let you all know.

2. A set of the iwako animal erasers which I previosly posted about:

The little sun next to the erasers was my free gift from a capsule machine. It was a little Pooh Bear peek-a-pooh which has a string on it so you can hang it from bags or cellphones (etc.).  To my surprise as I read the paper about it the little pooh bear actually comes out of its costume!

So cute!

Bye for now!

Cute Erasers

When I was younger I collected erasers, some cute and others just because they were erasers. The Japanese make some incredibly cute things and here are some adorable erasers!

From Iwako:

1. Animals

2. Sea Animals

3.  Japanese Snacks

4. 4 piece animal set:

The above erasers have links where you can purchase them, but here are some more pictures of the various erasers the company has and currently does have:

Other Erasers:
Cute Baby Animal Set

To learn more more about these erasers, and see many more pictures visit iwakousa.com.