Puppy Conan

Conan O’Brien once again had the segment Puppy Conan on last night’s show in honor of the Puppy Bowl.


The tiny replica set was wheeled out and Golden Retriever puppies played the roles of Conan, Andy, La Bamba, Ke$ha, and a set of sleepy puppy network executives.

Puppy Conan with wig and tie:


Puppy Andy was a bit squirmy so this is the best screen shot I got of him with Puppy Conan:


Puppy La Bamba with hat and tiny trombone (he did not like the hat and got it off later on):


Puppy Ke$ha hated her wig, and was wondering around trying to get it off, but she had a shirt on and lots of glitter upon her entrance to the set:


Puppy network executives who were very sleepy up in their box:


Close up:


Here is Conan holding Puppy Conan:


You can see the video of the segment on teamcoco.com.

Hamster Conan

Conan O’Brien has been doing a segment called Puppy Conan on his show. On the last night that he featured the segment he also featured Hamster Conan for the first time. Just like with Puppy Conan, the hamsters had their own logo and an even smaller version of the show’s set. They were even wearing tiny wigs.


Conan hamster:

Here is the Clip of the show first showing the Puppy Conan segment, followed by Hamster Conan.

And merchandise is now available for Puppy Conan in the Team Coco store at cafepress!

The merchandise has many shirts to choose from in different cuts and colors for men and women. Here is an example:

You can also get baby items, bags, hats, and even a shirt for a dog:

Or if you were more a fan of when Conan used an owl for marketing this women’s shirt is available for $25 at the shop on Teamcoco.com:

Puppy Conan

Conan O’Brien unveiled Puppy Conan on his show on Wednesday night in response to the Puppy Bowl.

He had a mini set made up that looks just like his regular set, with puppies dressed up in tiny wigs and a bit of clothing to look like Andy and Conan.

Close up of puppy Conan:

The puppies seemed a bit sad and unappreciative of their attire, so Conan and Andy went to join their puppy counterparts and give them some love. The little chihuahua in front is the puppy show guest, puppy Justin Bieber.

Conan with puppy conan

You can watch the part of the show featuring the puppies here:

Thank you Team Coco for incorporating cute puppies!

You can see more Conan at Teamcoco.com.

Live Non-Denominational Xmas Critters

Conan O’Brien’s website is doing a livestream of different animals to celebrate the Christmas season. It is called the Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters. The cam features cute animals placed into some sort of environment (perfectly safe and either cute or funny, with toys and food for the animals). They have had animals on the cam since the 19th, and will have one more day tomorrow. So far the cam featured kittens on a plane on the 19th and tea cup piggies with a dinning room on the 20th.

Here is how the website describes the event: “From Monday 12/19 through Thursday 12/22, Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters will be counting down the holidays with crazy cute animals in a new scene new every day. We’ll be broadcasting for eight hours a day, from 10am PST til 6pm PST, so grab the egg nog and tune in.”

Today’s animal? Bunnies! They are on a battle field to replicate the Siege of Bastogne – a siege during WWII which took place Dec 20 – 27 1944.

Click here to tune in and watch the bunnies until 6pm PST.

Thank you Team Coco for the cute holiday animals! Visit Teamcoco.com for other info about Conan or the Xmas Critters.

Mine That Bird!

The whole Conan and Jay Leno fiasco has been ridiculous and all over the news. For the record, I stand by Conan. I simply do not find Leno funny and he willing gave up the 11:30 Tonight Show to Conan. I also do not think it was fair for the network to want to leave Conan with the Tonight Show, but have it after Leno’s show. That would have left Conan in the same position he was in before Leno ever gave him the Tonight Show, and that is unfair. Plus, how could a show be called the “Tonight Show” if it is on after midnight?

Anyways, now that Conan is leaving the Tonight Show, he has decided to “waste” NBC’s money in his last few shows by introducing new comedy bits that are not really funny but simply extremely expensive. He probably did not spend all the money he claims on the items, but to think he did is funny.

The first night he introduced a new character he featured one of the world’s most expensive cars, the Bugatti Veyron, dressed as a mouse while playing expensively licensed music. Total cost: $1.5 million:

The second bit he did featured the race horse Mine that Bird, dressed in a mink Snuggie, and watching restricted NFL footage. Total price tag: $4.8 million:

The horse on the show was probably not the real race horse. Mine That Bird is a Canadian race horse, 15 hands tall, and is one of only 8 geldings to win the Kentucky Derby.

Here are some pictures of Mine That Bird: