Baby Owl Learning to Fly

So our human says we need to get serious about this whole blog thing, but guinea pigs are not really serious creatures. She keeps feeding us all these topics, but we just want treats. Hopefully we will work this out in the near future and post more often – with treats.

For the moment, have a baby owl trying to fly:

So close but so far! One day those wings will work just right.

And for a bonus, here are a couple more fuzzy baby owls:

Because really, fuzzy owl chicks can make a lot of people smile.

– Cola and Fizz

The Owl Box

Mashable alerted me to another cute channel to watch on Ustream, Theowlbox!

Here she is with her new little chick:

You can watch Molly the Owl sit on her eggs and watch them hatch. The camera is on both day and night, and she has many loyal followers. The first owlet was born, and called Max.

So tune in to see more owl cuteness at Theowlbox!