Hamster Conan

Conan O’Brien has been doing a segment called Puppy Conan on his show. On the last night that he featured the segment he also featured Hamster Conan for the first time. Just like with Puppy Conan, the hamsters had their own logo and an even smaller version of the show’s set. They were even wearing tiny wigs.


Conan hamster:

Here is the Clip of the show first showing the Puppy Conan segment, followed by Hamster Conan.

And merchandise is now available for Puppy Conan in the Team Coco store at cafepress!

The merchandise has many shirts to choose from in different cuts and colors for men and women. Here is an example:

You can also get baby items, bags, hats, and even a shirt for a dog:

Or if you were more a fan of when Conan used an owl for marketing this women’s shirt is available for $25 at the shop on Teamcoco.com:


Does your dog have to spend a lot of time at home alone? What I never thought could exist  now does, a tv channel dedicated to your dog – for your dog called DOGTV. The channel is not for people, it is literally designed for your dog to watch.

Currently DOGTV is only available in San Diego, but a nation wide release is in the works. It is a pay channel, and it will cost about $4.99 a month.

The cable channel is on air 24/7, and is designed to “stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs with shows that expose them to various movements, sounds, objects, experiences and behavior patterns, all from a dog’s point of view.” The company’s website says dogs left alone can develop separation anxiety, boredom, or depression and this is a tool that can help prevent these problems.

Here is a commercial for the product:

The channel’s programming was scientifically developed to capture a dogs attention by a team of people including media professionals, pet experts, and trainers. The content has different segments which can be relaxing or stimulating.  Sounds are designed to be relaxing and at a range safe for dog ears. The channel is meant for all breeds. It is recommended that you watch the channel with your dog the first time just to get them used to it. DOGTV is recognized by the Humane Society of the United States.

Here is a video of the coloration process that programing goes through:

Here is a sample of a stimulation segment from DOGTV:

If you would like to learn more about the channel, how it works, and watch more segments please visit dogtv.com.

Puppy Conan

Conan O’Brien unveiled Puppy Conan on his show on Wednesday night in response to the Puppy Bowl.

He had a mini set made up that looks just like his regular set, with puppies dressed up in tiny wigs and a bit of clothing to look like Andy and Conan.

Close up of puppy Conan:

The puppies seemed a bit sad and unappreciative of their attire, so Conan and Andy went to join their puppy counterparts and give them some love. The little chihuahua in front is the puppy show guest, puppy Justin Bieber.

Conan with puppy conan

You can watch the part of the show featuring the puppies here:

Thank you Team Coco for incorporating cute puppies!

You can see more Conan at Teamcoco.com.


Have you ever watched the show Wishbone? I loved this show as a kid and it enhanced my love of reading.

Wishbone, which aired on PBS from 1995 – 1998 with reruns until 2001, featured a Jack Russel terrier named Wishbone. As IMDB explains – “An intelligent and witty dog imagines himself in the role of characters from classic books and gets involved in similar real-life adventures.” Each episode featured a different classic book, in which Wishbone plays the main character, and the story plays out along with the day in the life of the dog with his owners. The classic story helping Wishbone to explain or teach something happening in his real life. The book story is shortened and simplified, but it does not take anything away from the book and served to show that these stories can be interesting and relevant to kids.

Here are some pictures of Wishbone dressed up in costume for various roles:

There are 48 episodes listed on Wikipedia for the show, where you can see all the books featured and whether the episode has ever been released on DVD or VHS.

Currently available on DVD:

Wishbone features 4 episodes of the show The Impawssible Dream, The Hunchdog of Notre Dame, Hot Diggety Dawg, and Paw Prints of Thieves. Currently $8.73 on Amazon. Each of the episodes is also avaiable seperately on its own DVD for around $7, but it is a much better deal to get this dvd.

Other Interesting Items:

The show’s theme song:

About the dogs who played Wishbone –

The animal actor who played Wishbone most of the time was Soccer the dog. He was in almost every episode of the show. Four other dogs also played Wishbone throughout the series:  Slugger, Shiner, Phoebe, and Bear.

Platypus Day

Disney celebrated Platypus Day on March 5th, in celebration of Perry the Platypus and the new season of Phineas and Ferb.

The show logo:

Logo for Platypus Day:

Phineas and Ferb is an amazing animated show on the Disney channel. Phineas and Ferb are two brothers who try to make the most of every day of summer vacation by having ridiculous adventures. Their sister Candice trys unsuccessfully to tell their mom of her brother’s exploits. Perry is their pet platypus who is actually a secret agent. I think that this cartoon is far better than spongebob – if you want something to compare it to.   The show is funny and very entertaining, I suggest checking out a few episodes.

Perry – as a regular Platypus

Perry as a secret agent

Whether or not you enjoy Phineas and Ferb, I think that we should all pay tribute to the amazing Platypus. I mean, what is not cool about a mammal that lays eggs and looks like a cross between a beaver, an otter, and a duck?

Photo from National Geographic

Image from tumblr

Image from Pixdaus