Top 10 Inventive Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly coming, does your dog have a costume yet? That is if they enjoy wearing one, some do and some would rather rip it to pieces.

You can always buy one from the store, but if you are feeling more abitious or plan to enter any contests here are 20 inventive dog costumes which go above and beyond to give you inspiration:

1. Pumpkin

This costume goes well with the dogs natural color and shape. Even if the little pumpkin hat doesn’t sit on straight it still looks adorable.

2. Hawaiian Luau

Grass skirt, flowers, a lei, and a Hawaiian shirt and you have the makings of a great costume! I can see a dog not appreciating the grass skirt so much though, so that would be something to test out before making the commitment to such an idea.

3. Angel
Much Love Animal Rescue Bow Wow Ween - Inside

Have a white dog and no other ideas? Make some wings and maybe a halo to create an instant angel. I like how this one looks like the wings are on a shirt with the extra feathers around the dog’s neck.

4. Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs)
(The Greyest Ghost)

Extra points for the stuffed lambs which really pull this one together. You can have some extra props to go with your dog to make the costume make sense overall. If your dog will tolerate something over their muzzle then you have lots of options for masks.

5. Chomp Chomp

This one is extra cute because it is a child and dog duo, but there are a lot of video game characters which could be easily turned into dog costumes. A chomp chomp is perfect, and they usually come on a leash.

6. UP

This costume is too cute! All those balloons! This is a light weight and easy to pull around costume. It might just get caught up around other dogs if you are taking such a small dog out like this.

7. Facebook

This one is fun and could be used for a variety of social media or other websites.

8. Dragon

This one has a lot of detail and the wings are impressive. I particularly enjoy the dragon mask.

9. Tron

This costume goes above and beyond as t actually lights up! A costume that lights up would be great to have on your dog if they come with you while out trick or treating.

10. Loofah

This is a simple but genius idea! Another example of the costume making the dog, who is little and poofie to begin with. The rubber ducky is nice touch just in case you might not get it.

11. Pinata

Pinatas are light and can be made to just about any shape. Making one into a dog costume is colorful and eye catching.

12. Smurfette

Dyeing a dog’s coat can do wonders for a costume and open up many possibilites. It is easier than ever to find dog safe dye at the store and many dog groomers can do this for you. This is a fun costume that pops.

13. Minion

Another example of dog dyeing. Taking inspiration from popular children’s movies is a great way to assure that your dog is a hit while out trick or treating or when entering a contest.

14. Train

If your dog has a wheel chair then you have even more costume concepts. Just make sure that nothing could interfere with your dog’s range of motion. But I can think of so many fun ideas like famous vehicles, a chariot, or toys like slinky dog and pull ducks.

15. Flying Monkeys

These two already kind of look like monkeys, and these costumes look wonderful on them. The little tails add a lot to the ensemble.

16. Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony is a hot property right now. Rainbow Dash gives a great opportunity to work with multiple dye colors.

17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Do you need an idea for multiple dogs? These pugs are adorable as the Ninja Turtles. Googly eyes are always a plus!

18. Hulk

The Hulk is very appropriate for a dog of this build. Just dye your dog green and make little cut up jean shorts. Great for a dog who won’t wear anything on this face or back.

19. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Have a dog that doesn’t really like to walk around, especially in crowds? Then something like this coffee costume is a great example of how you can hold your dog in something that acts like a large portion of its costume.

20. Toothless

If you have sewing skills the sky is the limit for the full body costumes you can make. Light weight wings and tails on costumes like this create great looks while not being too annoying to your pet.

Good luck with your dog’s costumes!

– Cola

Sevenly: 4 Paws for Ability

Sevenly is once again featuring a service dog charity! Sevenly is an online t-shirt shop (plus other items) which features a different charity every week and $7 from every purchase goes towards that charity. The t-shirts have a design created specifically for the cause of the week.

The charity: 4 Paws for Ability

4 Paws helps train and place service dogs with children with disabilities, and veterans, who need these animals to help them. They also help educate the public about service dogs.

Here is a video about a child with seizures who has benefited from having his own service dog:

Dogs can smell a chemical change in the human body just before and during a seizure. More than this they provide a companion and a sense of support.

Here are the shirt designs you can purchase this week to help the cause:

Classy Dog

This style is available in women’s styles: flowy V neck $24, flowy racerback tank $28, basic tee $24, flowy long sleeve $36, and flowy raglan $28.

It is also available for men as a basic tee $24, V neck $24, and baseball Tee $32.



This design is available in women’s styles: flowy racerback tank $28, flowy long sleeve $36, flowy raglan $28, flowy V neck $24, short sleeve tee $24, and as a racerback tank $28.

Men’s styles include a basic tee for $24 and a V neck for $24.

Love is Loyal

This design is also available in different styles, which you can search for on the site, but here is the link to the women’s flowy raglan.

You can always just donate money to the cause itself, but this way you can get a t-shirt to advertise the cause as well.

– Fizz

Australian Pygmy Possum

Happy Friday! What better on a day like today than an cute and tiny animal?


Just look at those paws! Love the long toes!

This is an Australian western pygmy possum or a mundarda. It is of course from Australia and is a marsupial with a prehensile tail. It has bright cinnamon colored fur with a white underside. Adults, tail included, are around 3 inches long and can weigh up to 21 grams. They are nocturnal, prefer to live alone, and eat mostly nectar and pollen from flowers.

(Martin Willis Photography)

For being possums these guys are really cute! Very different from their larger and stranger American cousins.

– Fizz

Dog and Cat Restaurant

World Animal Day is October 4, a day to bring awareness to and celebrate all animals. In celebration the Royal Canin Experience Center in Amsterdam opened a pop up restaurant for dogs and cats.

There was a menu, and the bowls had each animals name on it for the photo shoot/press event:

6befd170-48ca-11e4-8cbe-a1337e7f73a3_h_51594473 (EPA/Koen van Weel)

There is a set of photographs online but very little further information.

6cafc610-48ca-11e4-9024-f9ca92bd972c_h_51594472(EPA/Koen van Weel)

But from all the cameras present it seems like people were very interested even if the dog didn’t seem to care about the food:

645b0d80-48ca-11e4-9a85-dd464e7b3042_04424901(EPA/Koen van Weel)

It looks like a fancy eating establishment. I mean, they made sure the dogs were arranged to eat at tables of the proper height and they had cushions to sit on.

68ea59a0-48ca-11e4-9fec-d3be2d9009c5_04424902(EPA/Koen van Weel)

While the human couldn’t find any more information about this event, but she gave us a little more information on World Animal Day. The date of World Animal Day coincides with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi who is the patron saint of animals.


St. Francis spoke of the greatness and beauty of God’s creation and it is legend that he preached to wild animals who would listen to his voice and not run away. That is cool and appropriate for a day celebrating animals!

– Cola

Wednesday Woof! – Dog Chewbacca

October is upon us! Costumes and candy! Well, I don’t have any candy to offer but here is a dog dressed up like Chewbacca from Star Wars.


This little guy took home third place at in a Star Wars costume contest at Petco. He looks just like Chewie to start with! The stuffed animals are a nice touch.

Are you wondering what costume could have possible topped this?

Here is first place:

I have to hand it to this dog’s human for the Photoshopping skills, but Yoda was totally not in this scene. I wonder if they had to have Chewbacca and Yoda in the picture together or something? This one could have been way better if it was a scene Yoda was supposed to appear in.

Hope that this starts you guys thinking of costumes your dogs can wear for Halloween! If your dog likes that kind of thing.

– Fizz

Review: Dolphin Tale 2

The human went to see Dolphin Tale 2 and told me what she thought of it, so I figured I would pass it along. Guinea pigs don’t really watch movies after all.

dolphin tale 2 poster

If you enjoyed the first Dolphin Tale movie you should find this movie just as enjoyable. You might not find it necessarily as good as or better than the first movie, but still inspirational and worth watching.

The movie follows Winter as she loses her female friend and poolmate Panama, and what the marine hospital has to do about the situation because according to USDA regulations Winter cannot be kept by herself. This leads to the introduction of a couple new dolphins including Hope, the second dolphin on the above poster. A warning when taking younger viewers, there is a brief moment of showing a “deceased” dolphin at the bottom of its pool and a few dolphins in distress throughout the movie but nothing gory. These moments might just upset younger kids or lead to questions you might want to be prepared to answer. Further ideas the movie explores is whether it is okay for a healthy dolphin to be kept at a marine park when their goal is rehabilitation, what is in the best interests of such large marine mammals even when humans have personal attachments to them, and what it means to let go of fears to be able to move on in life.

Winter and Hope, the new dolphin star of the sequel:

The major cast members from the first film came back for the squeal. That adds a lot to the quality and consistency of this movie. Where the first movie focused on coping with a disability, this movie is more of a story of growing up. The kids from the first movie are not really kids any more, and the plot does a good job of dealing with their growing desire for independence and decision making. The only real downside was that because of their age a suggestion of love interests and conflicts was thrown into the plot. While it doesn’t feel forced, and is kind of cute, it also feels completely unnecessary to the overall story. The movie would have been just as compelling without it, and it is possible for boys and girls to simply be friends even at their age. But if that is an element you enjoy or require in a movie than you will not be disappointed.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality family movie with some good discussion points this is a great choice. It does provide an entertaining and endearing story, and it helps to point out some issues surrounding the welfare and treatment of marine wildlife.

Dolphin Tale 2 is now in theaters!

– Fizz

Winter and Hope, the dolphins featured in the movie are real dolphins that you can visit at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater Florida. You can learn more visiting them in person at

Gluten Detection Service Dog

Gluten sensitivity and gluten-free diets may be a new fad for some in an attempt to root out diet problems or be healthier, but for those who have Celiac disease eating gluten is debilitating. Many products contain gluten, some obvious and others because of processing or contamination from being too close to products which contain gluten. To help those who could become very sick from eating gluten service dogs are being trained to react when they smell gluten in a food item their owner might eat.

This is Willow, a German shorthaired pointer trained to smell gluten in food:
(Lansing State Journal)

What is Gluten?
Gluten is the name for protein found in wheat, rye, and barley which acts like a glue to help food hold its shape.

What is Celiac Disease?
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which eating gluten leads to damage to the small intestine and which prevents nutrient absorption. The celiac disease foundation estimates that 1 in 100 people worldwide have the disease. Long term, the disease can lead to other autoimmune problems like type 1 diabetes, MS, and even intestinal cancer. There are tests that a doctor can perform to indicate that a person has celiac disease by checking for celiac antibodies and intestinal damage. The only treatment is to eat a diet free of gluten. The avoidance of gluten is not a choice, it is a necessity.

(Lansing State Journal)

Why are gluten service dogs needed?
It might seem obvious which foods and products contain gluten. This is true for many things. However, some products which use gluten as a binder are not marked and cross contamination is a huge problem.

If you don’t buy all the ingredients of a meal separately and make it yourself in a gluten-free environment it would be impossible to tell whether it contained traces of gluten. Restaurants often sell “gluten-free” items which while gluten-free themselves are made on the same surfaces as, or right next to, other items containing gluten. This can be true of a gluten-free pizza crust made on a floured surface, items being fried in oil with other gluten battered items, or pasta cooked in the same water. If someone is super sensitive to gluten these small amounts could make them sick for weeks or worse.

This is where service dogs come into play. Just by sniffing an item or meal they can tell if it has traceable amounts of gluten in it. Someone who once had to be nervous about eating out or trying any new products can now be free to eat more things knowing their dog is there to indicate when they should not eat something. This applies to eating meals at restaurants and friends homes, buying groceries, and when on vacation. This is freeing in a way that was not possible before.

(Lansing State Journal)

For example, Willow’s owner (pictured above) got so sick from her celiac disease that she kept losing weight until she was only 100 pounds. Her doctors told her, due to her severe reaction, that if she did not cut gluten from her diet entirely she would only live 3 to 5 more years. She is so sensitive to gluten that she cannot eat anything cooked on the same grill with something else containing gluten. She has to be careful when outside her home to not touch her mouth because her hands might have traces of gluten on them. Willow’s owner once trained search and rescue dogs and wondered if a dog could be trained to smell out gluten. She got Willow as a puppy and found a trainer willing to try to teach her. Willow caught on quickly and proved that dogs can be useful for this purpose.

Currently, there are only a few dogs trained to smell gluten. But Willow’s owner started Nosey Dog-Detection Partners Inc. to begin training more dogs to do this simple but helpful task. They also train dogs to detect peanuts for those severely allergic and dogs to detect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. They also offer basic obedience training and help to teach your own service dog for allergies.

Here Trixy, an Australian Shepherd, is working on detecting gluten in a line up of items:


(Lansing State Journal)

These types of service dogs can provide a level of independence that allergy or disease sufferers have not had in a very long time. Dogs are certainly versatile! It is amazing to see someone who had such personal success translate that into a program to help others who are in a similar position.

– Cola

“Gluten allergy? There’s a dog for that” – Lansing State Journal
“What is Celiac Disease?” – Celiac Disease Foundation
Nosey Dog-Detection Partners Inc.

Winnie the Pooh Exhibition

Walt Disney Archives has an international traveling exhibit that is touring around Japan featuring Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is incredibly popular in American and Japan. The original books were translated in Japanese and the Disney movies released in theaters to much popularity.

The human loves Pooh bear and has high hopes that this exhibit, or one similar, will come to the US some day. If you live in or can visit Japan you might be lucky enough to see this one as is, and if not D23 did a nice write up where you can see more pictures here.


The exhibit features items from the Disney archives like animation cells, movie posters, maquettes, books, and toys. The goal is simply to celebrate the art, history, and legacy of Winnie the Pooh.

Here is the entry way:

Some of the items on display:

Books in Japanese:



The Winnie the Pooh Exhibition opened in August in Tokyo, and has moved to Mitsukoshi department store in Fukuoka. The exhibit will continue traveling to different parts of Japan for the rest of the year and on into 2015.

Pooh bear is clearly a very popular and well loved bear. Don’t miss this chance to learn more and see items not usually available to the public if you are near the exhibit as it moves around Japan!

-Cola and Fizz

Don’t forget to see these photos and more on

Wednesday Woof! – Italian Greyhound

Fall is officially here! That means apples, pumpkins, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures (at least where we live).

Time to make sure any dogs who may get cold have the proper attire ready to go like this Italian Greyhound:

And if you are wondering if dogs enjoy their coats, check out this video of Nova:

You can find the coats at pet stores or have them specially made from shops like Shadedmoon on Etsy.

Here is another coat example:

So cute! And dogs like this need protection from bitter cold.


New Drink Responsibly Ad

Budweiser has a new ad out with the message to always drink responsibly. The consequences can be catastrophic and have for far too many people. The company utilizes a man’s relationship with his dog to demonstrate the potential outcome when you drink and drive.

Some people inherently understand this, and others need a little push. Animal ads can help those who feel a greater connection to, or are more emotionally driven by, animals. Please, do not drink and drive. No matter how badly you think you need to get home your life and the lives of everyone you love matter more.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 at 3.46.53 PM

– Cola