Guinea Pig Cosplay

Cosplay, or costume play, is a performance art where people dress up as a specific character or idea. This is very popular at conventions and other events to represent characters from genres like anime, comic books, video games, movies, and tv shows. It can be considered a nerdy interest, but it has its own subculture and is very popular.

These guinea pigs are busy being cosplayers too because humans cannot have all the fun!

Here is Chun-Li from the video game Street Fighter:

Street Fighter is a massively popular game, still enjoyed by enthusiasts. Love the simple accents that make this guinea pig look just right, and the background with health meter and another fighter just makes the photo.

Sailor Moon from the anime Sailor Moon:
download (1)

Sailor moon was popular when The Human was younger, and probably enjoys an ever larger cult following today even without being on TV anymore. There is a new series coming out in the near future, and the original series is being released on DVD/Blu-ray for the avid fan. This is a great choice as lots of humans try to pull off this look at conventions. Just look at the cute dress, prop, and hair accessories!

Nintendo’s Mario video games are still top sellers on all of the companies game systems. The characters are iconic and will continue to be at the forefront of gaming culture.

download (2)

Princess Peach:

download (1)

While these three are more simplistic, a single hat can show what character you represent whether you are a human just getting into the whole cosplay thing or a guinea pig that just doesn’t want to wear a more involved costume.

Of course, there is also a photo of Mario in his gaming environment:

All of the above pictures are from the same Twitter feed of a user who loves guinea pigs, check out chikuwa_kintoki for lots of other adorable guinea pig pictures!

The anime Pokemon has been popular for over ten years, along with the video and card games, and if you don’t have the crafting skills to make your own costume you can purchase the two pictured below online from CuddlyCavies.

Pikachu – only $13:

Charmander – slightly more expensive but still worth it at $14:

I don’t think Star Wars will ever be less popular than it is now, especially with more movies on the way and Disney owing the franchise. Below is Chewbacca the guinea pig, dressed appropriately as Chewbacca:

Check out Chewbacca’s tumbler or twitter for more cute guinea pig photos.

Thor is super popular right now with Marvel’s live action movies and The Avengers:
(DeSSyng on Deviantart)

Captain America – another Marvel superhero with his own movies and a part of The Avengers:
(DeSSyng on Deviantart)

Harry Potter from the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling:
(Guinea Pigs in Hats)

The buzz for the movies might be over but the Harry Potter books will continue to be popular literature. Just look at the tiny lightning bolt on the guinea pig’s forehead, so cute!

Doctor Who from the TV series Doctor Who:

Doctor Who is enjoying increasing popularity here in the states! Love the tiny fez and bow tie.

Such tiny costumes require creativity, minimalism, and willing guinea pigs to model them. With so many different genres to choose from there are many wonderful costume ideas out there, both that have been done before and those that have not for anyone who enjoys a challenge. Does your guinea pig or pet cosplay?


Post initial inspired by: “These Guinea Pigs Cosplay Better Than You

Easter Guinea Pigs

We, the guineas, of FT were subjected to an Easter photo shoot. It was not bad, we would do anything for carrots, but we all don’t have that amazing photogenic quality. Our human found some tiny shirts on sale at Petsmart, and then purchased some Easter supplies.

This is our human’s favorite:

Fizz was so willing, she had no problems with the shirt, basket, or eggs and kept her paws on the rim of the basket the whole time!

I want to show off more, didn’t I do well!
Love the angle, the quality of the shot is not as good as I wanted.

Just look at her little face! Love this one too.

Here I am next to the basket, just because:

Cola on the other hand, did not come out so photogenic:

Next to the basket:

Even the new guinea pigs got in on the act, even though they do not seem to like photos:

Looking like fur blobs:

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Merry Christmas! Guinea Pig Style

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This year the staff here at Fuzzy Today took some Christmas pigtures we want to share.

Cola the Elf

Santa Fizz

The Others…
I know, but they wish to remain anonymous at this point because they do not take photos very well. They came to me at almost two years of age and cameras are not their thing.

They did love sitting in this though:

Singing for treats:
Our fur blends in very well with the fuzz around our bed, we love it!

Yes, we did wear the costumes and hats – for about one minute! Long enough to get pictures while munching on carrots and then be off into floor time with more treats.

Guinea Pig Pirates

Guinea pigs love boxes! Perfect for hiding in, chewing on, moving about, and they are a cheap and easy to find item. We here at Fuzzy Today spend a lot of time running through box houses, chewing them to make art, and marking our territory!

Both Cola and Fizz LOVE their boxes, we re-purpose many so they have variety.

So this pirate ship crafted out of boxes amazed us:
It has a couple floors, with a ramp to get up there. Love the doors to run through.

Complete with Guinea Pig Pirates:

Chew, chew, chew…
(shiro_ko via guineapigmemes)

We would love our humans to make us something like this! Well, we do not want to wear pirate hats. That seems unnecessary to our enjoyment of the cardboard.

The true problem for me would be assuring the thing was structurally sound. I could easily make a ship shaped box they run through, but climb on? I do not know if I would trust anything I make to take their tiny tubby selves as they attempt to chew it apart.

Please make us one humans! We expect one by the end of the day…
– Cola and Fizz Pig


Are you familiar with calling this plastic igloo a pigloo?


Only today did we realize it might be an odd term when this meme picture and had people wondering what a pigloo was:

For the record, we here at Fuzzy Today (your guinea pig staff) never turn our hidey houses and pigloos over! We have no idea how it happens and we are totally innocent!

Cola wants to share this pigture of her IN her pigloo:
She is more likely to move the pigloo to hide and eat, or hide and sleep…Well, you get the idea.

Fizz wants to share this pigture of her with her far superior hidey house:
Fizz loves this because of the lip in the doorway, there is always a side to lay against. She will flip her house, but only to get my attention when she is out of food or if she is angry that food she thought was coming was late or never came. She knows she is NOT innocent!

Back to pigloos…These plastic small pet igloos come in a few different sizes and can easily be used for multiple types of pets (hamsters, rabbits, etc.). So we suppose they could be hamloos or bunloos too.

Only ever having them for guinea pigs means I always thought of them as pigloos. I am not sure if the first one I purchased for my guinea pig years ago was called that on the packaging, if I simply thought the term was cute, or if I read it somewhere.

Here are some more guineas (not your staff) enjoying their pigloos:
20------ Peppers and friends - pigloo 1 - photo by starfishpaws
Peppers and Friends – everyone fits…almost comfortably… (starfishpaws)

20------ Peppers and friends - pigloo 2 - photo by starfishpaws
Peppers and friends – defeating the pigloo! (starfishpaws)

Wadel and Feather – the top is the best spot! (source)

2012-11-29 11.26.58
Coco sleeping in pigloo (lifesvr7)

I will protect my space in the upside down pigloo! (source)

Have you ever called the igloo a “pigloo” or anything like that? Do your pets also turn them over?

Your ever diligent reporters, who never flip their homes,
– Cola and Fizz

11 Animals to Follow on Instagram

Does anyone use Instagram?

If you have yet to experience Instagram, is it is an app (which also has a website) dedicated to photo and short video sharing designed with its own social network. You create an account and upload photos you have taken, or take using the app, which you can add filters and effects to then post on your wall on Instagram.  Video was newly added this year and can only last for 15 seconds. You can also share your photos and videos with the other various social networks out there.

I started using the app once it came to Android and while I enjoy following my friends, there is a limit to the pictures of food and such that I can stand. But thankfully, there are also users who dedicate their feed to posting cute animal photos!

I thought I would share some of the accounts I follow, all of which are dedicated to sharing animal photography.

1. @Puppypalace

Puppypalace shares only dog and puppy photos. They share photos they find, those users suggest, and those which users tag to submit. I love this one because you never know what type of dog will be featured.

Todays picture:

2. @darcytheflyinghedgehog

Do you love hedgehogs? Or at least a tiny cute animal doing cute things? Hedgehogs might not be truly fuzzy, but they do have a way of making me smile. If you want to check out photos of this little guy just being a hedgehog and posting with tiny items you should follow this user!


Other hedgehogs to follow: @biddythehedgehog and @buckley_thehedgehog

3. @guineapigs_ruffles_malone

We might be a bit biased here at Fuzzy Today (we are guinea pigs after all!), but you should check out these two guinea pigs if you find them cute! Ruffles and Malone are both male Abyssinian guinea pigs who take adorable pictures. We highly suggest you check them out!

Another guinea pig to follow: @chloecavy

4. @corgnelius

Corgis are fun to begin with, with their long bodies and short legs! If you follow @cornelius you will get photo updates of two pembroke welsh corgis Corgnelius and Stumphrey. They have a fabulous life and I think their exploits will make you smile!

5. @jermzlee

Pugs are another breed of dog which people find irresitably cute. Check out this user to see photos of Norm the pug, who is willing to put up with a lot for the sake of a cute photo. Maybe he enjoys his stardom? Norm’s owner is great with photo composition and color, so be sure to check out all his old photos as well. I love the pictures that feature his paws with something else!


Example of a paw photo:

6. @its_a_silkie_world

Are dogs not quite your thing? What about fluffy feathered chickens and their barn yard freinds? This user is right for you if want a change of pace from dogs in costumes and the like. You can follow PomPom, Charcoal, Flurry, Yeti, Smudge, and Swiffer who are all silkie chickens. I cannot be the only one who loves fluffy chickens can I?

7. @bunnymama

Bunnies are small, fuzzy, and cute! Check out this user to follow Eddy and Rambo. The pair demonstrates proper bunny ownership along with a call to adopt bunnies who need a home rather than buying them from pet stores.

8. @marutaro

Maru is a Shiba Inu with a flare for looking adorable on camera! I love Shiba Inus to begin with, so these pictures are something I really enjoy. Check out Maru’s exploits for yourself!


Another shiba inu to follow (who wears human clothes) is @mensweardog.

9. @chintubehd

Chinchillas are so cute and fluffy! What is even more cute? A baby chinchilla of course! Look through all of these pictures to see adult and baby chinchillas for your daily dose of cute.

10. @trufflesthehamster

Truffles the hamster is an adorable tiny ball of fluff, who has a perpetually bad hair day. I love that hamsters can run around in their little plastic exercise balls.


11. @dog_dada

This page is dedicated to photos of this adorable little dog. I think he might be a chihuahua. He has adorable eyes that just suck you in.


Some of these are animals I was following, some I found on a  list Mashable created of 75 different animals that you can follow on Instagram. If you are looking for any animal in particular check out their list to see if there are any animals you want to follow!

I encourage you to check out Instagram. Do you think we should start an Instagram for our guinea pig staff members?

– Fizz Pig

Star Trek

Have you seen the new Star Trek movie yet? I have!

I know such movies have little to do with this blog, but when I saw the following picture I could not resist posting it:



A guinea pig dressed in a Star Trek uniform (complete with little skirt)! If only I had sowing skills, or guinea pigs that tolerated clothes for pictures.


I did enjoy Star Trek Into Darkness. I have never seen the old movies, and hear it borrows some plot points, but it is worth watching if you are a fan.

Snow Guinea Pigs

We had a snow day where I live, a storm dumped a lot of packing snow on top of the snow we already had on the ground. I could not let all that snow go to waste! I decided to make snow guinea pigs instead of snow men.

In retrospect, I could have done a better job with better supplies. I do not own snow pants or water proof gloves so I was not prepared to be outside for a long time and the snow kept sticking to my gloves so it was hard to sculpt. I also did not have anything to move a lot of snow or forms (boxes, bucket, etc.) to pack snow into to make a base to begin sculpting from. But I had a lot of fun and investing in such items would be worth it to prepare for future winters.

Here are the results of my snow day adventure:

The hardest part was getting far enough into my yard, the ruler in the picture fits all the way into my footprint. It was almost up to my knees in certain places but I feel like this picture gets the idea across.


I started by sculpting a guinea pig out of snow to look like my English pig Fizz.

Here is Fizz:


Here she is in snow:


From the front:


It was incredibly difficult to take a good picture of her where she was located and with the sun and shade, so I increased the contrast of the picture to make her features a bit easier to see. Ruler is included for scale.


Better gloves (with synthetic water proof fabric) would have prevented all the snow stuck to my hands that made creating her face almost impossible. I would have loved to make her ears and nose differently, but I am satisfied with my first attempt.

I made a second snow guinea pig for my Abyssinian guinea Cola.


Here she is in snow:


She has paper plate ears, Oreo eyes, and small animal flavored chew sticks for nose/mouth. You can see my red snow encrusted gloves on the ground next to her, abandoned while I took pictures.

From the side, with ruler for scale.


Here is a close up of her face and front paws.


It was much easier to take pictures of Snow Cola as she was more in the sun and my attempt at making her look furry gave her more definition from her snowy surroundings.

Have you guys ever made any snow animals or sculptures? It was really fun and I would love to try making bigger and better pieces next time we have a lot of packing snow.