Guinea Pig Pirates

Guinea pigs love boxes! Perfect for hiding in, chewing on, moving about, and they are a cheap and easy to find item. We here at Fuzzy Today spend a lot of time running through box houses, chewing them to make art, and marking our territory!

Both Cola and Fizz LOVE their boxes, we re-purpose many so they have variety.

So this pirate ship crafted out of boxes amazed us:
It has a couple floors, with a ramp to get up there. Love the doors to run through.

Complete with Guinea Pig Pirates:

Chew, chew, chew…
(shiro_ko via guineapigmemes)

We would love our humans to make us something like this! Well, we do not want to wear pirate hats. That seems unnecessary to our enjoyment of the cardboard.

The true problem for me would be assuring the thing was structurally sound. I could easily make a ship shaped box they run through, but climb on? I do not know if I would trust anything I make to take their tiny tubby selves as they attempt to chew it apart.

Please make us one humans! We expect one by the end of the day…
– Cola and Fizz Pig

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