Cute April Fools’ Day Jokes 2015

April 1 has come and gone again, did anyone get you with a good prank? As usual, many companies and websites have their own jokes online. Here are some of the cute ones, just in case you missed them!

1. PetCo – Pet selfie sticks

Why would you not want a dog on a stick selfie stick? Not to mention that you get a free cat selfie stick with the purchase of any dog selfie stick. They are activated by “woof” or “meow” commands, simple for your pet to use, interface with Facetime, and your pet can share the photos with you via the social network of their choice. Available only April 1, not sold in stores.Just look at that pet friendly design:


2. elgooG – Google backwards

Today Google put up their search page backwards, which also displays search results backwards as well. You can find the page here. Fun for all your cute search needs:

3. The Happy Hippo Cafe

London’s first pop-up hippo cafe was to open this summer from June 4-11! The Cafe would feature two baby pygmy hippos named George and Bungle. You could watch the handlers feed them, then stay for food, drinks, and a Hungry Hungry Hippo Tournament.


4. Cute Cloud

This year bing released the Cute Cloud, a webpage to search the cute cloud full of all things cute and furry! As the video on the page states – “The search for cute is universal.” So, search all of the cutest images, videos, and more that the internet has to offer on bing!


5. T-Mobile Pets Un-leashed
Do your pets need smart phones or data plans? Does your carrier not offer that? Well, then dump them and head over to T-Mobile who will add your pet to your plan for only $5 a month. See the video below for more info, warning contains bad language and suggestive themes:

6. DocSend Dachshund delivery service

DocSend, a digital document delivery services, whose name sounds like the dachshund dog decided to make real life delivery possible using a highly trained dachshund. The dog will appear at your door, you strap your document to its back, and the dog will report back to you how the recipient reacted. The dog will even shred the message for you should you desire that after delivery!



Happy April Fools’ Day!

McDonald’s New Mascot

Don’t human children usually like cute mascots? Or maybe at the very least cool mascots? My human showed me McDonald’s new mascot, named Happy, and it is not guinea pig approved! Baby guinea pigs should not be exposed to it. The look in its eyes assures me it is plotting to eat all guinea pigs.

Just look at it!

Those teeth are perfect to eat guinea pigs (or human children), those eyes can only be plotting the demise of all life on Earth, the arms and and legs just make no sense because it is a box and should not be allowed mobility. The creature is named Happy when nothing about it makes me or anyone else happy. There is simply nothing redeemable about this. I, and all guineas at FT, think that human children cannot be fooled by this creature.

But what about dogs? I think that this is the only appropriate way to view this new thing:

This Corgi makes it look funny! Go Corgi!

All power to the dogs who can rip these boxes apart and prevent them from carrying out their evil plans…


Wednesday Woof! – Golden Retriever

A late Wednesday Woof!

This Golden Retriever got into a bit of trouble, but that look on his face says that it not possibly be his fault.


The caption with this picture said “He is acting like he has no idea how this happened.” I have a really good feeling that he knows exactly how it happened, but that it might get him in trouble so it is best to not know. Ha ha! So innocent looking, but willing to go the extra mile to get what he wants!

Has your dog ever gotten into something and had a box (or anything else) stuck as evidence?

Wednesday Woof! – Corgi

Sorry for the late post everyone, but it is still sort of Wednesday! Therefore, here is a funny Wednesday Woof! featuring a little Corgi that might not be the smartest dog.


Poor little guy! I do hope he realized that it is possible to go around the fence. Otherwise, he never did get to his toy/treat.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

-Fizz Pig

Funny or Strange? Dog Horse

I saw this picture and could not figure out if I think it is funny or just too odd:


This dog is almost exactly the right color for that strange rubber horse mask! I can only imagine that the next photo (if there were one) would be of the dog shaking or pawing the mask off. I think it is crazy the dog left the mask on long enough for a picture!

What do you think, funny or weird?

–Cola Pig

Wednesday Woof!

Another Wednesday is upon us, so I dedcided to start a new post that will recur every week called Wednesday Woof! which will feature a cute puppy. Sure, I might do this more than on just Wednesday, but at least it will be a post to look forward to in the middle of the week!

Todays Woof!

I am not sure about your dogs, but mine have NEVER enjoyed rain. Just getting them to go outside to go potty is a challenge when the weather is rainy (or snowy). I cannot imagine my dog falling asleep so that the rain would not cover the spot they were laying.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

– Cola Pig