Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and safe Halloween! Remember to keep pets safe, not everyone is kind and not everyone feels safe around dogs. Keep costumes fun but not restrictive or dangerous, and don’t put them on any animal that hates them.

Your staff and intern pigs put on some costumes to show off for the occasion.

Fizz Bee

Lady Bug

And I couldn’t resist dressing up the new interns in the same outfits:

They were not so sure about the whole thing. Look at those eyes!

But their hair just makes them irresistible.

Happy Halloween!
– Fizz and your interns


These costumes came from Petsmart’s Halloween section. They have Christmas costumes out now if that is your thing!

Top 10 Inventive Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly coming, does your dog have a costume yet? That is if they enjoy wearing one, some do and some would rather rip it to pieces.

You can always buy one from the store, but if you are feeling more abitious or plan to enter any contests here are 20 inventive dog costumes which go above and beyond to give you inspiration:

1. Pumpkin

This costume goes well with the dogs natural color and shape. Even if the little pumpkin hat doesn’t sit on straight it still looks adorable.

2. Hawaiian Luau

Grass skirt, flowers, a lei, and a Hawaiian shirt and you have the makings of a great costume! I can see a dog not appreciating the grass skirt so much though, so that would be something to test out before making the commitment to such an idea.

3. Angel
Much Love Animal Rescue Bow Wow Ween - Inside

Have a white dog and no other ideas? Make some wings and maybe a halo to create an instant angel. I like how this one looks like the wings are on a shirt with the extra feathers around the dog’s neck.

4. Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs)
(The Greyest Ghost)

Extra points for the stuffed lambs which really pull this one together. You can have some extra props to go with your dog to make the costume make sense overall. If your dog will tolerate something over their muzzle then you have lots of options for masks.

5. Chomp Chomp

This one is extra cute because it is a child and dog duo, but there are a lot of video game characters which could be easily turned into dog costumes. A chomp chomp is perfect, and they usually come on a leash.

6. UP

This costume is too cute! All those balloons! This is a light weight and easy to pull around costume. It might just get caught up around other dogs if you are taking such a small dog out like this.

7. Facebook

This one is fun and could be used for a variety of social media or other websites.

8. Dragon

This one has a lot of detail and the wings are impressive. I particularly enjoy the dragon mask.

9. Tron

This costume goes above and beyond as t actually lights up! A costume that lights up would be great to have on your dog if they come with you while out trick or treating.

10. Loofah

This is a simple but genius idea! Another example of the costume making the dog, who is little and poofie to begin with. The rubber ducky is nice touch just in case you might not get it.

11. Pinata

Pinatas are light and can be made to just about any shape. Making one into a dog costume is colorful and eye catching.

12. Smurfette

Dyeing a dog’s coat can do wonders for a costume and open up many possibilites. It is easier than ever to find dog safe dye at the store and many dog groomers can do this for you. This is a fun costume that pops.

13. Minion

Another example of dog dyeing. Taking inspiration from popular children’s movies is a great way to assure that your dog is a hit while out trick or treating or when entering a contest.

14. Train

If your dog has a wheel chair then you have even more costume concepts. Just make sure that nothing could interfere with your dog’s range of motion. But I can think of so many fun ideas like famous vehicles, a chariot, or toys like slinky dog and pull ducks.

15. Flying Monkeys

These two already kind of look like monkeys, and these costumes look wonderful on them. The little tails add a lot to the ensemble.

16. Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony is a hot property right now. Rainbow Dash gives a great opportunity to work with multiple dye colors.

17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Do you need an idea for multiple dogs? These pugs are adorable as the Ninja Turtles. Googly eyes are always a plus!

18. Hulk

The Hulk is very appropriate for a dog of this build. Just dye your dog green and make little cut up jean shorts. Great for a dog who won’t wear anything on this face or back.

19. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Have a dog that doesn’t really like to walk around, especially in crowds? Then something like this coffee costume is a great example of how you can hold your dog in something that acts like a large portion of its costume.

20. Toothless

If you have sewing skills the sky is the limit for the full body costumes you can make. Light weight wings and tails on costumes like this create great looks while not being too annoying to your pet.

Good luck with your dog’s costumes!

– Cola

Beanie Baby Dog Costume

Since I missed posting more pictures for Halloween this year I thought I would post this picture now because it is too good to pass up! And also because I just discovered it today.

Dog dressed as a TY Beanie Baby:



Such a simple but awesome idea! Just make a large heart shaped “hang tag” out of poster board or cardboard, put a TY logo on it, and attach to your dog’s collar. This is all assuming your dog would allow the tag to be on its collar for very long without ripping it apart. I think the key is knowing your dog, and making the tag the right size.

–Fizz Pig

Top 10 Dog Costumes You Can Buy at the Store

Do you plan to get a costume for your dog this Halloween?

We never did dress our dog up, he hated wearing things and pictures even more! If your dog can withstand a costume for a picture (or even longer) then it is a fun activity. Some dogs don’t care any may enjoy it, while others get really stressed out and upset. Remember, keep what is best for your dog in mind and do not stress out your dog needlessly or do anything that might result in injury.

If you are looking for a costume and need some ideas, below is a list of nice or creative costumes that you can easily purchase. Many are available at costume retailers in your area, and if not I have provided links to buy the items online.

10. Orca

The poor dog in the picture looks like he wants nothing to do with this costume! I bet it feels odd with the weight and shape of the plush whale. I think this costume would be a good conversation starter, and it is funny. It looks to be well constructed with a lot of attention paid to detail compared to its price. This costume is made by Animal Planet and is available on wag.com in x-small to medium for $18.90.

9. Inmate or Prisoner

I like this costume because there are many variations out there, and it is funny in a “dog shaming” kind of way. You know, your dog was “bad” for chewing up the toilet paper again or what not.

This version is on wag.com, in small, medium, and large, for $16.09:

If you like this one but want to pay a little less, Amazon features this one priced by size. X-small is $11.30, small is $13.85, medium is $7.50, and large and extra large are about the same as wag.com.

Here is a deluxe version of this kind of costume on Target.com available only in small for $24.99:

Target stores also offer a basic version in store only which is a striped shirt your dog can wear with a plastic window on the back that allows you to write your dog’s “crime” on a piece of paper for other’s enjoyment. Again, I find this funny because you can write things like “Homework Eater” or “Bed Hog” to make the joke more complete.

8. Classic Skeleton

Petsmart’s Martha Stewart line has a neat skeleton shirt with hood, in two colors black and pink. Each is available in sizes from x-small to x-large costing $15.99 to $17.59. The links go to Petsmart’s website, if you are going to see if they have them in your local store I suggest calling to check availability first.



Target also has a basic skeleton shirt you can buy in store, but I don’t remember if it has a hood or not.

7. Ghostbusters

This is such an iconic movie that I am surprised pet costumes from the franchise have not turned up before now! There are two options, a Ghostbuster and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. These offer an innovative way to do a family themed costume set including your pet as either another Ghostbuster or your nemesis Stay-Puft!

Ghostbuster Jumpsuit

Rubies Costume Company created this and it is official licensed. The jumpsuit is adorable and features an inflatable proton pack for all your dog’s ghost busting needs. You can buy the costume in sizes small to x-large with prices ranging by size (S $13.64, M $15.99, L or XL $14.08).


The costume is also made by Rubies, and is officially licensed. It comes in small to x-large with a price of $17.99 regardless of size.

6. Angry Birds

I think Angry Birds are still really popular, given that there is so much merchandise featuring the property. Angry Birds Star Wars is a huge property now too, and I wonder if next year we will see costumes for that version of the game?

King Pig

I found this one on Amazon in sizes small to large for around $25 depending on size.

Red Bird

Many places offer this costume, Amazon has it in sizes small to large for $8 to $20 depending on size.

Yellow Bird

A few different places also offer the yellow angry bird costume, Partycity.com has this in sizes from small to large for $19.99 each.

Your local Target, Party City, or other costume retailers might have these in stock as well.

5. Famous Dogs

It might be a bit cliche, but why not dress your dog up as another famous dog? The selection will vary depending on what store you go to, but I have links in case you really want a specific one.

Blue from Blues Clues

Amazon offers Blue from Blues Clues in sizes small to x-large for $8 to $20 depending on size.


Amazon has Frankenweenie costumes in sizes small to x-large for $15.99 each.


Amazon has Underdog costumes in sizes x-small to x-large for $8 to $18 dollars depending on size.

4. Crayons

This easy go to costume for adults is now dog sized! You could dress your whole family up as crayons actually, the only downside is that they do not make that many different colors. I always had more than one box of crayons around as a kid so two blue crayons might not be that out of the ordinary. In any event, this one seems to be a popular and easy to find design. Target has it, party city, and I am guessing most local temporary Halloween stores with dog costumes should have this one too.

Blue Crayon

Target’s website lists this as unavailable online but costing $20. Amazon offers the blue crayon in sizes from x-small to x-large for around $15 depending on size.

Green Crayon

Again, Target’s website refers you in store to buy this for $20. Amazon has the green crayon in sizes from x-small to x-large for around $15 depending on size.

Pink Crayon

The one might be available at Target, but I did not see it on their website. Amazon again has this one in sizes x-small to x-large for around $15 depending on size.

3. Peacock

I really like the colors of this costume, how it fits, and the detail. It is made by Animal Planet and comes in sizes from x-small to large. On Wag.com this costume is available for only $18.90.

2. Dog rider figures

I love this idea because they offer so many choices in style, and for its simplicity. It is just one item you put on your dog’s back like a harness. The weight is different than a simple harness, but if your dog is finicky about wearing something more covering and does not mind the feeling of wearing one then this might be your best bet. The downside is that these are easy for your dog to bit onto and possibly destroy. Regardless, these would make for great pictures or a fun time during trick or treating.

Dog Riders Cowboy

I feel like this option is fun and really applies if your dog loves to run or is hyper. Amazon.com sells this costume, one size fits most style, for $20.99. The product reviews indicate this product is fun, well made for the price, and easy to get on or off your pet with well placed Velcro.

Jockey Rider

This is so cute! I would love to have tried this on my dog because he LOVED to run! You can find this one in your local Target store, or online on their website. The harness for the jockey comes in different sizes, and on Target.com you can still buy small, medium, and x-large for only $14.

Dog Riders Headless Horseman

This one is a one size fits most dogs product, and can be found at Amazon.com for $20.99. It is a more “scary” option in this type of costume. Based only on the picture it looks to be quite detailed.


The one also comes from Target, in two different color schemes. The harness for this one comes in different sizes as well. You can look for it in store, or buy it from Target.com in sizes small to x-large for $14.

This one is my favorite of the dog rider costume ideas because if you have two dogs you can buy both color schemes for a joust competition theme. It also makes a cute family themed costume idea to be able to include your dog if you have a boy dressing up as a knight, king, or dragon, or a girl dressed as a princess or queen.

Dog Rider Monkey

This is the most odd option. It reminds me of dog and monkey acts in the circus. There seems to be poor reviews of this product compared to others made by the same company and it is harder to find, so I am wondering if this is an older option that was discontinued? You can find it on Amazon sold by Toynk. I also found it on Target.com for $24.99.

1. Disney Characters

Petsmart has Disney themed pet costumes this year! They are super simple, mostly just shirts your dog can wear. I appreciate these offerings because they are easy to put on your pet, don’t feature any extra things that could really bother your dog, and are very child friendly. Some kids are really scared of dogs, and dressing them up as friendly and well known characters can help if you plan to take your well behaved dog out trick or treating with the family. This could be an easy way to include your pet in your family costume theme if you are doing anything Disney. These should also be easy to get for this Halloween, I saw some of these at my local store  (call before going if it is an out of the way trip). You can also purchase online on petsmart.com.

Here are a few of the options:

Pooh Bear

This simple Pooh costume comes in x-small to large, costing $13.59 to $15.19 by size.

Petsmart also has more detailed designs with hoods featuring Pooh, Tiger, and Eeyore. These come in sizes x-small to xx-large in most styles for $19.99 to $21.59.




A simple pet t-shirt design of a somewhat obscure costume. Everyone knows Pinocchio, but I have not seen many kids dress up this way so it might be a good way to fit this costume in if you love the story but no one else desires to dress up as the character. Available in sizes from x-small to large, for $13.59 to $15.19 by size.


Available online in sizes x-small to large, from $13.59 to $15.19.

Buzz Lightyear

Available online in x-small to large, from $13.59 to $15.19.


I love this Woody costume! It comes with the detailed looking shirt, hat, and even the pull string on the back! I would buy this if I had a dog to wear it because it looks so cute. I wish they had featured this one with a dog actually wearing it, but I know that is not always possible. Available in sizes small to large, for $19.99 to $21.59.

Mickey Mouse

This is a shirt with hood, so some dogs might not appreciate this one as well as just a shirt. This is available in sizes x-small to x-large, and costs $16.09 to $17.49.

Snow White

This dress is so cute and it looks like attention was paid to small details. Available in sizes x-small to medium for $16.09.

Also available in a Cinderella design in the same size range for $16.09.


I am not really sure this is the correct size of costume for this dog, or if the costume is meant to fit like this, but the idea is neat. Everyone loves Nemo right? It is a fun and different option. Available in sizes x-small to xx-large, for $19.99 to $21.59.

Mickey Mouse Ears

Yes, your dog too can wear Mickey ears! Although it comes with strings to tie around your dog’s head to make sure it stays on longer, I cannot see many dogs allowing this for more than a photo op. I think this would be fun for Halloween, a fun way to announce to your kids that you are going to Disney on vacation, or for a family picture after you all have mouse ears from the parks. These are one size fits most and cost $7.99, available from Petsmart in store only!


This list is only a small sample of purchasable costumes, so don’t limit yourself if you do not enjoy this list. I suggest looking at Target, Petsmart, Petco, and Amazon for even more choices. Be sure to check specific measurements on each costume to assure that you are purchasing the correct size for your pet.

Happy Halloween!

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

To help make the day more enjoyable, here are some dogs in costumes:


The Headless Horsemen’s Horse




Woof in the Wind


Captain Sparrow



If you would like to see more amazing dog costumes check out the 25 Best Costumes at BuzzFeed. Note, the website might contain content not appropriate for younger viewers.

Pet Costumes

Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?  I have seen a few rather interesting costumes available for purchase this year and wanted to share a few of them.

Raptor Costume – $24.99 from Party City

Stegosaurus Costume – $34.99 Party City

Triceratops Costume – $9.99 Party City

Hot Dog Costume – $9.99 – 12.99 at Target

Elephant Costume – $34.99 at Party City

Ladybug Costume for Ferrets – $8.55 on Amazon

Skunk Costume – $9.99 for small at Amazon

Catapillar Costume – $39.98 at Amazon

Dapper Dog Costume – $14.99 at NewEgg

Flinstones Dino Costume – $11.63 – 28.71 on Amazon



Guinea Pig Costume

I have had dreams since I was much younger of having a guinea pig costume. Well, my mom could not sew and I knew no one who would be willing to help me design one once I was old enough to start really caring about having a cool costume for Halloween costume contests. I still do not have such skills and have only ever purchased costumes from stores.

Today I found this video:

I do not know what “The Magic Cuy” is, because the actual commerical is not in english,  but I think the costume is amazing!

Here are some of the commercials I believe the costume was made for (not in English):

I would love to be able to have such skills in at least crafting the lower half of a guinea pig costume. I would not make a mechanical head because that would be impossibly difficult for me and I think it would be overly expensive for a Halloween costume. The company that I believe made the costume has created a lot of other animal and creature costumes for different commercial use.

Halloween at Disney

As of yesterday Disney World is now featuring its celebration of Halloween at the Magic Kingdom through decorations and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

I had not gone to one before, but when I found out that last night was the first party of the season I decided to attend. It was very cute and designed not to be too scary to little kids. Some things will probably scare them, but it is really tame. There are trick-or-treating stations throughout the park which I say provide a very decent amount of candy. On top of this there are special pictures spots, charater meet and greets, shows, a parade, and fireworks. Yesterday the event ran from 7pm to 12am, and I would think that other nights will be close to the same. It runs through the rest of Sepember and October.

My favorite parts of the event include being able to see the Disney characters dressed up in costumes, seeing all the visitors dressed up, and getting to see the unique features of the Halloween specific events.

My favorite part- they have a real horse leading the parade being ridden by the headless horsemen!

I would suggest this event if you are looking for a safe trick-or-treating alternative or just a fun Halloween event!

If you are interested in finding out more please visit Disney’s website.

This was my candy from the evening (well mostly, I had eaten and given away some of it), along with the back side of the bag provided which features the new movie Spooky Buddies: