Guinea Pig Costume

I have had dreams since I was much younger of having a guinea pig costume. Well, my mom could not sew and I knew no one who would be willing to help me design one once I was old enough to start really caring about having a cool costume for Halloween costume contests. I still do not have such skills and have only ever purchased costumes from stores.

Today I found this video:

I do not know what “The Magic Cuy” is, because the actual commerical is not in english,  but I think the costume is amazing!

Here are some of the commercials I believe the costume was made for (not in English):

I would love to be able to have such skills in at least crafting the lower half of a guinea pig costume. I would not make a mechanical head because that would be impossibly difficult for me and I think it would be overly expensive for a Halloween costume. The company that I believe made the costume has created a lot of other animal and creature costumes for different commercial use.

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