Happy Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so sadly there will be six more weeks of winter. Not that I have ever thought that a groundhog’s advice was sound, but it is a fun tradition.

This tradition has been ongoing since 1887, and for the years on record, Phil has seen seen his shadow 98 times and not missed it 15 times. In any event, the offical start of spring is about six weeks away…no matter if he sees his shadow or not. Not to mention that where I live the snow is falling outside and it looks like temperatures for the next couple of weeks will be cold…

For anyone who wants winter to be over sooner rather than later, here are a couple videos to cheer you up:

Two Baby Moose and a Sprinkler

And if these little puppies can love the snow, maybe I can for a few more weeks:

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