Wednesday Woof: Scared Corgi

Everyone knows that Corgis are both adorable and hilarious. What you don’t know is that they are not amused by toy sheep!


Sheep! Or not… Just look at those facial expressions!

Does your dog have a toy that just seems to stump or surprise them?

Guineas handle these situations very differently, run and hide first and ask questions later.

– Cola

Want to try one of these sheep out on your dog? You can find them online at Petco for $7.99.


McDonald’s New Mascot

Don’t human children usually like cute mascots? Or maybe at the very least cool mascots? My human showed me McDonald’s new mascot, named Happy, and it is not guinea pig approved! Baby guinea pigs should not be exposed to it. The look in its eyes assures me it is plotting to eat all guinea pigs.

Just look at it!

Those teeth are perfect to eat guinea pigs (or human children), those eyes can only be plotting the demise of all life on Earth, the arms and and legs just make no sense because it is a box and should not be allowed mobility. The creature is named Happy when nothing about it makes me or anyone else happy. There is simply nothing redeemable about this. I, and all guineas at FT, think that human children cannot be fooled by this creature.

But what about dogs? I think that this is the only appropriate way to view this new thing:

This Corgi makes it look funny! Go Corgi!

All power to the dogs who can rip these boxes apart and prevent them from carrying out their evil plans…


Wednesday Woof! – Corgi Shepherd Mix

A stormy Wednesday here at FT! Lots of rain, thunder and lightning – which is a lot for us guineas. But, there is a lull in the storm and we need to post dog pictures to celebrate.

Have you ever seen a Corgi-Shepherd mix before?
(Jim Comorote)

Corgis are so interesting with their short legs and long backs. The shepherd elements add even more character.

Here is another photo of the same kind of mix with a full size Shepherd:

Do you like such mixes? I think they add a little interest and you never really know what you are going to get!


Wednesday Woof! – Corgi

Sorry for the late post everyone, but it is still sort of Wednesday! Therefore, here is a funny Wednesday Woof! featuring a little Corgi that might not be the smartest dog.


Poor little guy! I do hope he realized that it is possible to go around the fence. Otherwise, he never did get to his toy/treat.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

-Fizz Pig

11 Animals to Follow on Instagram

Does anyone use Instagram?

If you have yet to experience Instagram, is it is an app (which also has a website) dedicated to photo and short video sharing designed with its own social network. You create an account and upload photos you have taken, or take using the app, which you can add filters and effects to then post on your wall on Instagram.  Video was newly added this year and can only last for 15 seconds. You can also share your photos and videos with the other various social networks out there.

I started using the app once it came to Android and while I enjoy following my friends, there is a limit to the pictures of food and such that I can stand. But thankfully, there are also users who dedicate their feed to posting cute animal photos!

I thought I would share some of the accounts I follow, all of which are dedicated to sharing animal photography.

1. @Puppypalace

Puppypalace shares only dog and puppy photos. They share photos they find, those users suggest, and those which users tag to submit. I love this one because you never know what type of dog will be featured.

Todays picture:

2. @darcytheflyinghedgehog

Do you love hedgehogs? Or at least a tiny cute animal doing cute things? Hedgehogs might not be truly fuzzy, but they do have a way of making me smile. If you want to check out photos of this little guy just being a hedgehog and posting with tiny items you should follow this user!


Other hedgehogs to follow: @biddythehedgehog and @buckley_thehedgehog

3. @guineapigs_ruffles_malone

We might be a bit biased here at Fuzzy Today (we are guinea pigs after all!), but you should check out these two guinea pigs if you find them cute! Ruffles and Malone are both male Abyssinian guinea pigs who take adorable pictures. We highly suggest you check them out!

Another guinea pig to follow: @chloecavy

4. @corgnelius

Corgis are fun to begin with, with their long bodies and short legs! If you follow @cornelius you will get photo updates of two pembroke welsh corgis Corgnelius and Stumphrey. They have a fabulous life and I think their exploits will make you smile!

5. @jermzlee

Pugs are another breed of dog which people find irresitably cute. Check out this user to see photos of Norm the pug, who is willing to put up with a lot for the sake of a cute photo. Maybe he enjoys his stardom? Norm’s owner is great with photo composition and color, so be sure to check out all his old photos as well. I love the pictures that feature his paws with something else!


Example of a paw photo:

6. @its_a_silkie_world

Are dogs not quite your thing? What about fluffy feathered chickens and their barn yard freinds? This user is right for you if want a change of pace from dogs in costumes and the like. You can follow PomPom, Charcoal, Flurry, Yeti, Smudge, and Swiffer who are all silkie chickens. I cannot be the only one who loves fluffy chickens can I?

7. @bunnymama

Bunnies are small, fuzzy, and cute! Check out this user to follow Eddy and Rambo. The pair demonstrates proper bunny ownership along with a call to adopt bunnies who need a home rather than buying them from pet stores.

8. @marutaro

Maru is a Shiba Inu with a flare for looking adorable on camera! I love Shiba Inus to begin with, so these pictures are something I really enjoy. Check out Maru’s exploits for yourself!


Another shiba inu to follow (who wears human clothes) is @mensweardog.

9. @chintubehd

Chinchillas are so cute and fluffy! What is even more cute? A baby chinchilla of course! Look through all of these pictures to see adult and baby chinchillas for your daily dose of cute.

10. @trufflesthehamster

Truffles the hamster is an adorable tiny ball of fluff, who has a perpetually bad hair day. I love that hamsters can run around in their little plastic exercise balls.


11. @dog_dada

This page is dedicated to photos of this adorable little dog. I think he might be a chihuahua. He has adorable eyes that just suck you in.


Some of these are animals I was following, some I found on a  list Mashable created of 75 different animals that you can follow on Instagram. If you are looking for any animal in particular check out their list to see if there are any animals you want to follow!

I encourage you to check out Instagram. Do you think we should start an Instagram for our guinea pig staff members?

– Fizz Pig