A Neopets Goal Reached!

Sorry about the recent lack of posting, I have been extremely busy with college.

My most recent distraction from work has been Neopets. I know it seems like a kids site, but there are a lot of adults on the site and it is fun. The real reason I am posting about Neopets? I have reached one of my goals!

When I originally started playing Neopets (a long time ago), I was playing on the day they created the Cybunny and adopted two. Since then I stopped playing and my account was deleted. Once I started playing again I wanted to get a new Cybunny because I think they are very cute. I have been trying to get one for a long time and I finally succeeded!

Here is my newest pet:mybunny copy

And this is her pet, a snow bunny painted with a plushie paintbrush:

This is what an unpainted snow bunny looks like:
I think the unpainted kind is much cuter than the one I have, but the one I have was cheaper and I could not find an unpainted one that someone currently wanted to sell in the game.

My dream for my Cybunny was to paint it plushie, but they have since changed the image and it is no longer nearly as cute:
new plushybun
The first image is what I would want my plushie Cybunny to look like, but the second is the current image used on the site and is what a painted Cybunny would turn out to look like.

But for the moment, I am happy with my green Cybunny.

Super Bowl Commercials!

Besides being a good game, this Super Bowl had a few really cute commercials! I personally really liked the Budweiser Clydesdale ones (because I love horses) and the Coke commercial where the bugs are taking the bottle and get it open. Also, I loved the appearance of the bunny in the cars.com commercial.

Here is the Clydesdale Circus Commercial with Daisy:

I return!

I apologize for the long time it has been since the last time I posted! I was home for college Christmas break, and then the start of this new semester has been crazy. I am attempting to graduate at the end of this semester, so I hope that I have time to post entries every now and then.

I will post a new entry in the next couple days!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Ideas

It is almost finals week and that means it is time to take a bit of a break and dispel some stress.

Christmas is quickly approaching and if you are like me, your family is inquiring what you would like as a gift.

Here are two sites that I found to get a couple guinea pig related gift items:

This wonderful little drawing is available from Argyle Whale at papernstitch.com.
Direct link: http://www.papernstitch.com/shop/argyle-whale/product/guinea-pig-pile

These sticky notes, and other guinea pig and bunny related gifts, can be found at .winking-cavy.co.uk

Real-life Furby’s?!

The other day MSNBC posted a story about the once thought extinct pygmy tarsier.

This small, nocturnal creature is so cute, and eerily close to the once popular Furby toys. I had a couple…and they were kind of creepy after awhile.

Here are pictures for comparison:


pygmy tarsier

If you would like to learn more about this little creature see: msnbc.msn.com/id/27786771