Confectionery Magic

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

I have found another set of wonderful confectionery treats in cute animal designs to share with you. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, and sugar are wonderful mediums! I included a link to the baker’s website or facebook page so you can purchase some wonderful treats if you live in their area.

Kandy Cakes 

This bakery located in Stratford Ontario creates beautiful custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

Zebra Cake


Deer Cake


Stuffed Rabbit Cake


Giraffe Cake


Butterfly Cupcakes


All above photos are from Kandy Cake’s facebook page.


Made With Love By Me

This wonderful pastry artist from London makes and decorates beautiful cakes and cookies.

Owl Cake


Lion Cake


These photos are from the Made With Love By Me website, and more information can be found on her facebook page.


Michelle Sugar Art

Michelle Wibowo creates beautiful sugar art and cake sculptures, she is located in West Sussex.


Tiger Cake


Pegasus sculpture


She even has a Guinness world record for creating the worlds largest Corgi cake.


Here is a video of the real corgis eating the giant cake.

You can find out about pricing, see more examples of her art, and find order information on her website and you can follow her on facebook.


Highland Bakery

The Highland Bakery is located in Atlanta Georgia, and makes all kinds of baked goods including custom orders.

Wombat Cake


Rhino Cake


The above two photos are from the Highland Bakery’s website, where you can see more photos and learn more about ordering.

You can also follow them on facebook. Here are a couple of cakes posted on their page:

Dressed up Rabbit


Chubby Bunny with Carrot


Stuff On My Pet?!?

Is your pet very accommodating and will allow you to place objects on them somewhere? It seems like a new internet fad to place objects on your pets and share the images. Of course, some of these ideas (and photos) have been circulating the internet for years.

Here are two examples:

1. Dogs who will tolerate items on their heads-



It is fairly easy to train a dog to keep a treat or item on their head, it is a good way to teach patience and focus even when food is involved.

2. A rabbit with some type of object on their head – often a pancake –



There was one rabbit which started this craze named Oolong.


Many copy-ca… uh, copy-bunnies have popped up to show off their own pancake balancing skillz across the reaches of the internet.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, there are sites which have a plethora of examples of these types of images all gathered together!

For more bunny balancing acts, check out the twitter Stuffonmyrabbit.

For more dog images, check out

Stuffonmymutt has dogs sporting all kinds of items their owners managed to place on them including clothes.




If you have some free time or need something to make you smile, I suggest checking out either of the above sites!



Valentine’s Day has passed so that means stores are now stocking Easter Peeps! It might be a bit too early, but if you love this classic marshmallow treat they are now out in stores.

Are you looking for Peep related gifts for Easter? I found a few great items available online from Peeps and Company.

1. Giant Peeps Plush Bunny


Available in 4 colors (pink, lavender, blue, and yellow) these bunnies are 2 ft 7 in tall, and cost $150.

2. Giant Peeps Plush Chick


The plush chick is only available in yellow, is 2 ft in size, and costs $150.

3. 18 Count Super sized box of Peeps


Do you want to give someone a lot of peeps, all in one box? This box contains 18 boxes of 5 peeps each, this also is only available in yellow and costs $24.90. Of course, you can simply buy cases of them on this site as well if that is more your style.

4. Plush gift sets – $7.90 each



This adorable set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep bunnies, packaged like their real bunny marshmallow counterparts. They do come apart.



Again, this set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep chicks and is packaged like the real candy.

5. Peeps Candy Coated Adventure Book


This book is a mystery story about a family of peeps who have disappeared, and it is very funny! The book can be purchased for $12.95.

6. Peeps Recipe and Craft Book


Do you have a lot of peeps but no idea what to do with them? This book will show you multiple ways to enjoy these sugary treats in recipes and crafts. This book retails for $12.95. This would make a great gift idea paired with a few packages of peeps so the person you are gifting has some to work with.

You can find all of these items and a lot more Peep gifts at

Born Mobile?

Qualcomm is doing a unique promotion to get people talking about their mobile devices by making a bus stop more interesting while advertising with the slogan “Are You Born Mobile?”

It might not seem like much, but they had some great ideas of ways to improve the wait for a bus. They put up different posters with a mobile website for people to visit on their phone, doing so resulted in some form of  alternative transportation arriving. Things like a fast convertible or a bus full of performers. They also had a couple very cute ideas: For those that have seen everything – a team of sled dogs and a sled. For those who are in love – a carriage ride. For the stressed – a bus full of puppies to pet and play with!

Sled Dog Surprise:

Horse and Carriage Surprise:

Puppy Bus Surprise:

All of this publicity is meant to direct you to Qualcomm’s facebook page to take a quiz and see if you were “born mobile.” I believe the idea is that we are exposed to technology at younger ages, and might have grown up on it, and this is affecting the world. You can watch more of the videos from that bus stop and enter to win a Qualcomm device as well.

To read more about Qualcomm and about the concept of being born mobile, please visit

Snow Guinea Pigs

We had a snow day where I live, a storm dumped a lot of packing snow on top of the snow we already had on the ground. I could not let all that snow go to waste! I decided to make snow guinea pigs instead of snow men.

In retrospect, I could have done a better job with better supplies. I do not own snow pants or water proof gloves so I was not prepared to be outside for a long time and the snow kept sticking to my gloves so it was hard to sculpt. I also did not have anything to move a lot of snow or forms (boxes, bucket, etc.) to pack snow into to make a base to begin sculpting from. But I had a lot of fun and investing in such items would be worth it to prepare for future winters.

Here are the results of my snow day adventure:

The hardest part was getting far enough into my yard, the ruler in the picture fits all the way into my footprint. It was almost up to my knees in certain places but I feel like this picture gets the idea across.


I started by sculpting a guinea pig out of snow to look like my English pig Fizz.

Here is Fizz:


Here she is in snow:


From the front:


It was incredibly difficult to take a good picture of her where she was located and with the sun and shade, so I increased the contrast of the picture to make her features a bit easier to see. Ruler is included for scale.


Better gloves (with synthetic water proof fabric) would have prevented all the snow stuck to my hands that made creating her face almost impossible. I would have loved to make her ears and nose differently, but I am satisfied with my first attempt.

I made a second snow guinea pig for my Abyssinian guinea Cola.


Here she is in snow:


She has paper plate ears, Oreo eyes, and small animal flavored chew sticks for nose/mouth. You can see my red snow encrusted gloves on the ground next to her, abandoned while I took pictures.

From the side, with ruler for scale.


Here is a close up of her face and front paws.


It was much easier to take pictures of Snow Cola as she was more in the sun and my attempt at making her look furry gave her more definition from her snowy surroundings.

Have you guys ever made any snow animals or sculptures? It was really fun and I would love to try making bigger and better pieces next time we have a lot of packing snow.

Most Pleasing Animal Noises

HyperVocal recently posted an article called “Let Mother Nature’s Most Pleasing Animal Noises Be Your Xanax.”  While I am not sure I agree with their list, and some of the noises might be made in distress, there are some great noises on the list. I will present some of the videos and link to the article again at the end so you can see the entire list.

1. Bunny Snoring

For the longest time I did not know bunnies made noises except when in great distress because the only time I heard one was the piercing scream of a wild rabbit as it tried to escape from a cat. This video just makes me smile!

2. Fox

These noises are cute, but I know nothing of normal fox behavior and it looks like this is a display of submission. My final verdict is out on this one because of that but it is interesting to listen to.

3. Owl

The owl is so happy to be having his head scratched!

4. Penguin

I posted this video before, but it is just too cute to not share again!

5. Guinea Pig

I know that I am biased because I love guinea pigs but they make adorable noises especially when happy or demanding treats/attention.

There are many more amazing and wonderful animal noises out there, but these are the clips I really enjoyed from the article. To see the rest of the videos visit

Super Bowl Commercials 2013

It is that time again, the big game has been played and many advertising dollars went towards commercials. This year on CBS the price for 30 seconds of ad time was $3.7 – $3.8 million, with an expected audience of over 100 million viewers. I only watch the game for the commercials, and was kind of disappointed again this year. Coke did not have any cute ads this year, the one with the security cameras was good but the race one was not. But there were funny commercials not featuring cute animals which I enjoyed (my favorite of those ads was from Oreo).

The game actually surprised me. The power outage was a bit crazy but even though I did not care which team won the plays were amazing and the game was really close by the end. I do wonder if the blackout caused problems with which ad spots aired when, as there seemed to be a set of commercials aired twice in a row.

Here are a list of my favorite cute commercials:

1. Sketchers – “Man vs. Cheetah”

I have always loved Cheetahs, and gazelles, so this one makes the list. I love the wink from the gazelle.

2. –  “Wolf”

A wolf puppy! How can I not include this one?

3. Toyota RAV4 – “Wish Granted”

So this ad does not feature that many cute animals, but the dog and talking squirrels are great. Plus the commercial is really funny and much better than a lot of the ads overall.

4. Kia Sorento – “Space Babies”

Featuring cute baby animals and a funny-ish ending assures that this ad makes my list.

5. Doritos – “Goat 4 Sale”

I thought this one was funny and the goat was cute. In my opinion the Doritos commercials from the past couple years have been really interesting and inventive – I look forward to them each year.

6. Budweiser – “Brotherhood”

This was my favorite commercial! A great emotional story complete with baby Clydesdale. I could not have asked for more from this commercial, and a major plus given the brand’s other strange ads which ran multiple times during the game.

You can find all the commercials on youtube at adBlitz.