Wednesday Woof!

Wednesday is here again, need a little dose of cute to help you make it towards the weekend? Your Wednesday Woof! is here to help.


Puppies are adorable enough, but add some clothes meant for babies and they reach a whole new level of adorable! Footies! I love that this puppy allowed for this picture, and hope that he was quickly released from the baby pjs.

–Cola Pig

Husky Puppy’s First Week

A husky puppy named Wolfie has his first week at his new home documented on youtube and it is adorable!

I know the video is a bit long, but it is worth it. I love watching Wolfie sleep, play, and try to figure out how life in his new home works. When I next get a puppy I hope to have the time to take lots of videos and pictures!

Here are couple more husky puppy photos (not Wolfie):

3 month old puppy – look at those paws!

Sleeping puppy-

Look at that sweet face –

Such beautiful eyes!

Funny or Strange? Dog Horse

I saw this picture and could not figure out if I think it is funny or just too odd:


This dog is almost exactly the right color for that strange rubber horse mask! I can only imagine that the next photo (if there were one) would be of the dog shaking or pawing the mask off. I think it is crazy the dog left the mask on long enough for a picture!

What do you think, funny or weird?

–Cola Pig

2013 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest

Do you have some pretty basic, boring, or outdated dog parks near you?

The Beneful brand Dream Dog Park Contest is for dog owners who love taking their dog to a dog park. The prize? A $500,000 dog park renovation to a dog park in your area with the person submitting the winning idea receiving $10,000 cash and a year supply of Beneful dog food!


I just found out about the contest, but it began August 6th and runs through September 17th. It is split into two rounds, the first is general entry and the second round is a selection of the best entries from the first round.

To enter:

1. Complete the online entry form found here.

2. Write an essay of up to 250 words (in English) answering: “If you had $500,000 to create a ‘Dream Dog Park’ where you and your best buddy can play together, what would you do?”

3. Submit a photo that must include both you and your dog, showing how life is better when you are together. This can include multiple dogs if you own more than one, but not any other person’s dog, any other type of animal, or any identifiable people even in the background. It must be a single photo not a collage or combination of any kind. The photo can be color or black and white, but must be no greater than 3MB in size in file types .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG. This must be your dog, and they must be alive at the time of entry.

4. Give a title or theme to your entry. There is a 50 character limit, and it must be an overall description of what your Dream Dog Park is about.

Of course, your entry must be original but it must also be safe for dogs and feasible to build. Themes (like pirates, zombies, dog show etc.) are encouraged but you cannot use brand logos or copy righted material.

Round 1 judgeing will be based on originality and creativity (40%), how well your ideas will enhance the fun you have with your dog (40%), and feasibility (20%).

Entries that make it to round 2 will have to make and narrate a video to answer the question of the first round’s essay prompt. The best videos will be voted on by the public. So do not enter the contest unless you would be willing to complete this second half!

You can check out other peoples’ entries on

Here is last year’s winning idea:
The Canine Amusement/Water park

Angela and her dog Beau from Lancaster PA won the 2012 contest with an entry which inspired a theme park idea – a “roller coaster” area to encourage dogs to go fast in agility training, a “water park” area or splash pad for the hot days, and a covered area for rainy days so dogs could still play or do agility.

Here are photos:
Angela and Beau

The Plan

Splash Pad

Fun Items

(photos from

Here is the link again to find our more, enter, and read the offical rules.

I love this contest so much because where I live just getting a dog park near me has been slow. The city refused to help, but would allow the project if all the funds for a fence could be raised. The funds were raised, but then we only got a large fenced in area. No benches, no agility course, nothing but a promise for a drinking fountain. So a contest like this is breath of fresh air. If your area is anything like mine, I hope that you are able to enter and I wish you the best of luck!

— Cola Pig

Wednesday Woof!

Another Wednesday is upon us, so I dedcided to start a new post that will recur every week called Wednesday Woof! which will feature a cute puppy. Sure, I might do this more than on just Wednesday, but at least it will be a post to look forward to in the middle of the week!

Todays Woof!

I am not sure about your dogs, but mine have NEVER enjoyed rain. Just getting them to go outside to go potty is a challenge when the weather is rainy (or snowy). I cannot imagine my dog falling asleep so that the rain would not cover the spot they were laying.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

– Cola Pig

Animal Friendship: Dog and Cheetah

At Busch Gardens in Florida zookeepers embarked on a strange journey. They had a new 8 month old male Cheetah cub (now named Kasi), but no other cheetah cubs. For the animal to have a companion they introduced the cub to a puppy, a 16 week old rescued lab mix (now named Mtani). The animals developed a friendship, learning how to communicate together. At first they spent only supervised time together, and now they live and travel together all the time.

0425787571_170870a_8col(image source)

Here is a video of them together as babies:

Now that they are older, Busch Garden uses them to help educated the public about Cheetahs, rescuing exotic animals, and the importance of rescuing domestic animals like Mtani. The two can be seen on display in their enclosure at the Cheetah Run. They do actually run the cheetahs (and Mtani) using a lure system that pulls a lure along the ground on a line. If you visit make sure to find out what time the Cheetahs will run because it is something to see!

Here are Kasi and Mtani all grown up:
kasi-mtani_-550x387(image source)

A video of them on their first year anniversary, explaining the relationship and showing off their running skills:

Do animals have the capacity for friendship? I never really thought otherwise until I realized most biologists studying animals have only recently considered the idea worth studying. Of course, animals do not communicate or express emotions the same way people do. Even if it were flawlessly possible to prove what an animal is thinking or “emoting” it would not always be for the same reasons we do. That does not make what they experience any less, only different. But if you have ever owned an animal you can see each has their own personality and seems to display love, affection, or “friendship.”

A human animal relationship in and of itself is already an inter-species relationship that demonstrates the ability of an animal to bond with a creature not like itself. Inter-species friendships are especially interesting because I think it does point to the ability or desire of an animal to be with others, even if not the same species. Most often these relationships occur when humans have intervened – at animal preserves, zoos, or even in your own home (dogs and rabbits for example). Yes, we placed the animals in those situations but they could just as easily decide to not remain in a relationship (your dog eating your pet rabbit for example). These relationships might occur less frequently in nature because they would be hard to find and observe, and because it is probably much more rare for an animal to not have another of its own kind to bond with.

Do you think that animals experience friendship?

-Cola Pig

Finding Rover

Finding Rover is a free app available to help you out should you ever lose your dog. The goal is to unite more pets with their owners – millions of pets are lost and only a small percent are ever found.

Finding Rover offers facial recognition features for pictures of dogs – similar to those for human faces on platforms like Facebook – in order to match up a dog with their owner.  It depends on a lot of people having the app so that owners enter their pet’s photo and that people who find lost dogs take photos of those dogs so the app has information to check. The app even helps you to take a photo of the dog by making a barking noise to make the dog look at your phone while you take a photo.


If you find a lost dog? Take a photograph and the app will search its database of owners. If a match is found you will be notified of a match and can contact the dog’s owner through the app or by phone. Dog and owner can be reunited!

If you lost your dog? First, you can be proactive by downloading this app before your pet is gone, take a picture of your pet, and enter your information to create a profile so the information is in the database if ever needed. Second,what if you lost your pet but did not have the app before? You can upload a picture you took of your dog and your information even now, the app will be able to help. Either way, once you alert the app your pet is gone the app searches all uploaded photographs of dogs found to see if any match your pet. If a match is made you will be able to contact the person who found your pet through the app.


How can we all help? If you ever see a dog you think is lost, take a picture to at least do a search and see if a match is found. Even if no match is found the photo could be useful and will be there in case the owner does not yet know about their missing pet or the app. You can also spread the word about this app to all of your friends who have dogs. The more people using the app the more useful it will be!

The official website for the application is at The app is now available on iPhone on their app store. An Android version is coming soon. You can sign up on the official website for an email notification so you can know when the Android version is up.

Of course, you should always have dog tags and a microchip for your pet, but this app can offer even more help to locate your animal.

Here is another news story about the app: lazytechguys