Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large and fluffy breed of dog which originates from Central Asia. Adult male dogs have been found weighing up to 280 pounds, but the average weight for a fully grown adult is 180 pounds.

Here is a puppy:


This ancient breed has been, and is still today, used as a herding or guard dog. There are said to be two types of Tibetan Mastiff – the monastery (Tsang-khyi) which is larger and heavier boned and the nomad (Do-khyi) which has less face wrinkles and is a bit smaller. Both types are born in the same litters, and distinctions seem to be more among what breeders desire from the dogs for temperament and work or show potential.




(cutest paw)




(Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images, CBS)

The dogs come in varying coat colors. The coat sheds once a year, but regular brushing is required for proper maintenance. These dogs have rather independent temperaments, that as always can vary across individual dogs. Highly intelligent and energetic, these dogs excel at herding and guarding but may not be easy to train. The protective instinct is natural to the breed and they will act protectively (maybe aggressively) over their family and their property. This dog is not the perfect choice for all families due to size, maintenance, and exercise requirements.

A Tibetan Mastiff has also earned the title of world’s most expensive dog when a red coated puppy sold in China for 10 million yuan, or over $1.5 million US dollars. In the US prices are bit more reasonable for puppies, but you can still expect to pay an average of around $800 – $1000 for a well bred puppy.

Here is the million dollar puppy, named Big Splash:


You can read more about Big Splash at the Daily Mail.

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