Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large and fluffy breed of dog which originates from Central Asia. Adult male dogs have been found weighing up to 280 pounds, but the average weight for a fully grown adult is 180 pounds.

Here is a puppy:


This ancient breed has been, and is still today, used as a herding or guard dog. There are said to be two types of Tibetan Mastiff – the monastery (Tsang-khyi) which is larger and heavier boned and the nomad (Do-khyi) which has less face wrinkles and is a bit smaller. Both types are born in the same litters, and distinctions seem to be more among what breeders desire from the dogs for temperament and work or show potential.




(cutest paw)




(Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images, CBS)

The dogs come in varying coat colors. The coat sheds once a year, but regular brushing is required for proper maintenance. These dogs have rather independent temperaments, that as always can vary across individual dogs. Highly intelligent and energetic, these dogs excel at herding and guarding but may not be easy to train. The protective instinct is natural to the breed and they will act protectively (maybe aggressively) over their family and their property. This dog is not the perfect choice for all families due to size, maintenance, and exercise requirements.

A Tibetan Mastiff has also earned the title of world’s most expensive dog when a red coated puppy sold in China for 10 million yuan, or over $1.5 million US dollars. In the US prices are bit more reasonable for puppies, but you can still expect to pay an average of around $800 – $1000 for a well bred puppy.

Here is the million dollar puppy, named Big Splash:


You can read more about Big Splash at the Daily Mail.

World’s Most Expensive Dogs

I recently saw articles online about the world’s most expensive dog, and then I saw this article about the most exensive dogs on the Times.

So here they are, the Most Expensive Dogs:

10. The world’s most expensive dog recently sold for $1.5 million.  The dog’s name is Big Splash (Hong Dong):

He is a red Tibetan mastiff, 11 months old, bred at a private breeding facility in Qingdao City. The Tibetan Mastiff is a status symbol in China, and some puppies can be worth more than a house. Puppies usually go for $2000 to $3000.

9. Lowchen


The name Lowchen means little lion in German, and with the correct linage these pups are worth a lot. The traditional way to cut the dogs hair keeps it long in front and hairless in the back. The breed is agile and quick – making it good in agility courses.

8. Canadian Eskimo

Around $6000

This is one of the 5 native breeds of Canada, and considered the oldest breed in North America. Originally bred to be a sled dog, the breed is strong and still perfect for that job.

7. Samoyed

$3500 – 6000

The Samoyed is an excellent family dog because it is loyal, smart, and gentile. This is an active dog that enjoys being active. The breed has a thick white coat which is not that easy to maintain.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

$800 to around 12,000

The price for this pup depends on ancestry, with more well bred individuals being very expensive. This toy breed is energetic but very gentile. It easily adapts to city or country life, and even makes a great therapy dog. These dogs were bred for royal, and are featured in many paintings of aristocratic families. This is truly a companion dog.

5. Rottweiler

$2000 – 7000

These are powerful dogs that are known to be loving, loyal family members that are good guard dogs. This breed is intelligent and willing, they make the best pets when they are given certain “jobs” or tasks. These dogs are very popular family pets even given their expensive cost.

4. English Bulldog

Around $2000

These dogs are very popular for their overall look with square body and short, wrinkled face. These dogs would like to consider themselves lap dogs, but many tend to be squirmy and heavy. They have a lovable and gentile disposition. They make excellent family pets – loving, gentile, and protective.

3. Egyptian Pharaoh Hound

$2100 to 2800

The Pharoah Hound is the national dog of Malta, and is rare outside the country. It has no actual link with Egypt. It is intelligent, trainable, and active. However, it can be stubborn. It is not a very aggressive dog, so it does not make the best guard dog.

2. Bearded Collie

$700 – 840

The Bearded Collie was bred to be the best sheep dog. It is active and loving, but the long coat requires a lot of care.  These collies still make excellent family pets.

1. Akita

$400 – 700

This dog symbolizes health, happiness and longevity in Japan. The breed is large and powerful. However, it does not always make the best family pet when you have small children because the dog can have a rapidly changing temperament – one moment loving and the next aggressive.  To make the most successful pets they should have obedience training and be monitored around young children and other animals.


I am not sure about you, but I have seen even common and probably poorly bred puppies in my area going for the range of $400 – $1000 dollars. I have been looking at German Shepherd puppies in my area and they often are listed at $600 – $900.  So I am not so sure, but I assume that this list is based on averages of some sort.