New Zootopia Concept Art

Disney is working on a new animated movie called Zootopia which features a city of all different kinds of animals living together. Each part of the city is specific to the varying needs of the different types of animals who call it home. The story will follow a rabbit, Officer Judy Hopps, who joins a police force of larger, stronger animals. To prove herself she teams up with a scam-artist fox to solve a mystery. Zootopia will open in theaters March 4, 2016.

Here is concept art featuring the fox Nick Wilde:
ZOOTOPIA (Working Title)

And here is art of the city:

I am excited to see more actual art as the movies gets closer to release!


Baby Bunnies!

Sorry for the lack of posting, our human has been sick and unable to translate and type our posts! How dare she ignore us?

Anyways, look what we found outside:

Baby cottontails! Their eyes opened only a couple days ago, and their mama has been very good with them so far.

Can I be your freind?

Of course, once one was close a couple others had to come investigate:

Not sure if this is extra-adorable or means they are extra likely to get eaten by predators. But for they moment they are adorable and we wish them the best of luck in staying safe!

-Cola and Fizz

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Time to kick back and relax a bit, like this bunny in bunny slippers:

So cute! The bunny does not seem to be enjoying his slippers or maybe he is just contemplating the ridiculousness, in any event, I think the photo op was worth it.

– Cola

Easter Nail Art

Nail art is all the rage these days! Well, at least if you have been following that trend on the internet. Some of the designs that people come up with are very intricate and require advanced skills. Don’t know anyone that skilled at painting both hands, (maybe most don’t or have someone to help paint the other hand?) so here are some cute beginner designs for Easter/Spring. Good luck!

A couple tips:
1. Make sure your base layer(s) are dry before adding details.
2. Use dotting tools, nail art pens, or thin detail brushes to add details. Some people create designs with brushes and acrylic paint instead of nail polish.
3. Depending on design you may have to let some portions dry before moving on to make sure you don’t smear or rub off tiny details.
4. Always apply a top coat to protect your design!

Bunny Designs

Chocolate Bunny or a bunny from the back:
Chocolate Bunny Nail Art sideview for blog

The Ten Colorful Nails blog even added a tutorial image on how to paint this bunny:
Chocolate Easter Bunny Nail Art tutorial
(Ten Colorful Nails)

Bunny Faces:
These are cute and easy, look great in multiple colors, and have very simple eyes and ears.

Here is a tutorial on this kind of face:

Another similar bunny face with larger ears:

Chick Designs

How to paint your entire nail as a chick:
This is pretty simple! Nail all one color, then you just have to paint on the eyes, beak, and feet.

Here is a video from MissJJan showing this process and how to make Easter eggs:

Chick with egg shell:
This adds another layer to the design, a bit more intricate and interesting. It would be cute to have a mix of chicks – two shells, one shell half, no shell at all.

I think this is a great example of how to paint a sheep on your nail, something a little different but still very related to Easter!

Of course, for those who can have more advanced bunny painting skills:
bunny hand holographic nail art 2

Just look at that bunny!
bunny thumb nail art
(Kawaii Nail Art)

Hope you guys give it a try, I know my human is going to. Silly though, because everyone knows that guinea pigs are far superior to rabbits!
– Fizz


Have you heard of the new scientific animal hybrid, the Cabbit? It is a cavy (guinea pig) and rabbit hybrid! They are sooo cute! And not to be confused with the made up cat rabbit which is also called cabbit and everyone knows doesn’t exist.

It can only be created through genetic manipulation in a lab because you cannot breed a guinea pig with a rabbit.

This adorable little guy is from Germany.

Meet Charmain, who has a wonderful Himalayan coloring.

Sometimes the crosses don’t go so well and you get animals that look like these:
The ears here have an appearance more like a rabbit but short, and the face has a very guinea pig like look.

Or like this:
Grass cutters
Here the outcome is very much like a large guinea pig, without the rabbit cuteness desired.

Cabbit facts:
1. Cost?
Extremely expensive! Not many of these little guys exist and each one is a unique creation. You cannot just find a breeder or try your hand at it either.

2. Life span?
4 to 8 years, but some scientists believe that life spans closer to a rabbit can be possible depending on care.

3. What do they eat?
Hay must be provided at all times for teeth wear and proper digestion. A special pellet mix should be purchased which contains vitamin C because Cabbits require this just like guinea pigs. Being a combination of a couple animals it is still unclear all of the exact veggies or fruits which should be avoided. Tested safe in observed lab Cabbits: veggies- peppers, carrots, tomatoes, most green lettuces (not iceberg), beans, herbs like parsley, broccoli stems, cucumbers, summer squash, and pea pods. Fruits – apple, banana, kiwi, mango, berries, melon, and nectarine.

4. Physical Characteristics
Cabbits can be large or small depending on the breed of rabbit involved. They most desirably maintain the best characteristics of both guinea pigs and rabbits – the shape of a guinea pig face with similar ears, with rabbit like paws and carriage. They still hop like rabbits, but make noises similar to guinea pigs. Any coat color is acceptable, and coat type can range from long to short, wavy or even curly.


Happy April Fools Day!!!!!

Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbits fascinate me, so I decided to do some research on the breed.

Dwarf Lionhead

The Lionhead has a wool mane that surrounds its head and ears. Their fur is a bit wavy but otherwise soft and silky. Given the wool, these rabbits do require regular grooming to prevent mats. Lionheads come in a variety of colors and are a small breed with a compact body. They have upright ears which should not exceed 3 inches in length. An adult rabbit of this breed usually weighs no more than 3 pounds 12 ounces. Lionheads have a temperament which is usually calm and friendly. Always remember that every animal is unique and breeding is only a small part of personality. Lifespan is around 7 to 9 years.

The Mane:
The mane is a genetic mutation. The exact origin of the breed is not known, but it is commonly thought that the mutation first occurred from a breeding in Belgium with the cross of a Swiss Fox and a Belgium Dwarf, then crossing those babies with other wool rabbits. This gene is not the same gene which produces wool in other wooled rabbit varieties however. Lionhead rabbits can receive two copies of the gene and have a double mane, have one copy and have a single mane, or have no copies and therefore no mane. The single mane variety has wool only around its head, ears, chest, and maybe on its tail. A double maned lionhead has more wool overall, more around the head with wool that can be on its hind legs, tail, and hips forming a “skirt.” Too much extra wool, or no wool at all, is not desirable for show rabbits but any of these varieties make great pets.

Mane only on neck:
Guth hazelnut

Fluffier overall:

This lionhead appears to have wool only around its neck and on the tail:

Breed Recognition:
In the United States, the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club is a great organization to join if you have or breed this type of rabbit to discover more information. The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association does not yet recognize the breed, but the process to gain recognition is currently ongoing. Lionheads can be shown at ARBA shows currently as an exhibition breed.

Please enjoy these adorable lionhead pictures:

(Amy Youngs)

(Li Xian)




— Fizz Pig

Information Sources:

Happy Anniversary Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Today, September 5th, is the 86th anniversary of the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from 1927 called Trolley Troubles.


Who is Oswald? Oswald is a rabbit and was Walt Disney’s first animated character. He basically had Oswald taken from him. The upside? It led to the creation of Mickey Mouse and the rest of that story is history!

Oswald was reacquired by the Disney company and has started to make an appearance on merchandise, in the parks, and in the video game Epic Mickey 2.

An out of date picture, but nice example, of some Oswald merchandise:
2nd Image

If you want to watch Trolley Troubles, you can see it on Youtube:

Crazy how things go sometimes!
– Fizz Pig