Looking for a Pet First Aid Course?

The human found an online pet first aid course!

We guinea pigs tend to be awkward creatures, with strange injuries. The human has navigated broken toe nails, hay in eye attacks, sore paws, pulled stitches, allergies, and more. Now, while the scope of this course focuses on dogs and cats, first aid information is invaluable. You never know what trouble a pet might get into!

The human tried to get me to learn too…
No human, it is your job to learn to take care of me!

Have you ever wondered when you absolutely need to take your pet to the vet? Are there situations you can handle at home? Or are there things you can have on hand to help in emergency situations so you can get your pet to the vet? Or wanted to learn this kind of stuff but don’t have time to actually go to an in person class?

If so then check out Pro Pet Hero!


The human really liked that the course is taught by a certified veterinarian named Dr. Bobbi Conner. She presents the information clearly and consciously, and demonstrates key skills. First you watch training videos, after which you take a test to demonstrate what you learned, and when you pass you get a certificate you can print. Very useful if you are a pet sitter, dog walker, or other such profession so you can prove your training to clients. The course is well priced for information that could save your pets life, or your sanity, depending on the situation. Some of the big topics covered include dog cpr, creating a first aid kit, poisoning, itching, vomiting, how to measure vital signs, and many other health topics.

You can take the course from wherever online, what ever time of day you are free, and at your own pace. The human was able to start the course and complete it later on over the course of a couple days as she had time! The site also offers a weekly refresher email so that you can keep up on your skills over time.

The website explains the process like this:


The human is interested in getting a puppy soon, and now she feels much better equipped to deal with dog care and health. If you have a pet, work with them, or are considering one this course is a great opportunity to learn valuable skills! prophlogo

My human is certified, are you?

Check out Pro Pet Hero!