Tiger Cake

Avalon Cakes posted a blog about this amazing tiger cake a while ago and I wanted to share it with you.


Such amazing details! It manages to be cute, furry, and fierce all at the same time. The cake is edible, and it contained around 30 servings.

Avalon Cakes posted pictures of the cake through the process of making it.

Here it is after the details have been sculpted into and out of the fondant, which provide the 3D fur effect and lifelike eyes:

Then the stripes were added with a dry dusting technique:

After that the orange fur color was added along with all the rest of the details in the face and eyes:

Truly a work of art, this cake is simply fantastic! If you ever need a realistic, beautiful, or whimsical cake in the areas around Denver Colorado, contact Avalon Cakes!

– Fizz

*All photos from Avalon Cakes*

The Butter End Cakery

I recently saw a few of the The Butter End Cakery’s creations and wanted to feature the business in a post!

The Butter End creates amazing unique cakes and chocolate sculptures (plus a lot more)! You may have heard of this bakery before, they have done a couple high profile cakes for celebrities. The company specializes in high end cakes and desserts, using only the finest ingredients like cage free eggs and real vanilla bean extract. Cake flavors range from Vanilla to Blueberry Walnut, and some can even come gluten free or vegan. Custom cake prices start at $250 and sculpted cakes start at $500. They are located in Santa Monica CA, if you are in the area and are in need of cake or dessert for a special occasion check them out.

Little dragon birthday cake:

A pug gets a chance to help celebrate:
Such a neat way to include your dog! This is funny and minimal. You can have an elegant cake that does not only feature your dog, but still includes them for your special day!

Chocolate Mammoth sculpture:

Here is the full sculpture, not necessarily cute but definitely amazing:

Another chocolate sculpture of dinosaurs:
(all above pictures from thebutterend on Instagram)

Kermit the Frog:
(The Butter End)
This is a groom’s cake and the body is all edible cake.

Baby elephant shower cake:
(The Butter End)
The little elephant looks like a real stuffed animal!

White dragon wedding cake:
(The Butter End)
This beautiful white dragon is made of 9 and a half pounds of white modeling chocolate! Even the lace wings are edible. This cake is so elegant and charming even with it being a dragon on a wedding cake! You can see a video of the cakes creation here.

A little different angle, with different lighting:
You can see all the little details in the scales and face.

To learn ever more The Butter End Cakery, or to inquire about getting a cake, please see their website here.

Unicorn Cake

I have seen some beautiful cakes, but the level of detail on this rainbow unicorn cake is almost unbelievable!




I wish I knew who the baker was, and what they used to make the main, tail, feathers. If someone make this cake for me I would not want to eat it because it looks so awesome.

Confectionery Magic

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

I have found another set of wonderful confectionery treats in cute animal designs to share with you. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, and sugar are wonderful mediums! I included a link to the baker’s website or facebook page so you can purchase some wonderful treats if you live in their area.

Kandy Cakes 

This bakery located in Stratford Ontario creates beautiful custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

Zebra Cake


Deer Cake


Stuffed Rabbit Cake


Giraffe Cake


Butterfly Cupcakes


All above photos are from Kandy Cake’s facebook page.


Made With Love By Me

This wonderful pastry artist from London makes and decorates beautiful cakes and cookies.

Owl Cake


Lion Cake


These photos are from the Made With Love By Me website, and more information can be found on her facebook page.


Michelle Sugar Art

Michelle Wibowo creates beautiful sugar art and cake sculptures, she is located in West Sussex.


Tiger Cake


Pegasus sculpture


She even has a Guinness world record for creating the worlds largest Corgi cake.


Here is a video of the real corgis eating the giant cake.

You can find out about pricing, see more examples of her art, and find order information on her website Michellesugarart.co.uk and you can follow her on facebook.


Highland Bakery

The Highland Bakery is located in Atlanta Georgia, and makes all kinds of baked goods including custom orders.

Wombat Cake


Rhino Cake


The above two photos are from the Highland Bakery’s website, where you can see more photos and learn more about ordering.

You can also follow them on facebook. Here are a couple of cakes posted on their page:

Dressed up Rabbit


Chubby Bunny with Carrot


Cute Cake

It is time for another post of cute cake designs!

All cakes include a link to the bakers/bakeries that made them in case you are interested in ordering one of these designs or having them make something you are looking for.

1. Dragon Cake


I love this cake’s cute little wings and expression, the look is completed by his pot of gold. This cake is from Cakes by Eve.

2. Baby Lamb Cakes


Aww, little woolly lambs! These cakes come from D Bar Desserts.

3. Yorkshire Terrier Cake


The detail in the fur and coloring on the dog is absolutely stunning! I would love to be able to add this level of fur detail to my own baking. This cake comes from D Bar Desserts.

4. Peacock Cake


I love peacocks! Cakes often  have a more artistic or strange representation, but this one is both cute and elegant. I would definitely buy one of these cakes! Another wonderful example of work from D Bar Desserts.

5. Ark Cake


Noah’s ark is always a cute choice for a baby shower or young child’s birthday. This cute cake comes from Gateaux Inc.

6. Otter Cake


Otters holding hands is adorable, and they make an excellent topper for a wedding or anniversary cake. This is another fine example from Gateaux Inc.

7. Cow and Chicken


The cow’s hooves and little ears are precious and I love the coconut (or chocolate shaving?) feathers on the chicken! These cakes can be ordered from Sweet and Saucy Shop.

8. Lions


The detail on this cake is very nice and displays the bakers ability to portray animals. This cake comes from Sugarland.

9. Rubber Duckie


Rubber Duckies are always cute for kids! This design costs $340 from Sharon Wee Creations.

10. Sea Turtle


Sea turtles are cute too, this cake comes from Palermo’s Custom Cakes and Bakery.

11. Owl


A cute owl wearing a bow with little wings and tiny feet, a very nice cake for a girl’s birthday. This cake is just one example of the whimsical and professional designs from Lulu Custom Cake Boutique.

12. King Charles Cavalier

Dog Cake 004

Again the fur detail in this fashion makes a cute, cuddly looking cake! Heavenly Bites Cakes created this puppy, you can read more about in on her blog here.


More Cute Cake

I am continually amazed by people’s creativity and their ability to craft cuteness into baked goods! Here are more images of cute cakes and cupcakes I have happened upon:

Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper — from domestic geek

Grey Cat Cake — from Coco Cake Cupcakes

Wild Things! — also by Coco Cake Cupcakes

Adorable pumpkin cupcakes by Coco Cake

Cute Japanese cupcakes

Bumble bees! — from epicute.com

Also from epicute, whale cupcakes

Snowmen! — from the cakejournal

More adorable snowmen, from sweetcupcakesandtreats.com.au

Owl Cupcakes — from Catching Fireflies Blog

The link will tell you how to make these wonderful little guys

Totoro Cake — from savoytruffleandcake.com

From the same company, a wonderful lion cake:

Puppy cupcakes — from Courtneysconfections.net

Garfield — from houseofcakesdubai.com

Cute Octopus — from bubblessoc.net.

Chick and Lamb — from fasteasyrecipe.com.

Amazing Animal Cakes

I was looking at pictures of different cakes online and decided to see if there were any really cute and amazing animal cakes out there. There are some very talented artists out there who can do wonderful things with cake, frosting, and other baking elements. These cakes are so amazing looking I do not think I could eat them:

Sea Turtle

Polar Bear










Guinea Pig