Red Panda with Pumpkin!

Red Pandas are one of my favorite animals, they are so fuzzy and do adorable things! Red Pandas enjoy the snow, and I guess they also enjoy playing with pumpkins!

Here is a fall themed treat, a red panda enjoying a small pumpkin:

Here is a screen shot from the video:

And here is a picture of a pumpkin carved to look like a picture of a red panda:
Red Panda pumpkin

I thought it fit this post’s theme! As a guinea pig I have not tried to carve a pumpkin before, but it seems fun.

–Cola Pig

Red Panda Missing at National Zoo

Do you live anywhere near the Smithsonian National Zoo, or are visiting today? Could you help the zoo by keeping  an eye out for their missing red panda?

This morning the zoo could not find its new male Red Panda named Rusty. He is less than a year old and about the size of a raccoon. Here is a picture:


Zoo keepers went to check on him this morning but Rusty was not in his enclosure. The zoo also has a female red panda, who can be viewing in their enclosure.

He is believed to still be in the zoo hiding, but a search this morning of the zoo before opening to the public did not find the animal.

If you do see Rusty do not approach him – call an official or the zoo at 202-633-4888.

You can also follow the search on Twitter using #findrusty.

Here is the news story: Washington Post

Here is the twitter story.

I hope that Rusty is found safe and sound!

Firefox Adopts 2 Firefoxes!

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox internet browser, has adopted two of the animals from which the browser takes its name. The Firefox, better known as the Red Panda, is an adorable little creature with brown fur and a fluffy tail. Here is a picture of the two adopted cubs:

The Firefox is listed as a vulnerable species because their wild population is around 10,000 adults. This is due mainly to habitat loss and poaching. The two cubs which Mozilla adopted were born at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. Mozilla created a website – Firefox Live – where you can watch the red pandas live on webcam, enter a contest to name them, and learn more about the animals. The site is meant to raise awareness for Firefox 4, and the animals that are in need of our help. Once the number of Firefox 4 downloads reaches a certain goal Mozilla will buy the cubs a special jungle gym to play on.

Visit to see the cubs and learn more about them.

To learn more about Firefox visit

See to read more about this story.