Have you heard of the new scientific animal hybrid, the Cabbit? It is a cavy (guinea pig) and rabbit hybrid! They are sooo cute! And not to be confused with the made up cat rabbit which is also called cabbit and everyone knows doesn’t exist.

It can only be created through genetic manipulation in a lab because you cannot breed a guinea pig with a rabbit.

This adorable little guy is from Germany.

Meet Charmain, who has a wonderful Himalayan coloring.

Sometimes the crosses don’t go so well and you get animals that look like these:
The ears here have an appearance more like a rabbit but short, and the face has a very guinea pig like look.

Or like this:
Grass cutters
Here the outcome is very much like a large guinea pig, without the rabbit cuteness desired.

Cabbit facts:
1. Cost?
Extremely expensive! Not many of these little guys exist and each one is a unique creation. You cannot just find a breeder or try your hand at it either.

2. Life span?
4 to 8 years, but some scientists believe that life spans closer to a rabbit can be possible depending on care.

3. What do they eat?
Hay must be provided at all times for teeth wear and proper digestion. A special pellet mix should be purchased which contains vitamin C because Cabbits require this just like guinea pigs. Being a combination of a couple animals it is still unclear all of the exact veggies or fruits which should be avoided. Tested safe in observed lab Cabbits: veggies- peppers, carrots, tomatoes, most green lettuces (not iceberg), beans, herbs like parsley, broccoli stems, cucumbers, summer squash, and pea pods. Fruits – apple, banana, kiwi, mango, berries, melon, and nectarine.

4. Physical Characteristics
Cabbits can be large or small depending on the breed of rabbit involved. They most desirably maintain the best characteristics of both guinea pigs and rabbits – the shape of a guinea pig face with similar ears, with rabbit like paws and carriage. They still hop like rabbits, but make noises similar to guinea pigs. Any coat color is acceptable, and coat type can range from long to short, wavy or even curly.


Happy April Fools Day!!!!!

At the Movies: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Are you or your family looking for a movie to see soon at your local theater? Do you love dogs, or wish they could talk?

Then you will love “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” a new movie from DreamWorks Animation which will be out in theaters on March 7th!


Do you remember Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman? Mr. Peabody is an incredibly intelligent beagle, the smartest dog in the world, while Sherman is the boy he adopts. The animated characters got their start in the 1960s as part of “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” in the Peabody’s Improbable History segment. They looked like this:


In the show, Mr. Peabody had accomplished many things but was lonely and ended up adopting a human boy named Sherman after finding out he was an orphan. For Sherman’s birthday he gifts the boy his invention of a time machine called the WABAC, and they travel together through history fixing things that have gone wrong.

The upcoming film has similar themes but follows Sherman and a girl named Penny (along with Mr. Peabody) as they travel back in time in the WABAC (pronounced “way-back”). It is a story of self discovery as the kids learn lessons on friendship and understanding, and Mr. Peabody learns how to be a better father figure. All of this while working through historical events like the Trojan War in an attempt to not change history because of their interference. Mr. Peabody is voiced by Ty Burrell. Max Charles voices Sherman and Ariel Winter voices Penny Peterson. Penny was not a part of the original cartoon segments but looks to be a great addition for the animated movie.

Inside the WABAC:

Max Charles and Ariel Winter recently sat down for a quick Q&A session about the film. Not surprisingly, neither of the two young stars had seen the cartoon prior to being cast. While Charles could look for inspiration in the classic cartoon for Sherman, Winter had a bigger challenge since Penny was not part of the original storyline. However, this didn’t seem to bother her, “It was basically like they handed me a book and it was empty and I got to write the pages,” she explains. “I thought it was pretty cool that I got to create my own character.” Winter also joked that she brought her own real life sass to the role. Penny’s assertive personality is what drives Sherman to defy orders and take Penny in Mr. Peabody’s WABAC.

Penny with Sherman and Mr. Peabody in ancient Egypt:

Winter believes Penny’s behavior and actions go deeper than just a desire to pick on Sherman. She explains, “Penny gets the most attention at school for being smartest in class, and when she gets threatened by Sherman a little bit because he comes in and kind of takes her place, she acts out, to take back what she feels is her’s. In the end Penny really realizes some things about herself and we see that she has a huge heart and she ends up caring for Sherman and Mr. Peabody.”

When asked about his favorite scene in the movie, Charles described a sequence where King Tut smashes into the windshield of the WABAC — a very appropriate response for a 10–year-old boy.

Overall, the movie is really about relationships. The friendship that develops between Penny and Sherman is just as important as the father and son relationship between Peabody and Sherman. As a dog, Mr. Peabody has to deal with this in trying to be a boy’s father on top of the normal difficulties of parenting. This is a strange but interesting dynamic to be sure. As a kid I often wondered what it would be like to have intelligent talking dogs and what that impact would be like. How much more crazy would it be to be adopted by one? For those who love dogs like a part of the family, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” is sure to be enjoyable given the film’s depiction of the love, loyalty and companionship we share with our four-legged best friends.

I think the movie sounds fun and heartwarming! Don’t miss Mr. Peabody and Sherman when it comes to theaters March 7th!

Wednesday Woof! – Golden Retriever

A late Wednesday Woof!

This Golden Retriever got into a bit of trouble, but that look on his face says that it not possibly be his fault.


The caption with this picture said “He is acting like he has no idea how this happened.” I have a really good feeling that he knows exactly how it happened, but that it might get him in trouble so it is best to not know. Ha ha! So innocent looking, but willing to go the extra mile to get what he wants!

Has your dog ever gotten into something and had a box (or anything else) stuck as evidence?

Wednesday Woof! – Corgi

Sorry for the late post everyone, but it is still sort of Wednesday! Therefore, here is a funny Wednesday Woof! featuring a little Corgi that might not be the smartest dog.


Poor little guy! I do hope he realized that it is possible to go around the fence. Otherwise, he never did get to his toy/treat.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

-Fizz Pig

Funny or Strange? Dog Horse

I saw this picture and could not figure out if I think it is funny or just too odd:


This dog is almost exactly the right color for that strange rubber horse mask! I can only imagine that the next photo (if there were one) would be of the dog shaking or pawing the mask off. I think it is crazy the dog left the mask on long enough for a picture!

What do you think, funny or weird?

–Cola Pig

Wednesday Woof!

Another Wednesday is upon us, so I dedcided to start a new post that will recur every week called Wednesday Woof! which will feature a cute puppy. Sure, I might do this more than on just Wednesday, but at least it will be a post to look forward to in the middle of the week!

Todays Woof!

I am not sure about your dogs, but mine have NEVER enjoyed rain. Just getting them to go outside to go potty is a challenge when the weather is rainy (or snowy). I cannot imagine my dog falling asleep so that the rain would not cover the spot they were laying.

Has your dog ever done something like this?

– Cola Pig