World’s Largest Rabbit

The Guinness record for largest rabbit in the world is currently Darius, of the continental giant breed. He is 4ft 3in long and weighs 50 pounds!

Darius lives in Worcester, England. He is still growing and could end up being a few inches longer than he already is. Darius eats 12 carrots a day!

Darius with his owner:

At the dinner table


A Measure of his ear

To read more about Darius see MailOnline and Today

Champis – The Herding Rabbit

Have you ever seen a rabbit heard sheep?  I had not until I discovered the video of Champis – a little bunny from where I believe is Gardsbacken, Finland.

This little bunny is truly awesome and a great display of rabbit intelligence.

Champis  with his favorite chicken:

Champis outside the sheep pen

Champis watching the sheep outside

You can read more about this little bunny on the Gardsbacken blog. If you search “Champis” in the upper right you will find all the article about him, a couple are in English but the rest can be read through the use of Google translate.

Live Non-Denominational Xmas Critters

Conan O’Brien’s website is doing a livestream of different animals to celebrate the Christmas season. It is called the Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters. The cam features cute animals placed into some sort of environment (perfectly safe and either cute or funny, with toys and food for the animals). They have had animals on the cam since the 19th, and will have one more day tomorrow. So far the cam featured kittens on a plane on the 19th and tea cup piggies with a dinning room on the 20th.

Here is how the website describes the event: “From Monday 12/19 through Thursday 12/22, Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters will be counting down the holidays with crazy cute animals in a new scene new every day. We’ll be broadcasting for eight hours a day, from 10am PST til 6pm PST, so grab the egg nog and tune in.”

Today’s animal? Bunnies! They are on a battle field to replicate the Siege of Bastogne – a siege during WWII which took place Dec 20 – 27 1944.

Click here to tune in and watch the bunnies until 6pm PST.

Thank you Team Coco for the cute holiday animals! Visit for other info about Conan or the Xmas Critters.

Flemish Giant Rabbits

Flemish Giant Rabbits are a domesticated breed of rabbit that are famous for their immense size.

Image from Bildungblog

If these bunnies are handled regularly they will be tolerant of human interaction. However, they must be handled carefully due to their weight and size. They also have larger space and food requirements than smaller breeds of rabbits.

You can read more about the basics of the breed at wikipedia.

UC Plushie Cybunny

This post relates to neopets….yes, I still play neopets. Sorry if you guys are not really interested in the game, but there are a lot of cute pets you can adopt on the game and it is a fun way to spend free time.

I am on a mission to get a UC plushie cybunny, do you have one up for trade or adoption – or know anyone else that has one?

The reason I am so interested is because neopets redrew all of the pets to allow them to wear clothing. However, certain pet colors who had been created before the change were allowed to keep the old art if the owner so chose. The art changed long before I had the chance to create a plushie cybunny and now even if I made one of these pets it would not look cute. I think that the new art for these once adorable bunnies is so bad compared to what they looked like. The Cybunny (and any other pet that can hold something in their left hand) has their hand frozen in a position to hold something whether they are or not:

Note the hand on a converted plushie cybunny.

This is what I am looking for:

The cute art for an unconverted plushie cybunny… They even got rid of the lop ears with the redraw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this pet is difficult to come by and it is my dream pet to own in the game.

If you are interested in learning more about Neopets, please check out and


The Year of the Rabbit Approaches

The chinese new year falls on February 3, and the  new year will be the year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are thus becoming very popular as pets and as gifts. A particular breed of rabbit, the Blanc de hotot, or a panda rabbit is enjoying particular popularity. The breed is white with black circles around its eyes, making it resemble a panda:

I am excited, I was born in a Rabbit year.

Here is a picture of a rabbit dressed up a pet store to celebrate Christmas and the new coming year of the Rabbit: