Flemish Giant Rabbits

Flemish Giant Rabbits are a domesticated breed of rabbit that are famous for their immense size.

Image from Bildungblog

If these bunnies are handled regularly they will be tolerant of human interaction. However, they must be handled carefully due to their weight and size. They also have larger space and food requirements than smaller breeds of rabbits.

You can read more about the basics of the breed at wikipedia.

7 thoughts on “Flemish Giant Rabbits

  1. kate

    I want a big bunny !

  2. MacKenzie


  3. Anibaba Victor

    pls hw can I get dis flemish bunny.+2348132501371.

    • I think I have a Giant Flemish Bunny.

  4. Blondebomber

    i want a giant flemish reply

  5. Jerry

    I want a pair of these rabbits! fun fun!

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