A Panda Cub is Born!

The Smithsonian National Zoo announced earlier today that their female panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a cub at 5:32 pm!

You can watch the Panda cam on the national zoo’s website here.

Mei Xiang, a Giant Panda is seen during
(photo of Mei Xiang: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Behavior watchers were observing her 24 hours a day via their panda cams since August 7 as she began to exhibit more and more signs that she would be giving birth. The cub will receive a preliminary exam in the next 48 hours, and continue to receive regular health checks. ┬áThis is the panda’s third cub, her first cub survived and now lives in china while her second cub died of liver failure.

You can read more about all that goes into testing for panda pregnancy, how she got that way, and the video of her giving birth at the panda blog.

Twin Baby Moose

Twin Baby Moose, Haegar and Herbert, were born on May 3o at the Alte Fasanerie game and deer park in Hanau Germany. Herbert has a broken leg which needed to be set in a cast.


(Boris Roessler/European Pressphoto agency)

Here is the pair before the cast, Haegar is in front:


(Boris Roessler/European Pressphoto agency)

The twins are so cute! I am glad they were born in a park where they can be cared for, without such intervention I doubt that Herbert would have survived such a serious injury.

Harbor Seal Pup

This little 3 day old Harbor Seal pup was rescued on Long Island and taken to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. It is not known if the baby was abandoned or if crowds at the beach kept the mom away. Harbor Seals are protected and you cannot approach, handle or feed them.

Just look how cute the pup is!