Indie Cuteness

I was cleaning out my emails today and found an email I sent myself about a website called, tag line: Shop Indie Pass It On. I did not remember why I sent this to myself, so I started to look around the site. They sell some really cute stuff!

Here are some cute products you might be interested in:

1. Adorable Pillows

Deluxe Raccoon Pillow – $38

Deluxe Panda Pillow – $38

Mini Floppy Disc Pillow – $18

Mini Bird Cage Pillow – $18

Mini Owl Pillow – $18

2. Cute Pocket Mirrors — $6

3. Cute Plushies

Marshmallow Bunny – Special Love Edition – $25

Mini Cube Panda – $20

Squidlets! – $18

4.  Jewelry

Hopping Bunny Necklace – $49.50

Snowy Owls Necklace – $49.50

Angel Bunny Necklace – $10

5. Products I would purchase if I could:

Sir Fancy Rabbit messenger bag – $44

Hamster Tee – $24

Bunny Necklace – $26

So I encourage you to head on over to and take a look around, there is a ton more cute stuff to get!

….you can even get art, like this fine Bunny on Wood Print – $22

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