Wednesday Woof: Pomeranian Dino

What, a Wednesday Woof that is actually posted on Wednesday?!? It has been a while since that happened but my human reminded me today.

Here is a Pomeranian dressed as a dinosaur, looking at an adorable stuffed dinosaur:

*Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur*

That is Boo of course, the adorable Pom with many cute pictures out there. I just loved this one for making something not really cute (dinos) into something fuzzy and irresistable. If you want to see more of Boo, you can follow him on facebook here.

– Fizz

Wednesday Woof – Puppy Ears Edition

Wednesday is here, or it was yesterday, and you should look at this puppy just because:


Look at those ears! There is no way to resist a face that adorable, unless you like guinea pigs more…Then it might be easy. And for the record guinea pigs are not good at keeping track of what day of the week it is, our human is supposed to be on top of that.


Wednesday Woof – Shiba Inu

Middle of the week. Middle of the week! Middle of the week?

!WHEEK! !WHEEK! Sorry, but the human forgot to give us tomatoes today and that is unacceptable. Never mind that she explained there are not any in the house, that is a typical human excuse!

Well, time again for a Wednesday Woof no matter how much we would rather have tomatoes.

Today we feature a Shiba Inu with adorable black sock markings:

At play:

On his back:

He looks like a fox doesn’t he?

Here is the more common coloring for the breed:
Dog Breeds
(animal planet)

Enjoy the pictures, we are off to find tomatoes…

– Cola and Fizz

Wednesday Woof! – On Thursday!

Wednesday came and went and I forgot to post my Wednesday Woof! So here it is on Thursday. You know, sometimes being a guinea pig is hard work. All that eating, hiding, and sleeping… It makes posting difficult.

Have you ever just been so tried after you eat that you curl up in your bowl? Maybe you just love your food that much?


I just like to turn my dish over so that all the food is on the ground, a much more efficient method if you ask me!

Wednesday Woof – 101 Dalmatians

Okay, so it is not exactly 101 Dalmatians but a dalmatian named Pebbles had a litter of 15 puppies back in 2011. That is the same number of puppies as Perdi had in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. 15 puppies is quite a litter size!

Just look at them all!

You can read more about Pebbles and her litter on BBC News.

So many cute little dalmatian pups! I cannot imagine having so many puppies around at one time.

– Fizz

Wednesday Woof! – Husky Puppy

I know, I know, there have been lots of husky pictures on the site recently. I could not resist when I saw these!

Wednesday means I must post a dog picture, and as the snow is finally starting to melt I saw these pictures and found them very appropriate!



This fuzzy little guy looks like he is enjoying the snow, but you can see the grass under there! We are getting so close to being able to see grass here. If it is the same where you live may this puppy bring you a smile!

— Cola

Wednesday Woof! – German Shepherd

It is the middle of the week!

One important thing to remember when getting your cute little puppy is that they grow up really fast! It is only a matter of months before your puppy will be looking like a dog. So enjoy your time with your puppy!

Here are two pictures of Ava, a German Shepherd, taken 6 months apart:

If you want to see more photo time comparisons like Ava’s check out the article 28 Adorable Before and After Photos of Baby Animals Growing Up on Distractify.

Wednesday Woof! – German Shepherd – Collie Mix

Wednesday again! The winter seems to continue forever here, but spring is around the corner. Just have to make it…

Here is a German Shepherd and Collie Mix named Arya who looks beautiful in the white snow:

And another shot of Arya, from the original source on reddit:

The black fur offset from the white snow makes the composition of this picture wonderful. Hope these pictures help any of you under at ton of snow like we are here at FT!

– Cola and Fizz

Wednesday Woof! – Golden Retriever

A late Wednesday Woof!

This Golden Retriever got into a bit of trouble, but that look on his face says that it not possibly be his fault.


The caption with this picture said “He is acting like he has no idea how this happened.” I have a really good feeling that he knows exactly how it happened, but that it might get him in trouble so it is best to not know. Ha ha! So innocent looking, but willing to go the extra mile to get what he wants!

Has your dog ever gotten into something and had a box (or anything else) stuck as evidence?