Animal Puppets

I posted an entry a long time ago about the play War Horse, which features amazing, life sized and life-like horse puppets. This makers of the puppets, Handspring Puppet Company, featured their abilities to make life like puppets at the TED conference this year. I have included an explanation of TED below the content of this story.

War Horse horse puppets

Here is the video from TED featuring and explaining their awesome animal puppets, it is however 18 minutes long:

I would suggest that you watch the whole thing because how they make and move the puppets is truly amazing, but if you do not have that kind of time below are two shorter videos showing what the company can do.

A quicker demonstration of the horse puppet (only 2:48):

Demonstration of working a giraffe puppet:

Here is the full puppet:


What is TED? It is a nonprofit organization which conducts an annual conference where the ideas currently at work and those of the future can be presented to investors and the public. These ideas cover all areas, from art to technology and beyond, and are meant to try and make the world a better place. The presentations are all available on their website My husband introduced me to the TED conference this year after going to watch some of the presentations from the live webstream of the conference. I decided to post this because something that I was interested in the past actually came up at TED, and I encourage you to check out their website for ideas

War Horse

An amazing new play has opened in London called “War Horse.”

It follows two horses’ journey into World War I. The horses are incredible puppets, designed to look life like to the point where the horses appear to breath. This requires the puppetry of three people, two inside and one outside each horse. Reviews of the production say the story is emotional and interesting, and the puppets are spectular to watch.


I would love to see this play, which is expected to open in New York in 2011. To read more about War Horse and to see more pictures visit: Making Horses Gallop and Audiences Cry