Tiger Cake

Avalon Cakes posted a blog about this amazing tiger cake a while ago and I wanted to share it with you.


Such amazing details! It manages to be cute, furry, and fierce all at the same time. The cake is edible, and it contained around 30 servings.

Avalon Cakes posted pictures of the cake through the process of making it.

Here it is after the details have been sculpted into and out of the fondant, which provide the 3D fur effect and lifelike eyes:

Then the stripes were added with a dry dusting technique:

After that the orange fur color was added along with all the rest of the details in the face and eyes:

Truly a work of art, this cake is simply fantastic! If you ever need a realistic, beautiful, or whimsical cake in the areas around Denver Colorado, contact Avalon Cakes!

– Fizz

*All photos from Avalon Cakes*

Confectionery Magic

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

I have found another set of wonderful confectionery treats in cute animal designs to share with you. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, and sugar are wonderful mediums! I included a link to the baker’s website or facebook page so you can purchase some wonderful treats if you live in their area.

Kandy Cakes 

This bakery located in Stratford Ontario creates beautiful custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

Zebra Cake


Deer Cake


Stuffed Rabbit Cake


Giraffe Cake


Butterfly Cupcakes


All above photos are from Kandy Cake’s facebook page.


Made With Love By Me

This wonderful pastry artist from London makes and decorates beautiful cakes and cookies.

Owl Cake


Lion Cake


These photos are from the Made With Love By Me website, and more information can be found on her facebook page.


Michelle Sugar Art

Michelle Wibowo creates beautiful sugar art and cake sculptures, she is located in West Sussex.


Tiger Cake


Pegasus sculpture


She even has a Guinness world record for creating the worlds largest Corgi cake.


Here is a video of the real corgis eating the giant cake.

You can find out about pricing, see more examples of her art, and find order information on her website Michellesugarart.co.uk and you can follow her on facebook.


Highland Bakery

The Highland Bakery is located in Atlanta Georgia, and makes all kinds of baked goods including custom orders.

Wombat Cake


Rhino Cake


The above two photos are from the Highland Bakery’s website, where you can see more photos and learn more about ordering.

You can also follow them on facebook. Here are a couple of cakes posted on their page:

Dressed up Rabbit


Chubby Bunny with Carrot


Cub Cam

You can watch an online webcam feed of three Amur Tiger cubs at the Potter Park Zoo. The cubs named Ameliya, Kira, and Savelii were born on September 13th, they will remain in the nursery area until December. You can watch them at all times, but feeding times are 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

To see the babies visit potterparkzoo.org.

Here is a picture of Amur Tiger cubs:


Year of the Tiger!

Saturday was the Chinese New Year, and this year is the Year of the Tiger. To celebrate, here are some cute tiger pictures:

These cubs were born at the Honolulu Zoo in 2008.

Tiger cubs from a Romanian Zoo in 2007.

Here are a couple images posted in a gallery for this year’s celebrations on the telegraph.co.uk:

This is a performance at the zoo in Qingdao City.

These tigers are in a zoo in Fuzhou.

Big Cats

I was looking online for pictures of lions when I happened across a blog entry on webecoist that features amazing pictures of 10 different big cats. I have posted some of my favorites:


Black Panther

Snow Leopard

Visit the original entry for more pictures and information about the big cats.