Eating Out With Stuffed Animals?

Japan has a culture that supports all things cute! The Moomin Cafe lets solo diners sit with large stuffed animals at their tables to keep them company!

Our owner does not go out to eat by herself that often, but this must make the experience more fun! Definitely something to talk about later and take pictures of when a solo meal would have been otherwise uneventful.

Take a look:
screen shot 2014-04-28 at 7.11.48 am

Moomin Cafe is a themed restaurant, based on a Finnish book series about hippopotamus like creatures, also known as Moomin, by author Tove Jansson. Some of the main characters:

There are nine books total in the series. The main character of the Moomin series of books and comic strips is Moomintroll, who lives with his father (moominpappa) and mother (moominmamma). There is also a host of other characters. The books and comics have inspired different tv series including one popular in Japan, animated movies, and a children’s theme park called Moomin World.

Diners have been flocking to the restaurant and many pictures have been posted online of patrons with their stuffed animal friends, and often just the stuffed animals themselves.

Here are tables with stuffed animals awaiting new human freinds:

A diner’s picture of their stuffed animal enjoying some dessert:
screen shot 2014-04-28 at 7.21.19 am

A stuffed friend across the table with themed table covering:
screen shot 2014-04-28 at 7.05.39 am

The walls are covered in drawings from the series, so too are the table cloths. Even the food is themed to fit with the book series:


Love this idea (but it needs more guinea pigs)! This is a unique restaurant concept, and with a theme more easy to relate to (Disney etc) it could work in the US. It is interesting and family friendly. The restaurant could even have a way to buy the large stuffed animals as well.

– Cola and Fizz

All photos from the Business Insider


While perusing Facebook today I happened upon an add for, which sells these large spherical stuffed animals. There are a ton of different adorable stuffed animals to choose from!

Here are a couple examples:

1. Squishable Narwhal $38

2. Squishable Octopus $44

3. Squishable Hedgehog — currently sold out but returning soon

4. Squishable Bat — also currently unavailable but returning soon

5. Squishable Racoon — $38

6. Squishable Lion — $38

7. Squishable T-Rex — $39

8. Squishable Elephant — $38

9. Squishable Whale — $38

10. Squishable Bunny — $38

People seem to really love them, there are galleries of customer submitted pictures of the stuffed creatures and their owners! Apparently the craze started when the company founds went to Asia and bought a couple large round stuffed animals, brought them home, and then their friends wanted some too. So now they design their own!

There is a whole page about their fandom and links to their Facebook page here: Squishable Fandom

To buy these guys, check out more styles, and to see pictures please visit