Easter Nail Art

Nail art is all the rage these days! Well, at least if you have been following that trend on the internet. Some of the designs that people come up with are very intricate and require advanced skills. Don’t know anyone that skilled at painting both hands, (maybe most don’t or have someone to help paint the other hand?) so here are some cute beginner designs for Easter/Spring. Good luck!

A couple tips:
1. Make sure your base layer(s) are dry before adding details.
2. Use dotting tools, nail art pens, or thin detail brushes to add details. Some people create designs with brushes and acrylic paint instead of nail polish.
3. Depending on design you may have to let some portions dry before moving on to make sure you don’t smear or rub off tiny details.
4. Always apply a top coat to protect your design!

Bunny Designs

Chocolate Bunny or a bunny from the back:
Chocolate Bunny Nail Art sideview for blog

The Ten Colorful Nails blog even added a tutorial image on how to paint this bunny:
Chocolate Easter Bunny Nail Art tutorial
(Ten Colorful Nails)

Bunny Faces:
These are cute and easy, look great in multiple colors, and have very simple eyes and ears.

Here is a tutorial on this kind of face:

Another similar bunny face with larger ears:

Chick Designs

How to paint your entire nail as a chick:
This is pretty simple! Nail all one color, then you just have to paint on the eyes, beak, and feet.

Here is a video from MissJJan showing this process and how to make Easter eggs:

Chick with egg shell:
This adds another layer to the design, a bit more intricate and interesting. It would be cute to have a mix of chicks – two shells, one shell half, no shell at all.

I think this is a great example of how to paint a sheep on your nail, something a little different but still very related to Easter!

Of course, for those who can have more advanced bunny painting skills:
bunny hand holographic nail art 2

Just look at that bunny!
bunny thumb nail art
(Kawaii Nail Art)

Hope you guys give it a try, I know my human is going to. Silly though, because everyone knows that guinea pigs are far superior to rabbits!
– Fizz

Valais Blacknose Sheep

Do you like cute and fuzzy sheep? Have you ever seen the Valais Blacknose breed?


(Picture from the Facebook US fan club)

The Valais breed (Walliser Schwarznasenschaf in German) is originally from the Valais region of Switzerland, and is often kept in Switzerland and Germany. It has coarse wool and is usually raised for meat but can also be used for its wool.



Tumblr Pictures




I love this breed for its fluffiness, black face and patches on legs, and curly horns. It is also extra adorable when they have giant bells around their necks! If you have Facebook and love these sheep consider liking the US Fan Club.

Valais Lamb



Champis – The Herding Rabbit

Have you ever seen a rabbit heard sheep?  I had not until I discovered the video of Champis – a little bunny from where I believe is Gardsbacken, Finland.

This little bunny is truly awesome and a great display of rabbit intelligence.

Champis  with his favorite chicken:

Champis outside the sheep pen

Champis watching the sheep outside

You can read more about this little bunny on the Gardsbacken blog. If you search “Champis” in the upper right you will find all the article about him, a couple are in English but the rest can be read through the use of Google translate.