Plastic Art

I wanted to showcase artist Sayaka Ganz who creates beautiful works of art out of old plastic items. She has a beautiful philosophy behind her work which can be found in full (and far better than I can articulate) on her website: Artist Statement.

I find it inspiring and fascinating that these once discarded and unwanted plastic objects take on a second and more organic life through her art. The little bits give the final pieces unique details that make observing the art even more captivating.

Below are some pieces which I love, clicking on the title of each will take you to the artist’s website with more pictures that display their true beauty.

Uta – whale




Wayne – eagle


Light – horse



Fortune – dragon



Walker – dog



Ambush – tiger



Ganz also has many wonderful pieces made out of scarp metal, here is my favorite Homer.



All of these photos are from the artist’s website where you can examine more of her work.