Valentine’s Day has passed so that means stores are now stocking Easter Peeps! It might be a bit too early, but if you love this classic marshmallow treat they are now out in stores.

Are you looking for Peep related gifts for Easter? I found a few great items available online from Peeps and Company.

1. Giant Peeps Plush Bunny


Available in 4 colors (pink, lavender, blue, and yellow) these bunnies are 2 ft 7 in tall, and cost $150.

2. Giant Peeps Plush Chick


The plush chick is only available in yellow, is 2 ft in size, and costs $150.

3. 18 Count Super sized box of Peeps


Do you want to give someone a lot of peeps, all in one box? This box contains 18 boxes of 5 peeps each, this also is only available in yellow and costs $24.90. Of course, you can simply buy cases of them on this site as well if that is more your style.

4. Plush gift sets – $7.90 each



This adorable set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep bunnies, packaged like their real bunny marshmallow counterparts. They do come apart.



Again, this set comes with 4 small 3 in stuffed peep chicks and is packaged like the real candy.

5. Peeps Candy Coated Adventure Book


This book is a mystery story about a family of peeps who have disappeared, and it is very funny! The book can be purchased for $12.95.

6. Peeps Recipe and Craft Book


Do you have a lot of peeps but no idea what to do with them? This book will show you multiple ways to enjoy these sugary treats in recipes and crafts. This book retails for $12.95. This would make a great gift idea paired with a few packages of peeps so the person you are gifting has some to work with.

You can find all of these items and a lot more Peep gifts at