FEI World Equestrian Games

The World Equestrian Games have begun! The games take place every 4 years, 2 years before the next olympic games. This year they take place in Kentucky, from September 25th to October 10th.

The games are the world championships for 8 different disciplines: dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, jumping, para dressage, reining, and vaulting. To read more about these and how they are judged see About the Games.

Official poster

A schedule of events is available at alltechfeigames.com, as well as a link to buy tickets, see more about individual athletes, news and to purchase official merchandise.

There are some interesting items available for the games:

Silver medallion — $159.99 (also available in other metals)

Various apparel, this ladies shirt $20

Breyer horse figures

Offical model horse “Esprit”

That model is only availabe in porcelain for $100, but they do have a set of Stablemate models that represent the 8 disicpines for only $32.

If you happen to live in the US, finding the games on TV is a bit difficult. NBC has the official rights to air the games, and has around six and a half hours planned – but only on Sundays. One Sunday of coverage has already passed, but October 2nd, from 1 -6 EST, they will air eventing cross country and jumping phases and on October 1oth, from 4-6 EST, show jumping and the closing ceremonies. Much more of the games will be broadcast on Universal Sports. For a more detailed schedule and more information check out Regarding Horses.

There is also another option for watching the games online, at feitv.org. I was really excited about this option, but the prices are too much for me to be able to watch – $13 for a day or $35 for a month.

I may not get to see any of the games this year, but I hope that you guys can watch and enjoy the games!

ReRun Inc.

Today on facebook I found out about ReRun Inc., a nonprofit organization which helps throughbred ex-racehorses find new homes. The program tests the horses before they are accepted and then rests and rehabilitates them as necessary. Through this organization you can adopt a new horse or help to sponsor those who are looking for a new life.  The horses in the program are kept at farms across the United States.

Horses in the different areas have pictures, biographies, and prices listed on the website.

The above picture is of Sheikwithpleasure, a 12 year old gelding, who is available from the company’s New York Chapter for an adoption fee of $950.

Above is Buddy (Marrakech Sunset), from the New Jersey Chapter. He is a 12 year old chestnut throughbred gelding. His bio touts him as a very safe horse who because of arthritis can walk, trot, and canter but not jump. His adoption fee is $950.

ReRun also a very unique way of making money to help the organization by  selling their Moneigh® Artwork. Their website explains: “The word “Moneigh®” came from combining the name of the famous artist, Monet, and the sound that a horse makes, a neigh.  They are pieces of artwork created by horses using their muzzle, tail and hooves. Some of the greatest Thoroughbreds in racing have created Moneighs® to raise money for ReRun.”

Here is a picture of Point Given doing his artwork.

This picture is of Smarty Jones and his work.

To see more of the horses available, see more artwork, and learn more about the organization visit Rerun.org.

Horses – The Story of Equus

Hello again! Sorry for my lack of posts this past week but I have been helping out my mom who just had surgery, so I did not have a lot of time to get online.

Today I have for you Horses – The Story of Equus, which was on the IMAX and will soon be available on DVD. I never got to see this when it was in the theatre back in 2002, but I look forward to being able to see it!

The movie features the story of three different horses which were born on the same night but live extraordinarily different lives, the racer, the rascal, and the run away. The movie is only around 40 minutes long, but reviews say it has good visuals and a nice story.

For some Monday fun:

If you would like to play fun horse games online (or know of a little girl who would), take a look at Funhorsegames. You can play games, build and color horses, and just have fun.

Here is an example of what you can make with the Narnia Horse Builder:

Horsey Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a gift for a horse lover for Christmas? I recently discovered the backinthesaddle website, which offers a wide array of gifts for horse lovers of all ages. They offer horse related clothing, riding gear, toys, home decor, jewelry, and more.

Here are some examples:

Horse PJs: $19.95

Wine Glasses: $69.95

Breyer Andalusian Beautiful Breeds 2009 Ornament: $19.95

Horse of my Dreams Cameo Necklace: $129 and Ring: $139

A Horse is God’s Gift to Women Pendant: $14.99 and Ring: $8.99

Horse Antler Christmas Hat: $26.95 and Horse Santa Cap: $12.95

Monopoly Horse Lovers Edition: $29.95

War Horse

An amazing new play has opened in London called “War Horse.”

It follows two horses’ journey into World War I. The horses are incredible puppets, designed to look life like to the point where the horses appear to breath. This requires the puppetry of three people, two inside and one outside each horse. Reviews of the production say the story is emotional and interesting, and the puppets are spectular to watch.


I would love to see this play, which is expected to open in New York in 2011. To read more about War Horse and to see more pictures visit: Making Horses Gallop and Audiences Cry

Super Bowl Commercials!

Besides being a good game, this Super Bowl had a few really cute commercials! I personally really liked the Budweiser Clydesdale ones (because I love horses) and the Coke commercial where the bugs are taking the bottle and get it open. Also, I loved the appearance of the bunny in the cars.com commercial.

Here is the Clydesdale Circus Commercial with Daisy: