Horses – The Story of Equus

Hello again! Sorry for my lack of posts this past week but I have been helping out my mom who just had surgery, so I did not have a lot of time to get online.

Today I have for you Horses – The Story of Equus, which was on the IMAX and will soon be available on DVD. I never got to see this when it was in the theatre back in 2002, but I look forward to being able to see it!

The movie features the story of three different horses which were born on the same night but live extraordinarily different lives, the racer, the rascal, and the run away. The movie is only around 40 minutes long, but reviews say it has good visuals and a nice story.

For some Monday fun:

If you would like to play fun horse games online (or know of a little girl who would), take a look at Funhorsegames. You can play games, build and color horses, and just have fun.

Here is an example of what you can make with the Narnia Horse Builder:

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