Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! May all our readers have a year filled with joy, growth, and furry friends!

I was kind enough to sport a makeshift party hat for some New Years cheer:

fizzhat1 - edited

fizzhat3 - Edited

fizzhat2 - Edited

The human said that penguins were fun and match my fur colors. I am not certain they embody the idea of celebrating a new year, but humans think in funny ways sometimes. The hat is simply a Santa hat with tinfoil on the outside. Took the human two seconds and I only wore it while I ate my carrot, so the minimal effort on her part was justified.

Happy 2015 everyone!

– Fizz

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has a very Happy New Year!

There have been lists of some of the best animal photos of 2011 going around the internet, and I pulled a few cute examples from those lists to share with you.

1. Baby Pandas napping at a Giant Panda breeding center in China

photo from BuzzFeed

2. New born female Asiatic Elephant

photo from Joe Klamar

3. One month old Jaguar cub in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Photo from BuzzFeed

4. Dogs Surfing

Photo from Cindy Yamanaka, seen here

5. Baby Dolphin

Reuters / ANDRES STAPFF – seen here

6. Baby Pygmy Hippo

Image from here

7. Mini Horse Einstein playing with giant ball

Picture from EZineMark

8. Baby Red Pandas at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, Germany

Sean Gallup/Getty Images – seen here

9. Baby Ferret

Photo from Cuteoverload

10. Clouded Leopard cub, 2 months old, at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium’s

photo from zooborns

11. Baby Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

Photo from: AP, seen here.

12. Penguins running while being released back to the ocean after oil spill

Photo from: AFP / Getty, seen here.

13. Pika

Photo: Kurt Bowman/Rex Features, from here.

14. Fox Cubs

Photo from: Lise De Serres / Solent

Happy New Year!

2010 is almost here, I hope that everyone has a wonderful time celebrating! May the new year brings many wonderful opportunities and cute animal stories!

As my last post of 2009, may I present sleepy panda:

This is Tai Shan, who managed to do a somersault after he feel asleep. So cute!

Here he begins to fall asleep

Now he begins to tip forward

And he wakes up a bit surprised

But so adorable!

To read more about his story, see “Head over heels! The Giant Panda who did a roly-poly in his sleep.”