Finding Rover

Finding Rover is a free app available to help you out should you ever lose your dog. The goal is to unite more pets with their owners – millions of pets are lost and only a small percent are ever found.

Finding Rover offers facial recognition features for pictures of dogs – similar to those for human faces on platforms like Facebook – in order to match up a dog with their owner.  It depends on a lot of people having the app so that owners enter their pet’s photo and that people who find lost dogs take photos of those dogs so the app has information to check. The app even helps you to take a photo of the dog by making a barking noise to make the dog look at your phone while you take a photo.


If you find a lost dog? Take a photograph and the app will search its database of owners. If a match is found you will be notified of a match and can contact the dog’s owner through the app or by phone. Dog and owner can be reunited!

If you lost your dog? First, you can be proactive by downloading this app before your pet is gone, take a picture of your pet, and enter your information to create a profile so the information is in the database if ever needed. Second,what if you lost your pet but did not have the app before? You can upload a picture you took of your dog and your information even now, the app will be able to help. Either way, once you alert the app your pet is gone the app searches all uploaded photographs of dogs found to see if any match your pet. If a match is made you will be able to contact the person who found your pet through the app.


How can we all help? If you ever see a dog you think is lost, take a picture to at least do a search and see if a match is found. Even if no match is found the photo could be useful and will be there in case the owner does not yet know about their missing pet or the app. You can also spread the word about this app to all of your friends who have dogs. The more people using the app the more useful it will be!

The official website for the application is at The app is now available on iPhone on their app store. An Android version is coming soon. You can sign up on the official website for an email notification so you can know when the Android version is up.

Of course, you should always have dog tags and a microchip for your pet, but this app can offer even more help to locate your animal.

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