Wednesday Woof: Pomeranian Dino

What, a Wednesday Woof that is actually posted on Wednesday?!? It has been a while since that happened but my human reminded me today.

Here is a Pomeranian dressed as a dinosaur, looking at an adorable stuffed dinosaur:

*Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur*

That is Boo of course, the adorable Pom with many cute pictures out there. I just loved this one for making something not really cute (dinos) into something fuzzy and irresistable. If you want to see more of Boo, you can follow him on facebook here.

– Fizz

Boo the Dog

Have you seen Boo? This little guy is quite famous on the internet with a website, facebook page, many hits on youtube, and a book.

(photos from bannedinhollywood)

He is a pomeranian with a cute haircut, which makes him stand out compared to others of his breed. Take a look:

Boo was also featured on Good Morning America:

Here are some of Boo’s youtube videos:

To see more of Boo, visit his website:

Are you interested in his book? It is called Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, available on Amazon for $9.30.