Boo the Dog

Have you seen Boo? This little guy is quite famous on the internet with a website, facebook page, many hits on youtube, and a book.

(photos from bannedinhollywood)

He is a pomeranian with a cute haircut, which makes him stand out compared to others of his breed. Take a look:

Boo was also featured on Good Morning America:

Here are some of Boo’s youtube videos:

To see more of Boo, visit his website:

Are you interested in his book? It is called Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, available on Amazon for $9.30.

11 thoughts on “Boo the Dog

  1. Aleeza

    You are the cutest puppy in the whole wild world

  2. Firooz

    I am getting one…

  3. Amanda

    OMG he is sooooooooooooo cute where did you get his hair cut??

    • puppybunnyguineapretty

      Boo’s owner has an experienced groomer create the cut. If you want to try and replicate the look this page has a couple of good pictures that you can show a qualified dog groomer to try and reproduce the cut: I think what makes him so cute is that not only is the body fur trimmed down, but the hair around his face is trimmed down as well to give it a circular look.

      • Amanda

        ok but i dont have that kind of dog

        • puppybunnyguineapretty

          Not a problem, I was just trying to provide a complete answer to your question. Especially if anyone else has wondered the same thing.

  4. d

    I think he’s the cutest thing…..makes me want to cuddle wit him!!1

  5. Mishal

    OMG! He is so adorable with his little striped shirt on! Boo really is the CUTEST dog in the world!

  6. ida

    where can i get one of the Boo dog. i m writing you from Albania 🙂

    • Guinea Pig

      If you are looking for a dog like Boo, he is a Pomeranian with a special hair cut. You might not be able to get a dog to look exactly like Boo, but if you do get a Pom and take photos of Boo to a good groomer you might be able to get a similar cut.

      If you are looking for Boo items like stuffed toys, I would check online for local retailers or websites that ship to your area.

  7. nikki

    He’s awesome my kids love him gonna have to get one

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